カーネル構築:make oldconfigを実行してみる


# make oldconfig

HOSTCC scripts/basic/fixdep
HOSTCC scripts/basic/docproc
HOSTCC scripts/kconfig/conf.o
HOSTCC scripts/kconfig/kxgettext.o
SHIPPED scripts/kconfig/zconf.tab.c
SHIPPED scripts/kconfig/lex.zconf.c
SHIPPED scripts/kconfig/zconf.hash.c
HOSTCC scripts/kconfig/zconf.tab.o
HOSTLD scripts/kconfig/conf
scripts/kconfig/conf --oldconfig Kconfig
.config:670:warning: symbol value 'm' invalid for IP_DCCP_CCID3
.config:671:warning: symbol value 'm' invalid for IP_DCCP_TFRC_LIB
.config:778:warning: symbol value 'm' invalid for BT_L2CAP
.config:779:warning: symbol value 'm' invalid for BT_SCO
.config:1400:warning: symbol value 'm' invalid for FIXED_PHY
.config:1700:warning: symbol value 'm' invalid for ISDN
.config:2810:warning: symbol value 'm' invalid for RTC_INTF_SYSFS
.config:2811:warning: symbol value 'm' invalid for RTC_INTF_PROC
.config:2812:warning: symbol value 'm' invalid for RTC_INTF_DEV
.config:2874:warning: symbol value 'm' invalid for GFS2_FS_LOCKING_DLM
.config:2977:warning: symbol value 'm' invalid for EXPORTFS
warning: (AX88796_93CX6 && RTL8180 && RTL8187 && ADM8211 && RT2400PCI && RT2500PCI && RT61PCI && RT2800PCI && R8187SE) selects EEPROM_93CX6 which has unmet direct dependencies (MISC_DEVICES)
* Restart config...
* General setup
Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers (EXPERIMENTAL) [Y/n/?] y
Cross-compiler tool prefix (CROSS_COMPILE) [] (NEW)
Local version - append to kernel release (LOCALVERSION) []
Automatically append version information to the version string (LOCALVERSION_AUTO) [N/y/?] n
Kernel compression mode
> 1. Gzip (KERNEL_GZIP) (NEW)
2. Bzip2 (KERNEL_BZIP2) (NEW)
Support for paging of anonymous memory (swap) (SWAP) [Y/n/?] y
System V IPC (SYSVIPC) [Y/n/?] y
POSIX Message Queues (POSIX_MQUEUE) [Y/n/?] y
BSD Process Accounting (BSD_PROCESS_ACCT) [Y/n/?] y
BSD Process Accounting version 3 file format (BSD_PROCESS_ACCT_V3) [N/y/?] n
open by fhandle syscalls (FHANDLE) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Export task/process statistics through netlink (EXPERIMENTAL) (TASKSTATS) [Y/n/?] y
Enable per-task delay accounting (EXPERIMENTAL) (TASK_DELAY_ACCT) [Y/n/?] y
Enable extended accounting over taskstats (EXPERIMENTAL) (TASK_XACCT) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Auditing support (AUDIT) [Y/n/?] y
Enable system-call auditing support (AUDITSYSCALL) [Y/n/?] y
* IRQ subsystem
Support sparse irq numbering (SPARSE_IRQ) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* RCU Subsystem
RCU Implementation
> 1. Tree-based hierarchical RCU (TREE_RCU) (NEW)
choice[1]: 1
Enable tracing for RCU (RCU_TRACE) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Tree-based hierarchical RCU fanout value (RCU_FANOUT) [32] (NEW)
Disable tree-based hierarchical RCU auto-balancing (RCU_FANOUT_EXACT) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Kernel .config support (IKCONFIG) [N/m/y/?] n
Kernel log buffer size (16 => 64KB, 17 => 128KB) (LOG_BUF_SHIFT) [17] 17
* Control Group support
Control Group support (CGROUPS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Namespaces support
Namespaces support (NAMESPACES) [Y/?] y
UTS namespace (UTS_NS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
IPC namespace (IPC_NS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
User namespace (EXPERIMENTAL) (USER_NS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
PID Namespaces (PID_NS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Network namespace (NET_NS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Automatic process group scheduling (SCHED_AUTOGROUP) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Enable deprecated sysfs features to support old userspace tools (SYSFS_DEPRECATED) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Kernel->user space relay support (formerly relayfs) (RELAY) [Y/?] y
Initial RAM filesystem and RAM disk (initramfs/initrd) support (BLK_DEV_INITRD) [Y/n/?] y
Initramfs source file(s) (INITRAMFS_SOURCE) []
Optimize for size (CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE) [Y/n/?] y
* Configure standard kernel features (expert users)
Configure standard kernel features (expert users) (EXPERT) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Load all symbols for debugging/ksymoops (KALLSYMS) [Y/?] y
Include all symbols in kallsyms (KALLSYMS_ALL) [N/y/?] n
Do an extra kallsyms pass (KALLSYMS_EXTRA_PASS) [Y/n/?] y
Embedded system (EMBEDDED) [N/y/?] n
* Kernel Performance Events And Counters
Kernel performance events and counters (PERF_EVENTS) [Y/?] (NEW) y
Kernel performance counters (old config option) (PERF_COUNTERS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Debug: use vmalloc to back perf mmap() buffers (DEBUG_PERF_USE_VMALLOC) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Disable heap randomization (COMPAT_BRK) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Choose SLAB allocator
> 1. SLAB (SLAB)
2. SLUB (Unqueued Allocator) (SLUB) (NEW)
Profiling support (PROFILING) [Y/n/?] y
OProfile system profiling (OPROFILE) [M/n/y/?] m
OProfile multiplexing support (EXPERIMENTAL) (OPROFILE_EVENT_MULTIPLEX) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Kprobes (KPROBES) [Y/n/?] y
Optimize trace point call sites (JUMP_LABEL) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* GCOV-based kernel profiling
Enable gcov-based kernel profiling (GCOV_KERNEL) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Enable loadable module support
Enable loadable module support (MODULES) [Y/n/?] y
Forced module loading (MODULE_FORCE_LOAD) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Module unloading (MODULE_UNLOAD) [Y/n/?] y
Forced module unloading (MODULE_FORCE_UNLOAD) [N/y/?] n
Module versioning support (MODVERSIONS) [Y/n/?] y
Source checksum for all modules (MODULE_SRCVERSION_ALL) [Y/n/?] y
* Enable the block layer
Enable the block layer (BLOCK) [Y/?] y
Support for large (2TB+) block devices and files (LBDAF) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Block layer SG support v4 (BLK_DEV_BSG) [Y/?] (NEW) y
Block layer data integrity support (BLK_DEV_INTEGRITY) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* IO Schedulers
Deadline I/O scheduler (IOSCHED_DEADLINE) [Y/n/m/?] y
CFQ I/O scheduler (IOSCHED_CFQ) [Y/n/m/?] y
Default I/O scheduler
choice[1-3?]: 2
* Processor type and features
Tickless System (Dynamic Ticks) (NO_HZ) [N/y/?] (NEW)
High Resolution Timer Support (HIGH_RES_TIMERS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Symmetric multi-processing support (SMP) [Y/n/?] y
Enable MPS table (X86_MPPARSE) [Y/n/?] y
Support for big SMP systems with more than 8 CPUs (X86_BIGSMP) [N/y/?] n
Support for extended (non-PC) x86 platforms (X86_EXTENDED_PLATFORM) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
AMD Elan (X86_ELAN) [N/y/?] n
Moorestown MID platform (X86_MRST) [N/y/?] (NEW)
RDC R-321x SoC (X86_RDC321X) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Support non-standard 32-bit SMP architectures (X86_32_NON_STANDARD) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Eurobraille/Iris poweroff module (X86_32_IRIS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Single-depth WCHAN output (SCHED_OMIT_FRAME_POINTER) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
* Paravirtualized guest support
Paravirtualized guest support (PARAVIRT_GUEST) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Memtest (MEMTEST) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Processor family
1. 386 (M386)
2. 486 (M486)
3. 586/K5/5x86/6x86/6x86MX (M586)
4. Pentium-Classic (M586TSC)
5. Pentium-MMX (M586MMX)
> 6. Pentium-Pro (M686)
7. Pentium-II/Celeron(pre-Coppermine) (MPENTIUMII)
8. Pentium-III/Celeron(Coppermine)/Pentium-III Xeon (MPENTIUMIII)
9. Pentium M (MPENTIUMM)
10. Pentium-4/Celeron(P4-based)/Pentium-4 M/older Xeon (MPENTIUM4)
11. K6/K6-II/K6-III (MK6)
12. Athlon/Duron/K7 (MK7)
13. Opteron/Athlon64/Hammer/K8 (MK8)
14. Crusoe (MCRUSOE)
15. Efficeon (MEFFICEON)
16. Winchip-C6 (MWINCHIPC6)
17. Winchip-2/Winchip-2A/Winchip-3 (MWINCHIP3D)
18. GeodeGX1 (MGEODEGX1)
19. Geode GX/LX (MGEODE_LX)
21. VIA C3-2 (Nehemiah) (MVIAC3_2)
22. VIA C7 (MVIAC7) (NEW)
23. Core 2/newer Xeon (MCORE2) (NEW)
24. Intel Atom (MATOM) (NEW)
Generic x86 support (X86_GENERIC) [Y/n/?] y
PentiumPro memory ordering errata workaround (X86_PPRO_FENCE) [Y/n/?] y
HPET Timer Support (HPET_TIMER) [Y/n/?] y
Maximum number of CPUs (NR_CPUS) [8] (NEW)
SMT (Hyperthreading) scheduler support (SCHED_SMT) [Y/n/?] y
Multi-core scheduler support (SCHED_MC) [Y/n/?] y
Fine granularity task level IRQ time accounting (IRQ_TIME_ACCOUNTING) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Preemption Model
1. No Forced Preemption (Server) (PREEMPT_NONE)
> 2. Voluntary Kernel Preemption (Desktop) (PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY)
3. Preemptible Kernel (Low-Latency Desktop) (PREEMPT)
choice[1-3]: 2
Reroute for broken boot IRQs (X86_REROUTE_FOR_BROKEN_BOOT_IRQS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Machine Check / overheating reporting (X86_MCE) [Y/n/?] y
Intel MCE features (X86_MCE_INTEL) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
AMD MCE features (X86_MCE_AMD) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Support for old Pentium 5 / WinChip machine checks (X86_ANCIENT_MCE) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Machine check injector support (X86_MCE_INJECT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Toshiba Laptop support (TOSHIBA) [M/n/y/?] m
Dell laptop support (I8K) [M/n/y/?] m
Enable X86 board specific fixups for reboot (X86_REBOOTFIXUPS) [N/y/?] n
/dev/cpu/microcode - microcode support (MICROCODE) [M/n/y/?] m
Intel microcode patch loading support (MICROCODE_INTEL) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
AMD microcode patch loading support (MICROCODE_AMD) [N/y/?] (NEW)
/dev/cpu/*/msr - Model-specific register support (X86_MSR) [M/n/y/?] m
/dev/cpu/*/cpuid - CPU information support (X86_CPUID) [M/n/y/?] m
High Memory Support
1. off (NOHIGHMEM)
> 2. 4GB (HIGHMEM4G)
3. 64GB (HIGHMEM64G)
choice[1-3]: 2
Memory model
> 1. Flat Memory (FLATMEM_MANUAL)
2. Sparse Memory (SPARSEMEM_MANUAL)
choice[1-2]: 1
Allow for memory compaction (COMPACTION) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Enable KSM for page merging (KSM) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Low address space to protect from user allocation (DEFAULT_MMAP_MIN_ADDR) [4096] (NEW)
Enable recovery from hardware memory errors (MEMORY_FAILURE) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Transparent Hugepage Support (TRANSPARENT_HUGEPAGE) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Allocate 3rd-level pagetables from highmem (HIGHPTE) [Y/n/?] y
Check for low memory corruption (X86_CHECK_BIOS_CORRUPTION) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Amount of low memory, in kilobytes, to reserve for the BIOS (X86_RESERVE_LOW) [64] (NEW)
Math emulation (MATH_EMULATION) [N/y/?] n
MTRR (Memory Type Range Register) support (MTRR) [Y/?] y
MTRR cleanup support (MTRR_SANITIZER) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
MTRR cleanup enable value (0-1) (MTRR_SANITIZER_ENABLE_DEFAULT) [0] (NEW)
MTRR cleanup spare reg num (0-7) (MTRR_SANITIZER_SPARE_REG_NR_DEFAULT) [1] (NEW)
EFI runtime service support (EFI) [Y/n/?] y
Enable seccomp to safely compute untrusted bytecode (SECCOMP) [N/y/?] n
Enable -fstack-protector buffer overflow detection (EXPERIMENTAL) (CC_STACKPROTECTOR) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Timer frequency
1. 100 HZ (HZ_100)
2. 250 HZ (HZ_250)
3. 300 HZ (HZ_300) (NEW)
> 4. 1000 HZ (HZ_1000)
choice[1-4?]: 4
kexec system call (KEXEC) [Y/n/?] y
kernel crash dumps (CRASH_DUMP) [Y/n/?] y
Physical address where the kernel is loaded (PHYSICAL_START) [0x1000000] (NEW)
Build a relocatable kernel (RELOCATABLE) [Y/n/?] y
Alignment value to which kernel should be aligned (PHYSICAL_ALIGN) [0x400000] 0x400000
Support for hot-pluggable CPUs (HOTPLUG_CPU) [Y/?] y
Compat VDSO support (COMPAT_VDSO) [N/y/?] n
Built-in kernel command line (CMDLINE_BOOL) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Power management and ACPI options
Suspend to RAM and standby (SUSPEND) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Hibernation (aka 'suspend to disk') (HIBERNATION) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Run-time PM core functionality (PM_RUNTIME) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Power Management Debug Support (PM_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
* ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) Support
ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) Support (ACPI) [Y/n/?] y
Deprecated /proc/acpi files (ACPI_PROCFS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Deprecated power /proc/acpi directories (ACPI_PROCFS_POWER) [N/y/?] (NEW)
ACPI 4.0 power meter (ACPI_POWER_METER) [N/m/?] (NEW)
EC read/write access through /sys/kernel/debug/ec (ACPI_EC_DEBUGFS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Deprecated /proc/acpi/event support (ACPI_PROC_EVENT) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
AC Adapter (ACPI_AC) [M/n/y/?] m
Battery (ACPI_BATTERY) [M/n/y/?] m
Button (ACPI_BUTTON) [M/y/?] m
Video (ACPI_VIDEO) [M/?] m
Fan (ACPI_FAN) [Y/n/m/?] y
Dock (ACPI_DOCK) [Y/n/?] y
Processor (ACPI_PROCESSOR) [Y/n/m/?] y
Processor Aggregator (ACPI_PROCESSOR_AGGREGATOR) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Thermal Zone (ACPI_THERMAL) [Y/n/m/?] y
Disable ACPI for systems before Jan 1st this year (ACPI_BLACKLIST_YEAR) [1999] 1999
Debug Statements (ACPI_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
PCI slot detection driver (ACPI_PCI_SLOT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Container and Module Devices (EXPERIMENTAL) (ACPI_CONTAINER) [Y/?] y
Smart Battery System (ACPI_SBS) [M/n/y/?] m
Hardware Error Device (ACPI_HED) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
ACPI Platform Error Interface (APEI) (ACPI_APEI) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* SFI (Simple Firmware Interface) Support
SFI (Simple Firmware Interface) Support (SFI) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* APM (Advanced Power Management) BIOS support
APM (Advanced Power Management) BIOS support (APM) [Y/n/m/?] y
Enable PM at boot time (APM_DO_ENABLE) [N/y/?] n
Make CPU Idle calls when idle (APM_CPU_IDLE) [Y/n/?] y
Enable console blanking using APM (APM_DISPLAY_BLANK) [N/y/?] n
Allow interrupts during APM BIOS calls (APM_ALLOW_INTS) [N/y/?] n
* CPU Frequency scaling
CPU Frequency scaling (CPU_FREQ) [Y/n/?] y
Enable CPUfreq debugging (CPU_FREQ_DEBUG) [Y/n/?] y
CPU frequency translation statistics (CPU_FREQ_STAT) [M/n/y/?] m
CPU frequency translation statistics details (CPU_FREQ_STAT_DETAILS) [Y/n/?] y
Default CPUFreq governor
'performance' governor (CPU_FREQ_GOV_PERFORMANCE) [Y/n/m/?] y
'powersave' governor (CPU_FREQ_GOV_POWERSAVE) [M/n/y/?] m
'userspace' governor for userspace frequency scaling (CPU_FREQ_GOV_USERSPACE) [Y/?] y
'ondemand' cpufreq policy governor (CPU_FREQ_GOV_ONDEMAND) [M/n/y/?] m
'conservative' cpufreq governor (CPU_FREQ_GOV_CONSERVATIVE) [M/n/y/?] m
* CPUFreq processor drivers
Processor Clocking Control interface driver (X86_PCC_CPUFREQ) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
ACPI Processor P-States driver (X86_ACPI_CPUFREQ) [M/n/y/?] m
AMD Mobile K6-2/K6-3 PowerNow! (X86_POWERNOW_K6) [N/m/y/?] n
AMD Mobile Athlon/Duron PowerNow! (X86_POWERNOW_K7) [Y/n/m/?] y
AMD Opteron/Athlon64 PowerNow! (X86_POWERNOW_K8) [M/n/y/?] m
Cyrix MediaGX/NatSemi Geode Suspend Modulation (X86_GX_SUSPMOD) [N/m/y/?] n
Intel Enhanced SpeedStep (deprecated) (X86_SPEEDSTEP_CENTRINO) [M/n/y/?] m
Built-in tables for Banias CPUs (X86_SPEEDSTEP_CENTRINO_TABLE) [Y/?] y
Intel Speedstep on ICH-M chipsets (ioport interface) (X86_SPEEDSTEP_ICH) [Y/n/m/?] y
Intel SpeedStep on 440BX/ZX/MX chipsets (SMI interface) (X86_SPEEDSTEP_SMI) [Y/n/m/?] y
Intel Pentium 4 clock modulation (X86_P4_CLOCKMOD) [M/n/y/?] m
nVidia nForce2 FSB changing (X86_CPUFREQ_NFORCE2) [N/m/y/?] n
Transmeta LongRun (X86_LONGRUN) [Y/n/m/?] y
VIA Cyrix III Longhaul (X86_LONGHAUL) [N/m/y/?] n
VIA C7 Enhanced PowerSaver (DANGEROUS) (X86_E_POWERSAVER) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* shared options
Relaxed speedstep capability checks (X86_SPEEDSTEP_RELAXED_CAP_CHECK) [N/y/?] n
CPU idle PM support (CPU_IDLE) [Y/?] (NEW) y
Cpuidle Driver for Intel Processors (INTEL_IDLE) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Bus options (PCI etc.)
PCI support (PCI) [Y/n/?] y
PCI access mode
3. Direct (PCI_GODIRECT)
> 4. Any (PCI_GOANY)
choice[1-4?]: 4
Support for DMA Remapping Devices (EXPERIMENTAL) (DMAR) [N/y/?] (NEW)
PCI Express support (PCIEPORTBUS) [Y/n/?] y
PCI Express Hotplug driver (HOTPLUG_PCI_PCIE) [M/n/y/?] m
Root Port Advanced Error Reporting support (PCIEAER) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
PCI Express ECRC settings control (PCIE_ECRC) [N/y/?] (NEW)
PCIe AER error injector support (PCIEAER_INJECT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
PCI Express ASPM control (PCIEASPM) [Y/?] y
Debug PCI Express ASPM (PCIEASPM_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI and MSI-X) (PCI_MSI) [Y/n/?] y
PCI Debugging (PCI_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
PCI Stub driver (PCI_STUB) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Interrupts on hypertransport devices (HT_IRQ) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
PCI IOV support (PCI_IOV) [N/y/?] (NEW)
ISA support (ISA) [N/y/?] n
MCA support (MCA) [N/y/?] n
NatSemi SCx200 support (SCx200) [N/m/y/?] n
One Laptop Per Child support (OLPC) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* PCCard (PCMCIA/CardBus) support
PCCard (PCMCIA/CardBus) support (PCCARD) [Y/n/m/?] y
16-bit PCMCIA support (PCMCIA) [Y/n/m/?] y
Load CIS updates from userspace (EXPERIMENTAL) (PCMCIA_LOAD_CIS) [Y/n/?] y
32-bit CardBus support (CARDBUS) [Y/?] y
* PC-card bridges
CardBus yenta-compatible bridge support (YENTA) [Y/n/m/?] y
Cirrus PD6729 compatible bridge support (PD6729) [M/n/y/?] m
i82092 compatible bridge support (I82092) [N/m/y/?] n
* Support for PCI Hotplug
Support for PCI Hotplug (HOTPLUG_PCI) [Y/n/m/?] y
Fake PCI Hotplug driver (HOTPLUG_PCI_FAKE) [M/n/y/?] m
Compaq PCI Hotplug driver (HOTPLUG_PCI_COMPAQ) [M/n/y/?] m
Save configuration into NVRAM on Compaq servers (HOTPLUG_PCI_COMPAQ_NVRAM) [N/y/?] n
IBM PCI Hotplug driver (HOTPLUG_PCI_IBM) [M/n/y/?] m
ACPI PCI Hotplug driver (HOTPLUG_PCI_ACPI) [M/n/y/?] m
ACPI PCI Hotplug driver IBM extensions (HOTPLUG_PCI_ACPI_IBM) [M/n/?] m
CompactPCI Hotplug driver (HOTPLUG_PCI_CPCI) [N/y/?] n
SHPC PCI Hotplug driver (HOTPLUG_PCI_SHPC) [N/m/y/?] n
RapidIO support (RAPIDIO) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Executable file formats / Emulations
Kernel support for ELF binaries (BINFMT_ELF) [Y/n/?] y
Write ELF core dumps with partial segments (CORE_DUMP_DEFAULT_ELF_HEADERS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Kernel support for a.out and ECOFF binaries (BINFMT_AOUT) [N/m/y/?] n
Kernel support for MISC binaries (BINFMT_MISC) [Y/n/m/?] y
* Networking options
Packet socket (PACKET) [Y/n/m/?] y
Unix domain sockets (UNIX) [Y/n/m/?] y
Transformation user configuration interface (XFRM_USER) [Y/n/m/?] y
Transformation sub policy support (EXPERIMENTAL) (XFRM_SUB_POLICY) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Transformation migrate database (EXPERIMENTAL) (XFRM_MIGRATE) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Transformation statistics (EXPERIMENTAL) (XFRM_STATISTICS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
PF_KEY sockets (NET_KEY) [M/n/y/?] m
TCP/IP networking (INET) [Y/n/?] y
IP: multicasting (IP_MULTICAST) [Y/n/?] y
IP: advanced router (IP_ADVANCED_ROUTER) [Y/n/?] y
FIB TRIE statistics (IP_FIB_TRIE_STATS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
IP: policy routing (IP_MULTIPLE_TABLES) [Y/n/?] y
IP: equal cost multipath (IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH) [Y/n/?] y
IP: verbose route monitoring (IP_ROUTE_VERBOSE) [Y/n/?] y
IP: kernel level autoconfiguration (IP_PNP) [N/y/?] n
IP: tunneling (NET_IPIP) [M/n/y/?] m
IP: GRE demultiplexer (NET_IPGRE_DEMUX) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
IP: multicast routing (IP_MROUTE) [Y/n/?] y
IP: multicast policy routing (IP_MROUTE_MULTIPLE_TABLES) [N/y/?] (NEW)
IP: PIM-SM version 1 support (IP_PIMSM_V1) [Y/n/?] y
IP: PIM-SM version 2 support (IP_PIMSM_V2) [Y/n/?] y
IP: ARP daemon support (ARPD) [N/y/?] n
IP: TCP syncookie support (SYN_COOKIES) [Y/n/?] y
IP: AH transformation (INET_AH) [M/n/y/?] m
IP: ESP transformation (INET_ESP) [M/n/y/?] m
IP: IPComp transformation (INET_IPCOMP) [M/n/y/?] m
IP: IPsec transport mode (INET_XFRM_MODE_TRANSPORT) [M/n/y/?] m
IP: IPsec tunnel mode (INET_XFRM_MODE_TUNNEL) [M/n/y/?] m
IP: IPsec BEET mode (INET_XFRM_MODE_BEET) [Y/n/m/?] (NEW)
Large Receive Offload (ipv4/tcp) (INET_LRO) [Y/m/?] y
INET: socket monitoring interface (INET_DIAG) [M/n/y/?] m
* TCP: advanced congestion control
TCP: advanced congestion control (TCP_CONG_ADVANCED) [Y/n/?] y
Binary Increase Congestion (BIC) control (TCP_CONG_BIC) [Y/n/m/?] y
TCP Westwood+ (TCP_CONG_WESTWOOD) [M/n/y/?] m
H-TCP (TCP_CONG_HTCP) [M/n/y/?] m
High Speed TCP (TCP_CONG_HSTCP) [M/n/y/?] m
TCP-Hybla congestion control algorithm (TCP_CONG_HYBLA) [M/n/y/?] m
TCP Vegas (TCP_CONG_VEGAS) [M/n/y/?] m
Scalable TCP (TCP_CONG_SCALABLE) [M/n/y/?] m
TCP Low Priority (TCP_CONG_LP) [M/n/y/?] m
TCP Veno (TCP_CONG_VENO) [M/n/y/?] m
TCP Illinois (TCP_CONG_ILLINOIS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Default TCP congestion control
> 1. Bic (DEFAULT_BIC) (NEW)
TCP: MD5 Signature Option support (RFC2385) (EXPERIMENTAL) (TCP_MD5SIG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* The IPv6 protocol
The IPv6 protocol (IPV6) [M/n/y/?] m
IPv6: Privacy Extensions (RFC 3041) support (IPV6_PRIVACY) [Y/n/?] y
IPv6: Router Preference (RFC 4191) support (IPV6_ROUTER_PREF) [Y/n/?] y
IPv6: Route Information (RFC 4191) support (EXPERIMENTAL) (IPV6_ROUTE_INFO) [Y/n/?] y
IPv6: Enable RFC 4429 Optimistic DAD (EXPERIMENTAL) (IPV6_OPTIMISTIC_DAD) [Y/n/?] y
IPv6: AH transformation (INET6_AH) [M/n/?] m
IPv6: ESP transformation (INET6_ESP) [M/n/?] m
IPv6: IPComp transformation (INET6_IPCOMP) [M/n/?] m
IPv6: Mobility (EXPERIMENTAL) (IPV6_MIP6) [N/m/?] (NEW)
IPv6: IPsec transport mode (INET6_XFRM_MODE_TRANSPORT) [M/n/?] m
IPv6: IPsec tunnel mode (INET6_XFRM_MODE_TUNNEL) [M/n/?] m
IPv6: IPsec BEET mode (INET6_XFRM_MODE_BEET) [M/n/?] (NEW)
IPv6: MIPv6 route optimization mode (EXPERIMENTAL) (INET6_XFRM_MODE_ROUTEOPTIMIZATION) [N/m/?] (NEW)
IPv6: IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel (SIT driver) (IPV6_SIT) [M/n/?] (NEW)
IPv6: IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6RD) (EXPERIMENTAL) (IPV6_SIT_6RD) [N/y/?] (NEW)
IPv6: IP-in-IPv6 tunnel (RFC2473) (IPV6_TUNNEL) [M/n/?] m
IPv6: Multiple Routing Tables (IPV6_MULTIPLE_TABLES) [Y/n/?] y
IPv6: source address based routing (IPV6_SUBTREES) [N/y/?] n
IPv6: multicast routing (EXPERIMENTAL) (IPV6_MROUTE) [N/y/?] (NEW)
NetLabel subsystem support (NETLABEL) [Y/n/?] y
Security Marking (NETWORK_SECMARK) [Y/?] y
Timestamping in PHY devices (NETWORK_PHY_TIMESTAMPING) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Network packet filtering framework (Netfilter)
Network packet filtering framework (Netfilter) (NETFILTER) [Y/n/?] y
Network packet filtering debugging (NETFILTER_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Advanced netfilter configuration (NETFILTER_ADVANCED) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Bridged IP/ARP packets filtering (BRIDGE_NETFILTER) [Y/n/?] y
* Core Netfilter Configuration
Netfilter NFQUEUE over NFNETLINK interface (NETFILTER_NETLINK_QUEUE) [M/y/?] m
Netfilter LOG over NFNETLINK interface (NETFILTER_NETLINK_LOG) [M/n/y/?] m
Netfilter connection tracking support (NF_CONNTRACK) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Netfilter Xtables support (required for ip_tables) (NETFILTER_XTABLES) [M/y/?] m
* Xtables combined modules
nfmark target and match support (NETFILTER_XT_MARK) [M/?] (NEW) m
* Xtables targets
AUDIT target support (NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_AUDIT) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"DSCP" and "TOS" target support (NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_DSCP) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"HL" hoplimit target support (NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_HL) [M/?] (NEW) m
"LED" target support (NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_LED) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"MARK" target support (NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_MARK) [M/n/?] m
"NFLOG" target support (NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_NFLOG) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"TEE" - packet cloning to alternate destination (NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_TEE) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"TRACE" target support (NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_TRACE) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"SECMARK" target support (NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_SECMARK) [M/n/?] m
"TCPMSS" target support (NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_TCPMSS) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Xtables matches
"addrtype" address type match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_ADDRTYPE) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"comment" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_COMMENT) [M/n/?] m
"cpu" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_CPU) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"dccp" protocol match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_DCCP) [M/n/?] m
"devgroup" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_DEVGROUP) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"dscp" and "tos" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_DSCP) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"esp" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_ESP) [M/n/?] m
"hashlimit" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_HASHLIMIT) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"hl" hoplimit/TTL match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_HL) [M/?] (NEW) m
"iprange" address range match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_IPRANGE) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"length" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_LENGTH) [M/n/?] m
"limit" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_LIMIT) [M/n/?] m
"mac" address match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_MAC) [M/n/?] m
"mark" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_MARK) [M/n/?] m
"multiport" Multiple port match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_MULTIPORT) [M/n/?] m
"osf" Passive OS fingerprint match (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_OSF) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"owner" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_OWNER) [N/m/?] (NEW)
IPsec "policy" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_POLICY) [M/n/?] m
"physdev" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_PHYSDEV) [M/n/?] m
"pkttype" packet type match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_PKTTYPE) [M/n/?] m
"quota" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_QUOTA) [M/n/?] m
"rateest" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_RATEEST) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"realm" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_REALM) [M/n/?] m
"recent" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_RECENT) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"sctp" protocol match support (EXPERIMENTAL) (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_SCTP) [M/n/?] m
"statistic" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_STATISTIC) [M/n/?] m
"string" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_STRING) [M/n/?] m
"tcpmss" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_TCPMSS) [M/n/?] m
"time" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_TIME) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"u32" match support (NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_U32) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* IP set support
IP set support (IP_SET) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* IP virtual server support
IP virtual server support (IP_VS) [M/n/y/?] m
IPv6 support for IPVS (IP_VS_IPV6) [N/y/?] (NEW)
IP virtual server debugging (IP_VS_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
IPVS connection table size (the Nth power of 2) (IP_VS_TAB_BITS) [12] 12
* IPVS transport protocol load balancing support
TCP load balancing support (IP_VS_PROTO_TCP) [Y/n/?] y
UDP load balancing support (IP_VS_PROTO_UDP) [Y/n/?] y
ESP load balancing support (IP_VS_PROTO_ESP) [Y/n/?] y
AH load balancing support (IP_VS_PROTO_AH) [Y/n/?] y
SCTP load balancing support (IP_VS_PROTO_SCTP) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* IPVS scheduler
round-robin scheduling (IP_VS_RR) [M/n/?] m
weighted round-robin scheduling (IP_VS_WRR) [M/n/?] m
least-connection scheduling (IP_VS_LC) [M/n/?] m
weighted least-connection scheduling (IP_VS_WLC) [M/n/?] m
locality-based least-connection scheduling (IP_VS_LBLC) [M/n/?] m
locality-based least-connection with replication scheduling (IP_VS_LBLCR) [M/n/?] m
destination hashing scheduling (IP_VS_DH) [M/n/?] m
source hashing scheduling (IP_VS_SH) [M/n/?] m
shortest expected delay scheduling (IP_VS_SED) [M/n/?] m
never queue scheduling (IP_VS_NQ) [M/n/?] m
* IPVS application helper
* IP: Netfilter Configuration
IP Userspace queueing via NETLINK (OBSOLETE) (IP_NF_QUEUE) [M/n/y/?] m
IP tables support (required for filtering/masq/NAT) (IP_NF_IPTABLES) [M/n/y/?] m
"ah" match support (IP_NF_MATCH_AH) [M/n/?] m
"ecn" match support (IP_NF_MATCH_ECN) [M/n/?] m
"ttl" match support (IP_NF_MATCH_TTL) [M/n/?] m
Packet filtering (IP_NF_FILTER) [M/n/?] m
REJECT target support (IP_NF_TARGET_REJECT) [M/n/?] m
LOG target support (IP_NF_TARGET_LOG) [M/n/?] m
ULOG target support (IP_NF_TARGET_ULOG) [M/n/?] m
Packet mangling (IP_NF_MANGLE) [M/n/?] m
ECN target support (IP_NF_TARGET_ECN) [M/n/?] m
"TTL" target support (IP_NF_TARGET_TTL) [M/n/?] m
raw table support (required for NOTRACK/TRACE) (IP_NF_RAW) [M/n/?] m
Security table (IP_NF_SECURITY) [N/m/?] (NEW)
ARP tables support (IP_NF_ARPTABLES) [M/n/y/?] m
ARP packet filtering (IP_NF_ARPFILTER) [M/n/?] m
ARP payload mangling (IP_NF_ARP_MANGLE) [M/n/?] m
* IPv6: Netfilter Configuration
IP6 Userspace queueing via NETLINK (OBSOLETE) (IP6_NF_QUEUE) [M/n/?] m
IP6 tables support (required for filtering) (IP6_NF_IPTABLES) [M/n/?] m
"ah" match support (IP6_NF_MATCH_AH) [M/n/?] m
"eui64" address check (IP6_NF_MATCH_EUI64) [M/n/?] m
"frag" Fragmentation header match support (IP6_NF_MATCH_FRAG) [M/n/?] m
"hbh" hop-by-hop and "dst" opts header match support (IP6_NF_MATCH_OPTS) [M/n/?] m
"hl" hoplimit match support (IP6_NF_MATCH_HL) [M/n/?] m
"ipv6header" IPv6 Extension Headers Match (IP6_NF_MATCH_IPV6HEADER) [M/n/?] m
"mh" match support (IP6_NF_MATCH_MH) [N/m/?] (NEW)
"rt" Routing header match support (IP6_NF_MATCH_RT) [M/n/?] m
"HL" hoplimit target support (IP6_NF_TARGET_HL) [M/n/?] m
LOG target support (IP6_NF_TARGET_LOG) [M/n/?] m
Packet filtering (IP6_NF_FILTER) [M/n/?] m
REJECT target support (IP6_NF_TARGET_REJECT) [M/n/?] m
Packet mangling (IP6_NF_MANGLE) [M/n/?] m
raw table support (required for TRACE) (IP6_NF_RAW) [M/n/?] m
Security table (IP6_NF_SECURITY) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Ethernet Bridge tables (ebtables) support
Ethernet Bridge tables (ebtables) support (BRIDGE_NF_EBTABLES) [M/n/?] m
ebt: broute table support (BRIDGE_EBT_BROUTE) [M/n/?] m
ebt: filter table support (BRIDGE_EBT_T_FILTER) [M/n/?] m
ebt: nat table support (BRIDGE_EBT_T_NAT) [M/n/?] m
ebt: 802.3 filter support (BRIDGE_EBT_802_3) [M/n/?] m
ebt: among filter support (BRIDGE_EBT_AMONG) [M/n/?] m
ebt: ARP filter support (BRIDGE_EBT_ARP) [M/n/?] m
ebt: IP filter support (BRIDGE_EBT_IP) [M/n/?] m
ebt: IP6 filter support (BRIDGE_EBT_IP6) [N/m/?] (NEW)
ebt: limit match support (BRIDGE_EBT_LIMIT) [M/n/?] m
ebt: mark filter support (BRIDGE_EBT_MARK) [M/n/?] m
ebt: packet type filter support (BRIDGE_EBT_PKTTYPE) [M/n/?] m
ebt: STP filter support (BRIDGE_EBT_STP) [M/n/?] m
ebt: 802.1Q VLAN filter support (BRIDGE_EBT_VLAN) [M/n/?] m
ebt: arp reply target support (BRIDGE_EBT_ARPREPLY) [M/n/?] m
ebt: dnat target support (BRIDGE_EBT_DNAT) [M/n/?] m
ebt: mark target support (BRIDGE_EBT_MARK_T) [M/n/?] m
ebt: redirect target support (BRIDGE_EBT_REDIRECT) [M/n/?] m
ebt: snat target support (BRIDGE_EBT_SNAT) [M/n/?] m
ebt: log support (BRIDGE_EBT_LOG) [M/n/?] m
ebt: ulog support (OBSOLETE) (BRIDGE_EBT_ULOG) [M/n/?] m
ebt: nflog support (BRIDGE_EBT_NFLOG) [N/m/?] (NEW)
The DCCP Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL) (IP_DCCP) [M/n/y/?] m
CCID-2 debugging messages (IP_DCCP_CCID2_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
CCID-3 debugging messages (IP_DCCP_CCID3_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* DCCP Kernel Hacking
DCCP debug messages (IP_DCCP_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
DCCP connection probing (NET_DCCPPROBE) [N/m/?] (NEW)
The SCTP Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL) (IP_SCTP) [M/?] m
SCTP: Association probing (NET_SCTPPROBE) [N/m/?] (NEW)
SCTP: Debug messages (SCTP_DBG_MSG) [N/y/?] n
SCTP: Debug object counts (SCTP_DBG_OBJCNT) [N/y/?] n
SCTP: Cookie HMAC Algorithm
choice[1-3?]: 3
The RDS Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL) (RDS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
The TIPC Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL) (TIPC) [M/n/y/?] m
Advanced TIPC configuration (TIPC_ADVANCED) [N/y/?] n
Enable debugging support (TIPC_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) (ATM) [M/n/y/?] m
Classical IP over ATM (ATM_CLIP) [M/n/?] m
Do NOT send ICMP if no neighbour (ATM_CLIP_NO_ICMP) [N/y/?] n
LAN Emulation (LANE) support (ATM_LANE) [M/n/?] m
Multi-Protocol Over ATM (MPOA) support (ATM_MPOA) [N/m/?] n
RFC1483/2684 Bridged protocols (ATM_BR2684) [M/n/?] m
Per-VC IP filter kludge (ATM_BR2684_IPFILTER) [N/y/?] n
* Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)
Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) (L2TP) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
802.1d Ethernet Bridging (BRIDGE) [M/n/?] m
* Distributed Switch Architecture support
Distributed Switch Architecture support (NET_DSA) [N/y/?] (NEW)
802.1Q VLAN Support (VLAN_8021Q) [M/n/y/?] m
GVRP (GARP VLAN Registration Protocol) support (VLAN_8021Q_GVRP) [N/y/?] (NEW)
DECnet Support (DECNET) [N/m/y/?] n
ANSI/IEEE 802.2 LLC type 2 Support (LLC2) [N/m/y/?] n
The IPX protocol (IPX) [N/m/y/?] n
Appletalk protocol support (ATALK) [N/m/y/?] n
CCITT X.25 Packet Layer (EXPERIMENTAL) (X25) [N/m/y/?] n
LAPB Data Link Driver (EXPERIMENTAL) (LAPB) [N/m/y/?] n
Acorn Econet/AUN protocols (EXPERIMENTAL) (ECONET) [N/m/y/?] n
WAN router (WAN_ROUTER) [N/m/y/?] n
Phonet protocols family (PHONET) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
IEEE Std 802.15.4 Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks support (EXPERIMENTAL) (IEEE802154) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* QoS and/or fair queueing
QoS and/or fair queueing (NET_SCHED) [Y/n/?] y
* Queueing/Scheduling
Class Based Queueing (CBQ) (NET_SCH_CBQ) [M/n/y/?] m
Hierarchical Token Bucket (HTB) (NET_SCH_HTB) [M/n/y/?] m
Hierarchical Fair Service Curve (HFSC) (NET_SCH_HFSC) [M/n/y/?] m
ATM Virtual Circuits (ATM) (NET_SCH_ATM) [M/n/?] m
Multi Band Priority Queueing (PRIO) (NET_SCH_PRIO) [M/n/y/?] m
Hardware Multiqueue-aware Multi Band Queuing (MULTIQ) (NET_SCH_MULTIQ) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Random Early Detection (RED) (NET_SCH_RED) [M/n/y/?] m
Stochastic Fair Blue (SFB) (NET_SCH_SFB) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Stochastic Fairness Queueing (SFQ) (NET_SCH_SFQ) [M/n/y/?] m
True Link Equalizer (TEQL) (NET_SCH_TEQL) [M/n/y/?] m
Token Bucket Filter (TBF) (NET_SCH_TBF) [M/n/y/?] m
Generic Random Early Detection (GRED) (NET_SCH_GRED) [M/n/y/?] m
Differentiated Services marker (DSMARK) (NET_SCH_DSMARK) [M/n/y/?] m
Network emulator (NETEM) (NET_SCH_NETEM) [M/n/y/?] m
Deficit Round Robin scheduler (DRR) (NET_SCH_DRR) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Multi-queue priority scheduler (MQPRIO) (NET_SCH_MQPRIO) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
CHOose and Keep responsive flow scheduler (CHOKE) (NET_SCH_CHOKE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Ingress Qdisc (NET_SCH_INGRESS) [M/n/y/?] m
* Classification
Elementary classification (BASIC) (NET_CLS_BASIC) [M/n/y/?] m
Traffic-Control Index (TCINDEX) (NET_CLS_TCINDEX) [M/n/y/?] m
Routing decision (ROUTE) (NET_CLS_ROUTE4) [M/n/y/?] m
Netfilter mark (FW) (NET_CLS_FW) [M/n/y/?] m
Universal 32bit comparisons w/ hashing (U32) (NET_CLS_U32) [M/n/y/?] m
Performance counters support (CLS_U32_PERF) [Y/n/?] y
Netfilter marks support (CLS_U32_MARK) [Y/n/?] y
IPv4 Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) (NET_CLS_RSVP) [M/n/y/?] m
IPv6 Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP6) (NET_CLS_RSVP6) [M/n/y/?] m
Flow classifier (NET_CLS_FLOW) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Extended Matches (NET_EMATCH) [Y/n/?] y
Stack size (NET_EMATCH_STACK) [32] 32
Simple packet data comparison (NET_EMATCH_CMP) [M/n/y/?] m
Multi byte comparison (NET_EMATCH_NBYTE) [M/n/y/?] m
U32 key (NET_EMATCH_U32) [M/n/y/?] m
Metadata (NET_EMATCH_META) [M/n/y/?] m
Textsearch (NET_EMATCH_TEXT) [M/n/y/?] m
Actions (NET_CLS_ACT) [Y/n/?] y
Traffic Policing (NET_ACT_POLICE) [M/n/y/?] m
Generic actions (NET_ACT_GACT) [M/n/y/?] m
Probability support (GACT_PROB) [Y/n/?] y
Redirecting and Mirroring (NET_ACT_MIRRED) [M/n/y/?] m
IPtables targets (NET_ACT_IPT) [M/n/?] m
Stateless NAT (NET_ACT_NAT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Packet Editing (NET_ACT_PEDIT) [M/n/y/?] m
Simple Example (Debug) (NET_ACT_SIMP) [M/n/y/?] m
SKB Editing (NET_ACT_SKBEDIT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Checksum Updating (NET_ACT_CSUM) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Incoming device classification (NET_CLS_IND) [Y/n/?] y
Data Center Bridging support (DCB) [N/y/?] (NEW)
DNS Resolver support (DNS_RESOLVER) [Y/?] (NEW) y
B.A.T.M.A.N. Advanced Meshing Protocol (BATMAN_ADV) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Network testing
Packet Generator (USE WITH CAUTION) (NET_PKTGEN) [M/n/y/?] m
TCP connection probing (NET_TCPPROBE) [N/m/y/?] n
Network packet drop alerting service (NET_DROP_MONITOR) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* CAN bus subsystem support
CAN bus subsystem support (CAN) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Bluetooth subsystem support
Bluetooth subsystem support (BT) [M/n/y/?] m
L2CAP protocol support (BT_L2CAP) [N/y/?] (NEW)
SCO links support (BT_SCO) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Bluetooth device drivers
HCI USB driver (BT_HCIBTUSB) [N/m/?] (NEW)
HCI SDIO driver (BT_HCIBTSDIO) [N/m/?] n
HCI UART driver (BT_HCIUART) [M/n/?] m
UART (H4) protocol support (BT_HCIUART_H4) [Y/n/?] y
BCSP protocol support (BT_HCIUART_BCSP) [Y/n/?] y
Atheros AR300x serial support (BT_HCIUART_ATH3K) [N/y/?] n
HCILL protocol support (BT_HCIUART_LL) [N/y/?] n
HCI BCM203x USB driver (BT_HCIBCM203X) [M/n/?] m
HCI BPA10x USB driver (BT_HCIBPA10X) [M/n/?] m
HCI BlueFRITZ! USB driver (BT_HCIBFUSB) [M/n/?] m
HCI DTL1 (PC Card) driver (BT_HCIDTL1) [M/n/?] m
HCI BT3C (PC Card) driver (BT_HCIBT3C) [M/n/?] m
HCI BlueCard (PC Card) driver (BT_HCIBLUECARD) [M/n/?] m
HCI UART (PC Card) device driver (BT_HCIBTUART) [M/n/?] m
HCI VHCI (Virtual HCI device) driver (BT_HCIVHCI) [M/n/?] m
Marvell Bluetooth driver support (BT_MRVL) [N/m/?] n
RxRPC session sockets (AF_RXRPC) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Wireless
Wireless (WIRELESS) [Y] (NEW) y
cfg80211 - wireless configuration API (CFG80211) [M/n/y/?] m
nl80211 testmode command (NL80211_TESTMODE) [N/y/?] (NEW)
enable developer warnings (CFG80211_DEVELOPER_WARNINGS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
cfg80211 regulatory debugging (CFG80211_REG_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
enable powersave by default (CFG80211_DEFAULT_PS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
cfg80211 DebugFS entries (CFG80211_DEBUGFS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
cfg80211 wireless extensions compatibility (CFG80211_WEXT) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Wireless extensions sysfs files (WIRELESS_EXT_SYSFS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Common routines for IEEE802.11 drivers (LIB80211) [M/y/?] (NEW)
lib80211 debugging messages (LIB80211_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack (mac80211) (MAC80211) [M/n/?] m
Default rate control algorithm
> 1. Minstrel (MAC80211_RC_DEFAULT_MINSTREL) (NEW)
choice[1]: 1
Enable mac80211 mesh networking (pre-802.11s) support (MAC80211_MESH) [N/y/?] n
Enable LED triggers (MAC80211_LEDS) [Y/?] y
Export mac80211 internals in DebugFS (MAC80211_DEBUGFS) [N/y/?] n
* Select mac80211 debugging features
Select mac80211 debugging features (MAC80211_DEBUG_MENU) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* WiMAX Wireless Broadband support
WiMAX Wireless Broadband support (WIMAX) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* RF switch subsystem support
RF switch subsystem support (RFKILL) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Plan 9 Resource Sharing Support (9P2000) (Experimental)
Plan 9 Resource Sharing Support (9P2000) (Experimental) (NET_9P) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* CAIF support
CAIF support (CAIF) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Ceph core library (EXPERIMENTAL) (CEPH_LIB) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Generic Driver Options
path to uevent helper (UEVENT_HELPER_PATH) [] (NEW)
Maintain a devtmpfs filesystem to mount at /dev (DEVTMPFS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Select only drivers that don't need compile-time external firmware (STANDALONE) [Y/n/?] y
Prevent firmware from being built (PREVENT_FIRMWARE_BUILD) [Y/n/?] y
Userspace firmware loading support (FW_LOADER) [Y/?] y
Include in-kernel firmware blobs in kernel binary (FIRMWARE_IN_KERNEL) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
External firmware blobs to build into the kernel binary (EXTRA_FIRMWARE) [] (NEW)
Driver Core verbose debug messages (DEBUG_DRIVER) [N/y/?] n
Managed device resources verbose debug messages (DEBUG_DEVRES) [N/y/?] n
* Memory Technology Device (MTD) support
Memory Technology Device (MTD) support (MTD) [M/n/y/?] m
Debugging (MTD_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
MTD tests support (MTD_TESTS) [N/m/?] (NEW)
MTD partitioning support (MTD_PARTITIONS) [Y/?] y
RedBoot partition table parsing (MTD_REDBOOT_PARTS) [M/n/?] m
Location of RedBoot partition table (MTD_REDBOOT_DIRECTORY_BLOCK) [-1] -1
Include unallocated flash regions (MTD_REDBOOT_PARTS_UNALLOCATED) [N/y/?] n
Force read-only for RedBoot system images (MTD_REDBOOT_PARTS_READONLY) [N/y/?] n
TI AR7 partitioning support (MTD_AR7_PARTS) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* User Modules And Translation Layers
Direct char device access to MTD devices (MTD_CHAR) [M/n/?] m
Common interface to block layer for MTD 'translation layers' (MTD_BLKDEVS) [M] (NEW) m
Caching block device access to MTD devices (MTD_BLOCK) [M/n/?] m
Readonly block device access to MTD devices (MTD_BLOCK_RO) [M/n/?] m
FTL (Flash Translation Layer) support (FTL) [M/n/?] m
NFTL (NAND Flash Translation Layer) support (NFTL) [M/n/?] m
Write support for NFTL (NFTL_RW) [Y/n/?] y
INFTL (Inverse NAND Flash Translation Layer) support (INFTL) [N/m/?] n
Resident Flash Disk (Flash Translation Layer) support (RFD_FTL) [M/n/?] m
NAND SSFDC (SmartMedia) read only translation layer (SSFDC) [N/m/?] (NEW)
SmartMedia/xD new translation layer (SM_FTL) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Log panic/oops to an MTD buffer (MTD_OOPS) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Swap on MTD device support (MTD_SWAP) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* RAM/ROM/Flash chip drivers
Detect flash chips by Common Flash Interface (CFI) probe (MTD_CFI) [M/n/?] m
Detect non-CFI AMD/JEDEC-compatible flash chips (MTD_JEDECPROBE) [M/?] m
Flash chip driver advanced configuration options (MTD_CFI_ADV_OPTIONS) [N/y/?] n
Support for Intel/Sharp flash chips (MTD_CFI_INTELEXT) [M/n/?] m
Support for AMD/Fujitsu/Spansion flash chips (MTD_CFI_AMDSTD) [M/?] m
Support for ST (Advanced Architecture) flash chips (MTD_CFI_STAA) [M/n/?] m
Support for RAM chips in bus mapping (MTD_RAM) [M/n/?] m
Support for ROM chips in bus mapping (MTD_ROM) [M/n/?] m
Support for absent chips in bus mapping (MTD_ABSENT) [M/n/?] m
* Mapping drivers for chip access
Support non-linear mappings of flash chips (MTD_COMPLEX_MAPPINGS) [N/y/?] n
Flash device in physical memory map (MTD_PHYSMAP) [N/m/?] n
CFI Flash device mapped on AMD SC520 CDP (MTD_SC520CDP) [M/n/?] m
CFI Flash device mapped on AMD NetSc520 (MTD_NETSC520) [M/n/?] m
JEDEC Flash device mapped on Technologic Systems TS-5500 (MTD_TS5500) [M/n/?] m
BIOS flash chip on AMD76x southbridge (MTD_AMD76XROM) [N/m/?] n
BIOS flash chip on Intel Controller Hub 2/3/4/5 (MTD_ICHXROM) [N/m/?] n
BIOS flash chip on Intel ESB Controller Hub 2 (MTD_ESB2ROM) [N/m/?] (NEW)
BIOS flash chip on Nvidia CK804 (MTD_CK804XROM) [N/m/?] (NEW)
BIOS flash chip on Intel SCB2 boards (MTD_SCB2_FLASH) [M/n/?] m
CFI flash device on SnapGear/SecureEdge (MTD_NETtel) [N/m/?] n
BIOS flash chip on Intel L440GX boards (MTD_L440GX) [N/m/?] n
NOR flash on Intel Vermilion Range Expansion Bus CS0 (MTD_INTEL_VR_NOR) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Map driver for platform device RAM (mtd-ram) (MTD_PLATRAM) [N/m/?] n
* Self-contained MTD device drivers
Ramix PMC551 PCI Mezzanine RAM card support (MTD_PMC551) [N/m/?] n
Uncached system RAM (MTD_SLRAM) [N/m/?] n
Physical system RAM (MTD_PHRAM) [N/m/?] n
Test driver using RAM (MTD_MTDRAM) [M/n/?] m
MTDRAM device size in KiB (MTDRAM_TOTAL_SIZE) [4096] 4096
MTDRAM erase block size in KiB (MTDRAM_ERASE_SIZE) [128] 128
MTD using block device (MTD_BLOCK2MTD) [M/n/?] m
* Disk-On-Chip Device Drivers
M-Systems Disk-On-Chip 2000 and Millennium (DEPRECATED) (MTD_DOC2000) [N/m/?] n
M-Systems Disk-On-Chip Millennium-only alternative driver (DEPRECATED) (MTD_DOC2001) [N/m/?] n
M-Systems Disk-On-Chip Millennium Plus (MTD_DOC2001PLUS) [N/m/?] n
NAND ECC Smart Media byte order (MTD_NAND_ECC_SMC) [Y/n/?] y
* NAND Device Support
NAND Device Support (MTD_NAND) [M/n/?] m
Verify NAND page writes (MTD_NAND_VERIFY_WRITE) [N/y/?] n
Support software BCH ECC (MTD_NAND_ECC_BCH) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Enable chip ids for obsolete ancient NAND devices (MTD_NAND_MUSEUM_IDS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Support Denali NAND controller on Intel Moorestown (MTD_NAND_DENALI) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Ricoh xD card reader (MTD_NAND_RICOH) [N/m/?] (NEW)
DiskOnChip 2000, Millennium and Millennium Plus (NAND reimplementation) (EXPERIMENTAL) (MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP) [M/n/?] m
Advanced detection options for DiskOnChip (MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP_PROBE_ADVANCED) [N/y/?] n
Allow BBT writes on DiskOnChip Millennium and 2000TSOP (MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP_BBTWRITE) [N/y/?] n
NAND support for OLPC CAFE chip (MTD_NAND_CAFE) [N/m/?] (NEW)
NAND support for CS5535/CS5536 (AMD Geode companion chip) (MTD_NAND_CS553X) [M/n/?] m
Support for NAND Flash Simulator (MTD_NAND_NANDSIM) [M/n/?] m
Support for generic platform NAND driver (MTD_NAND_PLATFORM) [N/m/?] (NEW)
MTD driver for Olympus MAUSB-10 and Fujifilm DPC-R1 (MTD_ALAUDA) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* OneNAND Device Support
OneNAND Device Support (MTD_ONENAND) [N/m/?] n
* LPDDR flash memory drivers
Support for LPDDR flash chips (MTD_LPDDR) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Enable UBI - Unsorted block images
Enable UBI - Unsorted block images (MTD_UBI) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Plug and Play support
Plug and Play support (PNP) [Y/?] y
PNP debugging messages (PNP_DEBUG_MESSAGES) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
* Protocols
* Block devices
Block devices (BLK_DEV) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Normal floppy disk support (BLK_DEV_FD) [M/n/y/?] m
Parallel port IDE device support (PARIDE) [M/n/?] m
* Parallel IDE high-level drivers
Parallel port IDE disks (PARIDE_PD) [M/n/?] m
Parallel port ATAPI CD-ROMs (PARIDE_PCD) [M/n/?] m
Parallel port ATAPI disks (PARIDE_PF) [M/n/?] m
Parallel port ATAPI tapes (PARIDE_PT) [M/n/?] m
Parallel port generic ATAPI devices (PARIDE_PG) [M/n/?] m
* Parallel IDE protocol modules
ATEN EH-100 protocol (PARIDE_ATEN) [M/n/?] m
MicroSolutions backpack (Series 5) protocol (PARIDE_BPCK) [M/n/?] m
MicroSolutions backpack (Series 6) protocol (PARIDE_BPCK6) [M/n/?] m
DataStor Commuter protocol (PARIDE_COMM) [M/n/?] m
DataStor EP-2000 protocol (PARIDE_DSTR) [M/n/?] m
FIT TD-2000 protocol (PARIDE_FIT2) [M/n/?] m
FIT TD-3000 protocol (PARIDE_FIT3) [M/n/?] m
Shuttle EPAT/EPEZ protocol (PARIDE_EPAT) [M/n/?] m
Support c7/c8 chips (EXPERIMENTAL) (PARIDE_EPATC8) [Y/n/?] y
Shuttle EPIA protocol (PARIDE_EPIA) [M/n/?] m
Freecom IQ ASIC-2 protocol (PARIDE_FRIQ) [M/n/?] m
FreeCom power protocol (PARIDE_FRPW) [M/n/?] m
KingByte KBIC-951A/971A protocols (PARIDE_KBIC) [M/n/?] m
KT PHd protocol (PARIDE_KTTI) [M/n/?] m
OnSpec 90c20 protocol (PARIDE_ON20) [M/n/?] m
OnSpec 90c26 protocol (PARIDE_ON26) [M/n/?] m
Compaq SMART2 support (BLK_CPQ_DA) [M/n/y/?] m
Compaq Smart Array 5xxx support (BLK_CPQ_CISS_DA) [M/n/y/?] m
SCSI tape drive support for Smart Array 5xxx (CISS_SCSI_TAPE) [Y/n/?] y
Mylex DAC960/DAC1100 PCI RAID Controller support (BLK_DEV_DAC960) [M/n/y/?] m
Micro Memory MM5415 Battery Backed RAM support (EXPERIMENTAL) (BLK_DEV_UMEM) [N/m/y/?] n
Loopback device support (BLK_DEV_LOOP) [M/n/y/?] m
Cryptoloop Support (BLK_DEV_CRYPTOLOOP) [M/n/?] m
DRBD Distributed Replicated Block Device support (BLK_DEV_DRBD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Network block device support (BLK_DEV_NBD) [M/n/y/?] m
Promise SATA SX8 support (BLK_DEV_SX8) [M/n/y/?] m
Low Performance USB Block driver (BLK_DEV_UB) [N/m/y/?] n
RAM block device support (BLK_DEV_RAM) [Y/n/m/?] y
Default number of RAM disks (BLK_DEV_RAM_COUNT) [16] 16
Default RAM disk size (kbytes) (BLK_DEV_RAM_SIZE) [16384] 16384
Support XIP filesystems on RAM block device (BLK_DEV_XIP) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Support XIP filesystems on RAM block device (BLK_DEV_XIP) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Packet writing on CD/DVD media (CDROM_PKTCDVD) [M/n/y/?] m
Free buffers for data gathering (CDROM_PKTCDVD_BUFFERS) [8] 8
Enable write caching (EXPERIMENTAL) (CDROM_PKTCDVD_WCACHE) [N/y/?] n
ATA over Ethernet support (ATA_OVER_ETH) [M/n/y/?] m
Virtio block driver (EXPERIMENTAL) (VIRTIO_BLK) [M/n/?] m
Very old hard disk (MFM/RLL/IDE) driver (BLK_DEV_HD) [N/y/?] n
Rados block device (RBD) (BLK_DEV_RBD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Misc devices
Misc devices (MISC_DEVICES) [N/y/?] (NEW)
ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support (DEPRECATED) (IDE) [Y/n/m/?] y
* Please see Documentation/ide/ide.txt for help/info on IDE drives
Support for SATA (deprecated; conflicts with libata SATA driver) (BLK_DEV_IDE_SATA) [N/y/?] n
generic ATA/ATAPI disk support (IDE_GD) [Y/n/m/?] (NEW)
ATA disk support (IDE_GD_ATA) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
ATAPI floppy support (IDE_GD_ATAPI) [N/y/?] (NEW)
PCMCIA IDE support (BLK_DEV_IDECS) [M/n/y/?] m
Cardbus IDE support (Delkin/ASKA/Workbit) (BLK_DEV_DELKIN) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Include IDE/ATAPI CDROM support (BLK_DEV_IDECD) [M/n/y/?] m
Include IDE/ATAPI TAPE support (BLK_DEV_IDETAPE) [N/m/y/?] n
IDE ACPI support (BLK_DEV_IDEACPI) [N/y/?] (NEW)
IDE Taskfile Access (IDE_TASK_IOCTL) [Y/n/?] y
legacy /proc/ide/ support (IDE_PROC_FS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
* IDE chipset support/bugfixes
generic/default IDE chipset support (IDE_GENERIC) [Y/n/m/?] y
Platform driver for IDE interfaces (BLK_DEV_PLATFORM) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
CMD640 chipset bugfix/support (BLK_DEV_CMD640) [Y/n/m/?] y
CMD640 enhanced support (BLK_DEV_CMD640_ENHANCED) [Y/n/?] y
PNP EIDE support (BLK_DEV_IDEPNP) [Y/n/m/?] y
* PCI IDE chipsets support
Probe IDE PCI devices in the PCI bus order (DEPRECATED) (IDEPCI_PCIBUS_ORDER) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Boot off-board chipsets first support (DEPRECATED) (BLK_DEV_OFFBOARD) [N/y/?] n
Generic PCI IDE Chipset Support (BLK_DEV_GENERIC) [Y/n/m/?] y
OPTi 82C621 chipset enhanced support (EXPERIMENTAL) (BLK_DEV_OPTI621) [N/m/y/?] n
RZ1000 chipset bugfix/support (BLK_DEV_RZ1000) [Y/n/m/?] y
AEC62XX chipset support (BLK_DEV_AEC62XX) [Y/n/m/?] y
ALI M15x3 chipset support (BLK_DEV_ALI15X3) [Y/n/m/?] y
AMD and nVidia IDE support (BLK_DEV_AMD74XX) [Y/n/m/?] y
ATI IXP chipset IDE support (BLK_DEV_ATIIXP) [Y/n/m/?] y
CMD64{3|6|8|9} chipset support (BLK_DEV_CMD64X) [Y/n/m/?] y
Compaq Triflex IDE support (BLK_DEV_TRIFLEX) [Y/n/m/?] y
Cyrix CS5510/20 MediaGX chipset support (VERY EXPERIMENTAL) (BLK_DEV_CS5520) [Y/n/m/?] y
Cyrix/National Semiconductor CS5530 MediaGX chipset support (BLK_DEV_CS5530) [Y/n/m/?] y
AMD CS5535 chipset support (BLK_DEV_CS5535) [Y/n/m/?] y
CS5536 chipset support (BLK_DEV_CS5536) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
HPT36X/37X chipset support (BLK_DEV_HPT366) [Y/n/m/?] y
JMicron JMB36x support (BLK_DEV_JMICRON) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
National SCx200 chipset support (BLK_DEV_SC1200) [N/m/y/?] n
Intel PIIX/ICH chipsets support (BLK_DEV_PIIX) [Y/n/m/?] y
IT8172 IDE support (BLK_DEV_IT8172) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
IT8213 IDE support (BLK_DEV_IT8213) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
IT821X IDE support (BLK_DEV_IT821X) [Y/n/m/?] y
NS87415 chipset support (BLK_DEV_NS87415) [N/m/y/?] n
PROMISE PDC202{46|62|65|67} support (BLK_DEV_PDC202XX_OLD) [Y/n/m/?] y
PROMISE PDC202{68|69|70|71|75|76|77} support (BLK_DEV_PDC202XX_NEW) [Y/n/m] y
ServerWorks OSB4/CSB5/CSB6 chipsets support (BLK_DEV_SVWKS) [Y/n/m/?] y
Silicon Image chipset support (BLK_DEV_SIIMAGE) [Y/n/m/?] y
SiS5513 chipset support (BLK_DEV_SIS5513) [Y/n/m/?] y
SLC90E66 chipset support (BLK_DEV_SLC90E66) [N/m/y/?] n
Tekram TRM290 chipset support (BLK_DEV_TRM290) [N/m/y/?] n
VIA82CXXX chipset support (BLK_DEV_VIA82CXXX) [Y/n/m/?] y
Toshiba TC86C001 support (BLK_DEV_TC86C001) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* SCSI device support
RAID Transport Class (RAID_ATTRS) [M/n/?] m
SCSI device support (SCSI) [M/y/?] m
SCSI target support (SCSI_TGT) [N/m/?] (NEW)
legacy /proc/scsi/ support (SCSI_PROC_FS) [Y/n/?] y
* SCSI support type (disk, tape, CD-ROM)
SCSI disk support (BLK_DEV_SD) [M/n/?] m
SCSI tape support (CHR_DEV_ST) [M/n/?] m
SCSI OnStream SC-x0 tape support (CHR_DEV_OSST) [M/n/?] m
SCSI CDROM support (BLK_DEV_SR) [M/n/?] m
Enable vendor-specific extensions (for SCSI CDROM) (BLK_DEV_SR_VENDOR) [Y/n/?] y
SCSI generic support (CHR_DEV_SG) [M/n/?] m
SCSI media changer support (CHR_DEV_SCH) [M/n/?] m
Probe all LUNs on each SCSI device (SCSI_MULTI_LUN) [Y/n/?] y
Verbose SCSI error reporting (kernel size +=12K) (SCSI_CONSTANTS) [Y/n/?] y
SCSI logging facility (SCSI_LOGGING) [Y/n/?] y
Asynchronous SCSI scanning (SCSI_SCAN_ASYNC) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* SCSI Transports
Parallel SCSI (SPI) Transport Attributes (SCSI_SPI_ATTRS) [M/?] m
FiberChannel Transport Attributes (SCSI_FC_ATTRS) [M/?] m
iSCSI Transport Attributes (SCSI_ISCSI_ATTRS) [M/?] m
SAS Transport Attributes (SCSI_SAS_ATTRS) [M/?] m
SAS Domain Transport Attributes (SCSI_SAS_LIBSAS) [M/?] m
ATA support for libsas (requires libata) (SCSI_SAS_ATA) [Y/n/?] y
Support for SMP interpretation for SAS hosts (SCSI_SAS_HOST_SMP) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
SRP Transport Attributes (SCSI_SRP_ATTRS) [M/?] (NEW) m
* SCSI low-level drivers
SCSI low-level drivers (SCSI_LOWLEVEL) [Y/n] (NEW)
iSCSI Initiator over TCP/IP (ISCSI_TCP) [M/n/?] m
iSCSI Boot Sysfs Interface (ISCSI_BOOT_SYSFS) [M/?] (NEW) m
Chelsio T3 iSCSI support (SCSI_CXGB3_ISCSI) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Chelsio T4 iSCSI support (SCSI_CXGB4_ISCSI) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Broadcom NetXtreme II iSCSI support (SCSI_BNX2_ISCSI) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Broadcom NetXtreme II FCoE support (SCSI_BNX2X_FCOE) [N/m/?] (NEW)
ServerEngines' 10Gbps iSCSI - BladeEngine 2 (BE2ISCSI) [N/m/?] (NEW)
3ware 5/6/7/8xxx ATA-RAID support (BLK_DEV_3W_XXXX_RAID) [M/n/?] m
HP Smart Array SCSI driver (SCSI_HPSA) [N/m/?] (NEW)
3ware 9xxx SATA-RAID support (SCSI_3W_9XXX) [M/n/?] m
3ware 97xx SAS/SATA-RAID support (SCSI_3W_SAS) [N/m/?] (NEW)
ACARD SCSI support (SCSI_ACARD) [M/n/?] m
Adaptec AACRAID support (SCSI_AACRAID) [M/n/?] m
Adaptec AIC7xxx Fast -> U160 support (New Driver) (SCSI_AIC7XXX) [M/n/?] m
Maximum number of TCQ commands per device (AIC7XXX_CMDS_PER_DEVICE) [4] 4
Initial bus reset delay in milli-seconds (AIC7XXX_RESET_DELAY_MS) [15000] 15000
Compile in Debugging Code (AIC7XXX_DEBUG_ENABLE) [N/y/?] n
Debug code enable mask (2047 for all debugging) (AIC7XXX_DEBUG_MASK) [0] 0
Decode registers during diagnostics (AIC7XXX_REG_PRETTY_PRINT) [N/y/?] n
Adaptec AIC7xxx support (old driver) (SCSI_AIC7XXX_OLD) [M/n/?] m
Adaptec AIC79xx U320 support (SCSI_AIC79XX) [M/n/?] m
Maximum number of TCQ commands per device (AIC79XX_CMDS_PER_DEVICE) [4] 4
Initial bus reset delay in milli-seconds (AIC79XX_RESET_DELAY_MS) [15000] 15000
Compile in Debugging Code (AIC79XX_DEBUG_ENABLE) [N/y/?] n
Debug code enable mask (16383 for all debugging) (AIC79XX_DEBUG_MASK) [0] 0
Decode registers during diagnostics (AIC79XX_REG_PRETTY_PRINT) [N/y/?] n
Adaptec AIC94xx SAS/SATA support (SCSI_AIC94XX) [M/n/?] m
Compile in debug mode (AIC94XX_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Marvell 88SE64XX/88SE94XX SAS/SATA support (SCSI_MVSAS) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Adaptec I2O RAID support (SCSI_DPT_I2O) [N/m/?] n
AdvanSys SCSI support (SCSI_ADVANSYS) [N/m/?] n
ARECA (ARC11xx/12xx/13xx/16xx) SATA/SAS RAID Host Adapter (SCSI_ARCMSR) [M/n/?] m
Enable PCI Error Recovery Capability in Areca Driver(ARCMSR) (SCSI_ARCMSR_AER) [N/y/?] (NEW)
LSI Logic New Generation RAID Device Drivers (MEGARAID_NEWGEN) [Y/n/?] y
LSI Logic Management Module (New Driver) (MEGARAID_MM) [M/n/?] m
LSI Logic MegaRAID Driver (New Driver) (MEGARAID_MAILBOX) [M/n/?] m
LSI Logic Legacy MegaRAID Driver (MEGARAID_LEGACY) [M/n/?] m
LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS RAID Module (MEGARAID_SAS) [M/n/?] m
LSI MPT Fusion SAS 2.0 Device Driver (SCSI_MPT2SAS) [N/m/?] (NEW)
HighPoint RocketRAID 3xxx/4xxx Controller support (SCSI_HPTIOP) [M/n/?] m
BusLogic SCSI support (SCSI_BUSLOGIC) [N/m/?] n
VMware PVSCSI driver support (VMWARE_PVSCSI) [N/m/?] (NEW)
LibFC module (LIBFC) [M/?] m
LibFCoE module (LIBFCOE) [M/?] (NEW) m
FCoE module (FCOE) [M/n/?] m
Cisco FNIC Driver (FCOE_FNIC) [N/m/?] (NEW)
DMX3191D SCSI support (SCSI_DMX3191D) [N/m/?] n
EATA ISA/EISA/PCI (DPT and generic EATA/DMA-compliant boards) support (SCSI_EATA) [N/m/?] n
Future Domain 16xx SCSI/AHA-2920A support (SCSI_FUTURE_DOMAIN) [N/m/?] n
Intel/ICP (former GDT SCSI Disk Array) RAID Controller support (SCSI_GDTH) [M/n/?] m
IBM ServeRAID support (SCSI_IPS) [M/n/?] m
Initio 9100U(W) support (SCSI_INITIO) [M/n/?] m
Initio INI-A100U2W support (SCSI_INIA100) [N/m/?] n
IOMEGA parallel port (ppa - older drives) (SCSI_PPA) [M/n/?] m
IOMEGA parallel port (imm - newer drives) (SCSI_IMM) [M/n/?] m
ppa/imm option - Use slow (but safe) EPP-16 (SCSI_IZIP_EPP16) [N/y/?] n
ppa/imm option - Assume slow parport control register (SCSI_IZIP_SLOW_CTR) [N/y/?] n
Promise SuperTrak EX Series support (SCSI_STEX) [M/n/?] m
SYM53C8XX Version 2 SCSI support (SCSI_SYM53C8XX_2) [M/n/?] m
DMA addressing mode (SCSI_SYM53C8XX_DMA_ADDRESSING_MODE) [1] 1
Default tagged command queue depth (SCSI_SYM53C8XX_DEFAULT_TAGS) [16] 16
Maximum number of queued commands (SCSI_SYM53C8XX_MAX_TAGS) [64] 64
Use memory mapped IO (SCSI_SYM53C8XX_MMIO) [Y/n/?] y
IBM Power Linux RAID adapter support (SCSI_IPR) [N/m/?] n
Qlogic QLA 1240/1x80/1x160 SCSI support (SCSI_QLOGIC_1280) [M/n/?] m
QLogic QLA2XXX Fibre Channel Support (SCSI_QLA_FC) [M/n/?] m
QLogic ISP4XXX and ISP82XX host adapter family support (SCSI_QLA_ISCSI) [M/n/?] m
Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel Support (SCSI_LPFC) [M/n/?] m
Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel debugfs Support (SCSI_LPFC_DEBUG_FS) [N/y/?] (NEW)

Tekram DC395(U/UW/F) and DC315(U) SCSI support (EXPERIMENTAL) (SCSI_DC395x) [M/n/?] m
Tekram DC390(T) and Am53/79C974 SCSI support (SCSI_DC390T) [N/m/?] n
Workbit NinjaSCSI-32Bi/UDE support (SCSI_NSP32) [N/m/?] n
SCSI debugging host simulator (SCSI_DEBUG) [N/m/?] n
PMC SIERRA Linux MaxRAID adapter support (SCSI_PMCRAID) [N/m/?] (NEW) PMC-Sierra SPC 8001 SAS/SATA Based Host Adapter driver (SCSI_PM8001) [N/m/?] (NEW)
SCSI RDMA Protocol helper library (SCSI_SRP) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Brocade BFA Fibre Channel Support (SCSI_BFA_FC) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* PCMCIA SCSI adapter support
* SCSI Device Handlers
SCSI Device Handlers (SCSI_DH) [M/n/?] m
LSI RDAC Device Handler (SCSI_DH_RDAC) [M/n/?] m
HP/COMPAQ MSA Device Handler (SCSI_DH_HP_SW) [N/m/?] (NEW)
EMC CLARiiON Device Handler (SCSI_DH_EMC) [N/m/?] (NEW)
OSD-Initiator library (SCSI_OSD_INITIATOR) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Serial ATA and Parallel ATA drivers
Serial ATA and Parallel ATA drivers (ATA) [M/n/y/?] m
Verbose ATA error reporting (ATA_VERBOSE_ERROR) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
ATA ACPI Support (ATA_ACPI) [Y/n/?] y
SATA Port Multiplier support (SATA_PMP) [Y/n/?] y
* Controllers with non-SFF native interface
AHCI SATA support (SATA_AHCI) [M/n/?] m
Platform AHCI SATA support (SATA_AHCI_PLATFORM) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Initio 162x SATA support (SATA_INIC162X) [M/n/?] m
ACard AHCI variant (ATP 8620) (SATA_ACARD_AHCI) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Silicon Image 3124/3132 SATA support (SATA_SIL24) [M/n/?] m
ATA SFF support (ATA_SFF) [Y/n/?] y
* SFF controllers with custom DMA interface
Pacific Digital ADMA support (PDC_ADMA) [M/n/?] m
Pacific Digital SATA QStor support (SATA_QSTOR) [M/n/?] m
Promise SATA SX4 support (Experimental) (SATA_SX4) [M/n/?] m
ATA BMDMA support (ATA_BMDMA) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
* SATA SFF controllers with BMDMA
Intel ESB, ICH, PIIX3, PIIX4 PATA/SATA support (ATA_PIIX) [M/n/?] m
Marvell SATA support (SATA_MV) [M/n/?] m
NVIDIA SATA support (SATA_NV) [M/n/?] m
Promise SATA TX2/TX4 support (SATA_PROMISE) [M/n/?] m
Silicon Image SATA support (SATA_SIL) [M/n/?] m
SiS 964/965/966/180 SATA support (SATA_SIS) [M/n/?] m
ServerWorks Frodo / Apple K2 SATA support (SATA_SVW) [M/n/?] m
ULi Electronics SATA support (SATA_ULI) [M/n/?] m
VIA SATA support (SATA_VIA) [M/n/?] m
VITESSE VSC-7174 / INTEL 31244 SATA support (SATA_VITESSE) [M/n/?] m
* PATA SFF controllers with BMDMA
ALi PATA support (PATA_ALI) [N/m/?] n
AMD/NVidia PATA support (PATA_AMD) [N/m/?] n
ARASAN CompactFlash PATA Controller Support (PATA_ARASAN_CF) [N/m/?] (NEW)
ARTOP 6210/6260 PATA support (PATA_ARTOP) [N/m/?] n
ATI PATA support (PATA_ATIIXP) [N/m/?] n
ARTOP/Acard ATP867X PATA support (PATA_ATP867X) [N/m/?] (NEW)
CMD64x PATA support (PATA_CMD64X) [N/m/?] n
CS5510/5520 PATA support (PATA_CS5520) [N/m/?] n
CS5530 PATA support (PATA_CS5530) [N/m/?] n
CS5535 PATA support (Experimental) (PATA_CS5535) [N/m/?] n
CS5536 PATA support (PATA_CS5536) [N/m/?] n
Cypress CY82C693 PATA support (Very Experimental) (PATA_CYPRESS) [N/m/?] n
EFAR SLC90E66 support (PATA_EFAR) [N/m/?] n
HPT 366/368 PATA support (PATA_HPT366) [N/m/?] n
HPT 370/370A/371/372/374/302 PATA support (PATA_HPT37X) [N/m/?] n
HPT 371N/372N/302N PATA support (PATA_HPT3X2N) [N/m/?] n
HPT 343/363 PATA support (PATA_HPT3X3) [N/m/?] n
IT8213 PATA support (Experimental) (PATA_IT8213) [N/m/?] n
IT8211/2 PATA support (PATA_IT821X) [N/m/?] n
JMicron PATA support (PATA_JMICRON) [N/m/?] n
Marvell PATA support via legacy mode (PATA_MARVELL) [M/n/?] m
NETCELL Revolution RAID support (PATA_NETCELL) [N/m/?] n
Ninja32/Delkin Cardbus ATA support (PATA_NINJA32) [N/m/?] n
Nat Semi NS87415 PATA support (PATA_NS87415) [N/m/?] n
Intel PATA old PIIX support (PATA_OLDPIIX) [N/m/?] n
OPTI FireStar PATA support (Very Experimental) (PATA_OPTIDMA) [N/m/?] n
Promise PATA 2027x support (PATA_PDC2027X) [M/n/?] m
Older Promise PATA controller support (PATA_PDC_OLD) [N/m/?] n
RADISYS 82600 PATA support (Experimental) (PATA_RADISYS) [N/m/?] n
RDC PATA support (PATA_RDC) [N/m/?] (NEW)
SC1200 PATA support (PATA_SC1200) [N/m/?] n
Intel SCH PATA support (PATA_SCH) [N/m/?] n
CMD / Silicon Image 680 PATA support (PATA_SIL680) [M/n/?] m
SiS PATA support (PATA_SIS) [M/?] m
Toshiba Piccolo support (Experimental) (PATA_TOSHIBA) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Compaq Triflex PATA support (PATA_TRIFLEX) [N/m/?] n
VIA PATA support (PATA_VIA) [N/m/?] n
Winbond SL82C105 PATA support (PATA_WINBOND) [N/m/?] n
* PIO-only SFF controllers
CMD640 PCI PATA support (Experimental) (PATA_CMD640_PCI) [N/m/?] n
Intel PATA MPIIX support (PATA_MPIIX) [N/m/?] n
Nat Semi NS87410 PATA support (PATA_NS87410) [N/m/?] n
OPTI621/6215 PATA support (Very Experimental) (PATA_OPTI) [N/m/?] n
PCMCIA PATA support (PATA_PCMCIA) [N/m/?] n
PC Tech RZ1000 PATA support (PATA_RZ1000) [N/m/?] n
* Generic fallback / legacy drivers
ACPI firmware driver for PATA (PATA_ACPI) [N/m/?] n
Generic ATA support (ATA_GENERIC) [N/m/?] n
Legacy ISA PATA support (Experimental) (PATA_LEGACY) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Multiple devices driver support (RAID and LVM)
Multiple devices driver support (RAID and LVM) (MD) [Y/n/?] y
RAID support (BLK_DEV_MD) [Y/n/m/?] y
Autodetect RAID arrays during kernel boot (MD_AUTODETECT) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Linear (append) mode (MD_LINEAR) [M/n/y/?] m
RAID-0 (striping) mode (MD_RAID0) [M/n/y/?] m
RAID-1 (mirroring) mode (MD_RAID1) [M/n/y/?] m
RAID-10 (mirrored striping) mode (MD_RAID10) [M/n/y/?] m
RAID-4/RAID-5/RAID-6 mode (MD_RAID456) [M/n/y/?] m
RAID-4/RAID-5/RAID-6 Multicore processing (EXPERIMENTAL) (MULTICORE_RAID456) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Multipath I/O support (MD_MULTIPATH) [M/n/y/?] m
Faulty test module for MD (MD_FAULTY) [M/n/y/?] m
Device mapper support (BLK_DEV_DM) [M/n/y/?] m
Device mapper debugging support (DM_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Crypt target support (DM_CRYPT) [M/n/?] m
Snapshot target (DM_SNAPSHOT) [M/n/?] m
Mirror target (DM_MIRROR) [M/n/?] m
RAID 4/5/6 target (EXPERIMENTAL) (DM_RAID) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Mirror userspace logging (EXPERIMENTAL) (DM_LOG_USERSPACE) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Zero target (DM_ZERO) [M/n/?] m
Multipath target (DM_MULTIPATH) [M/n/?] m
I/O Path Selector based on the number of in-flight I/Os (DM_MULTIPATH_QL) [N/m/?] (NEW)
I/O Path Selector based on the service time (DM_MULTIPATH_ST) [N/m/?] (NEW)
I/O delaying target (EXPERIMENTAL) (DM_DELAY) [N/m/?] (NEW)
DM uevents (EXPERIMENTAL) (DM_UEVENT) [Y/n/?] y
Flakey target (EXPERIMENTAL) (DM_FLAKEY) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Generic Target Core Mod (TCM) and ConfigFS Infrastructure
Generic Target Core Mod (TCM) and ConfigFS Infrastructure (TARGET_CORE) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* IEEE 1394 (FireWire) support
FireWire driver stack (FIREWIRE) [M/n/y/?] m
OHCI-1394 controllers (FIREWIRE_OHCI) [M/n/?] m
Storage devices (SBP-2 protocol) (FIREWIRE_SBP2) [M/n/?] m
IP networking over 1394 (FIREWIRE_NET) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Nosy - a FireWire traffic sniffer for PCILynx cards (FIREWIRE_NOSY) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Macintosh device drivers
Macintosh device drivers (MACINTOSH_DRIVERS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Network device support
Network device support (NETDEVICES) [Y/n/?] y
Intermediate Functional Block support (IFB) [M/n/y/?] m
Dummy net driver support (DUMMY) [M/n/y/?] m
Bonding driver support (BONDING) [M/n/?] m
EQL (serial line load balancing) support (EQUALIZER) [N/m/y/?] n
Universal TUN/TAP device driver support (TUN) [M/n/y/?] m
Virtual ethernet pair device (VETH) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
General Instruments Surfboard 1000 (NET_SB1000) [N/m/y/?] n
* ARCnet support
ARCnet support (ARCNET) [N/m/y/?] n
Generic Media Independent Interface device support (MII) [M/y/?] m
* PHY Device support and infrastructure
PHY Device support and infrastructure (PHYLIB) [M/y/?] m
* MII PHY device drivers
Drivers for Marvell PHYs (MARVELL_PHY) [M/n/?] m
Drivers for Davicom PHYs (DAVICOM_PHY) [M/n/?] m
Drivers for Quality Semiconductor PHYs (QSEMI_PHY) [M/n/?] m
Drivers for the Intel LXT PHYs (LXT_PHY) [M/n/?] m
Drivers for the Cicada PHYs (CICADA_PHY) [M/n/?] m
Drivers for the Vitesse PHYs (VITESSE_PHY) [M/n/?] m
Drivers for SMSC PHYs (SMSC_PHY) [M/n/?] m
Drivers for Broadcom PHYs (BROADCOM_PHY) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Drivers for Broadcom 63xx SOCs internal PHY (BCM63XX_PHY) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Drivers for ICPlus PHYs (ICPLUS_PHY) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Drivers for Realtek PHYs (REALTEK_PHY) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Drivers for National Semiconductor PHYs (NATIONAL_PHY) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Driver for STMicroelectronics STe10Xp PHYs (STE10XP) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Driver for LSI ET1011C PHY (LSI_ET1011C_PHY) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Driver for Micrel PHYs (MICREL_PHY) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Support for bitbanged MDIO buses (MDIO_BITBANG) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit)
Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit) (NET_ETHERNET) [Y/n/?] y
Sun Happy Meal 10/100baseT support (HAPPYMEAL) [M/n/y/?] m
Sun GEM support (SUNGEM) [M/n/y/?] m
Sun Cassini support (CASSINI) [M/n/y/?] m
3COM cards (NET_VENDOR_3COM) [Y/n/?] y
3c590/3c900 series (592/595/597) "Vortex/Boomerang" support (VORTEX) [M/n/y/?] m
3cr990 series "Typhoon" support (TYPHOON) [M/n/y/?] m
OpenCores 10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC support (ETHOC) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Dave ethernet support (DNET) (DNET) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* "Tulip" family network device support
"Tulip" family network device support (NET_TULIP) [Y/n/?] y
Early DECchip Tulip (dc2104x) PCI support (DE2104X) [M/n/y/?] m
Descriptor Skip Length in 32 bit longwords (DE2104X_DSL) [0] (NEW)
DECchip Tulip (dc2114x) PCI support (TULIP) [M/n/y/?] m
New bus configuration (EXPERIMENTAL) (TULIP_MWI) [N/y/?] n
Use PCI shared mem for NIC registers (TULIP_MMIO) [Y/n/?] y
Use RX polling (NAPI) (TULIP_NAPI) [N/y/?] n
Generic DECchip & DIGITAL EtherWORKS PCI/EISA (DE4X5) [M/n/y/?] m
Winbond W89c840 Ethernet support (WINBOND_840) [M/n/y/?] m
Davicom DM910x/DM980x support (DM9102) [M/n/y/?] m
ULi M526x controller support (ULI526X) [M/n/y/?] m
Xircom CardBus support (PCMCIA_XIRCOM) [M/n/y/?] m
HP 10/100VG PCLAN (ISA, EISA, PCI) support (HP100) [N/m/y/?] n
EISA, VLB, PCI and on board controllers (NET_PCI) [Y/n/?] y
AMD PCnet32 PCI support (PCNET32) [M/n/y/?] m
AMD 8111 (new PCI lance) support (AMD8111_ETH) [M/n/y/?] m
Adaptec Starfire/DuraLAN support (ADAPTEC_STARFIRE) [M/n/y/?] m
Micrel KSZ8841/2 PCI (KSZ884X_PCI) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Broadcom 440x/47xx ethernet support (B44) [M/n/y/?] m
nForce Ethernet support (FORCEDETH) [M/n/y/?] m
Intel(R) PRO/100+ support (E100) [M/n/y/?] m
Myson MTD-8xx PCI Ethernet support (FEALNX) [M/n/y/?] m
National Semiconductor DP8381x series PCI Ethernet support (NATSEMI) [M/n/y/?] m
PCI NE2000 and clones support (see help) (NE2K_PCI) [M/n/y/?] m
RealTek RTL-8139 C+ PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support (EXPERIMENTAL) (8139CP) [M/n/y/?] m
RealTek RTL-8129/8130/8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support (8139TOO) [M/n/y/?] m
Use PIO instead of MMIO (8139TOO_PIO) [N/y/?] n
Support for uncommon RTL-8139 rev. K (automatic channel equalization) (8139TOO_TUNE_TWISTER) [N/y/?] n
Support for older RTL-8129/8130 boards (8139TOO_8129) [Y/n/?] y
Use older RX-reset method (8139_OLD_RX_RESET) [N/y/?] n
RDC R6040 Fast Ethernet Adapter support (R6040) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
SiS 900/7016 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support (SIS900) [M/n/y/?] m
SMC EtherPower II (EPIC100) [M/n/y/?] m
SMSC LAN9420 PCI ethernet adapter support (SMSC9420) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Sundance Alta support (SUNDANCE) [M/n/y/?] m
Use MMIO instead of PIO (SUNDANCE_MMIO) [N/y/?] n
TI ThunderLAN support (TLAN) [M/n/y/?] m
Micrel KS8851 MLL (KS8851_MLL) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
VIA Rhine support (VIA_RHINE) [M/n/y/?] m
Use MMIO instead of PIO (VIA_RHINE_MMIO) [Y/n/?] y
Silan SC92031 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter driver (EXPERIMENTAL) (SC92031) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Pocket and portable adapters (NET_POCKET) [Y/n/?] y
AT-LAN-TEC/RealTek pocket adapter support (ATP) [N/m/?] n
D-Link DE600 pocket adapter support (DE600) [N/m/?] n
D-Link DE620 pocket adapter support (DE620) [N/m/?] n
Atheros L2 Fast Ethernet support (ATL2) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Ethernet (1000 Mbit)
Ethernet (1000 Mbit) (NETDEV_1000) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Alteon AceNIC/3Com 3C985/NetGear GA620 Gigabit support (ACENIC) [M/n/y/?] m
Omit support for old Tigon I based AceNICs (ACENIC_OMIT_TIGON_I) [N/y/?] n
DL2000/TC902x-based Gigabit Ethernet support (DL2K) [M/n/y/?] m
Intel(R) PRO/1000 Gigabit Ethernet support (E1000) [M/n/y/?] m
Intel(R) PRO/1000 PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet support (E1000E) [M/n/y/?] m
IP1000 Gigabit Ethernet support (IP1000) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Intel(R) 82575/82576 PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet support (IGB) [M/n/y/?] m
Intel(R) 82576 Virtual Function Ethernet support (IGBVF) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
National Semiconductor DP83820 support (NS83820) [M/n/y/?] m
Packet Engines Hamachi GNIC-II support (HAMACHI) [N/m/y/?] n
Packet Engines Yellowfin Gigabit-NIC support (EXPERIMENTAL) (YELLOWFIN) [N/m/y/?] n
Realtek 8169 gigabit ethernet support (R8169) [M/n/y/?] m
SiS190/SiS191 gigabit ethernet support (SIS190) [M/n/y/?] m
New SysKonnect GigaEthernet support (SKGE) [M/n/y/?] m
Debugging interface (SKGE_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
SysKonnect Yukon2 support (SKY2) [M/n/y/?] m
Debugging interface (SKY2_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
VIA Velocity support (VIA_VELOCITY) [M/n/y/?] m
Broadcom Tigon3 support (TIGON3) [M/n/y/?] m
Broadcom NetXtremeII support (BNX2) [M/n/y/?] m
Broadcom CNIC support (CNIC) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
QLogic QLA3XXX Network Driver Support (QLA3XXX) [M/n/y/?] m
Atheros/Attansic L1 Gigabit Ethernet support (ATL1) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Atheros L1E Gigabit Ethernet support (EXPERIMENTAL) (ATL1E) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Atheros L1C Gigabit Ethernet support (EXPERIMENTAL) (ATL1C) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
JMicron(R) PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet support (JME) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
STMicroelectronics 10/100/1000 Ethernet driver (STMMAC_ETH) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Ethernet (10000 Mbit)
Ethernet (10000 Mbit) (NETDEV_10000) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Chelsio 10Gb Ethernet support (CHELSIO_T1) [M/n/y/?] m
Chelsio gigabit Ethernet support (CHELSIO_T1_1G) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Chelsio Communications T3 10Gb Ethernet support (CHELSIO_T3) [M/n/y/?] m
Chelsio Communications T4 Ethernet support (CHELSIO_T4) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Chelsio Communications T4 Virtual Function Ethernet support (CHELSIO_T4VF) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Cisco VIC Ethernet NIC Support (ENIC) [M/n/y/?] m
Intel(R) 10GbE PCI Express adapters support (IXGBE) [M/n/y/?] m
Intel(R) 82599 Virtual Function Ethernet support (IXGBEVF) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Intel(R) PRO/10GbE support (IXGB) [M/n/y/?] m
Exar Xframe 10Gb Ethernet Adapter (S2IO) [M/n/y/?] m
Exar X3100 Series 10GbE PCIe Server Adapter (VXGE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Myricom Myri-10G Ethernet support (MYRI10GE) [M/n/y/?] m
NetXen Multi port (1/10) Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NETXEN_NIC) [M/n/y/?] m
Sun Neptune 10Gbit Ethernet support (NIU) [M/n/y/?] m
Mellanox Technologies 10Gbit Ethernet support (MLX4_EN) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Tehuti Networks 10G Ethernet (TEHUTI) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Broadcom NetXtremeII 10Gb support (BNX2X) [M/n/y/?] m
QLOGIC QLCNIC 1/10Gb Converged Ethernet NIC Support (QLCNIC) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
QLogic QLGE 10Gb Ethernet Driver Support (QLGE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Brocade 1010/1020 10Gb Ethernet Driver support (BNA) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Solarflare Solarstorm SFC4000/SFC9000-family support (SFC) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
ServerEngines' 10Gbps NIC - BladeEngine (BE2NET) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Token Ring driver support
Token Ring driver support (TR) [Y/n/m/?] y
IBM Olympic chipset PCI adapter support (IBMOL) [M/n/y/?] m
IBM Lanstreamer chipset PCI adapter support (IBMLS) [M/n/y/?] m
3Com 3C359 Token Link Velocity XL adapter support (3C359) [M/n/y/?] m
Generic TMS380 Token Ring ISA/PCI adapter support (TMS380TR) [N/m/y/?] n
* Wireless LAN
Wireless LAN (WLAN) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Aviator/Raytheon 2.4GHz wireless support (PCMCIA_RAYCS) [N/m/y/?] n
Marvell 8xxx Libertas WLAN driver support with thin firmware (LIBERTAS_THINFIRM) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Cisco/Aironet 34X/35X/4500/4800 ISA and PCI cards (AIRO) [M/n/y/?] m
Atmel at76c50x chipset 802.11b support (ATMEL) [M/n/y/?] m
Atmel at76c506 PCI cards (PCI_ATMEL) [M/n/?] m
Atmel at76c502/at76c504 PCMCIA cards (PCMCIA_ATMEL) [M/n/?] m
Atmel at76c503/at76c505/at76c505a USB cards (AT76C50X_USB) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Cisco/Aironet 34X/35X/4500/4800 PCMCIA cards (AIRO_CS) [M/n/y/?] m
Planet WL3501 PCMCIA cards (PCMCIA_WL3501) [M/n/y/?] m
Intersil Prism GT/Duette/Indigo PCI/Cardbus (DEPRECATED) (PRISM54) [M/n/y/?] m
USB ZD1201 based Wireless device support (USB_ZD1201) [M/n/y/?] m
Wireless RNDIS USB support (USB_NET_RNDIS_WLAN) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Realtek 8180/8185 PCI support (RTL8180) [M/n/?] m
Realtek 8187 and 8187B USB support (RTL8187) [M/n/?] m
ADMtek ADM8211 support (ADM8211) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Simulated radio testing tool for mac80211 (MAC80211_HWSIM) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Marvell 88W8xxx PCI/PCIe Wireless support (MWL8K) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Atheros Wireless Cards
Atheros Wireless Cards (ATH_COMMON) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Broadcom 43xx wireless support (mac80211 stack) (B43) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Broadcom 43xx-legacy wireless support (mac80211 stack) (B43LEGACY) [N/m/?] (NEW)
IEEE 802.11 for Host AP (Prism2/2.5/3 and WEP/TKIP/CCMP) (HOSTAP) [M/n/y/?] m
Support downloading firmware images with Host AP driver (HOSTAP_FIRMWARE) [Y/n/?] y
Support for non-volatile firmware download (HOSTAP_FIRMWARE_NVRAM) [Y/n/?] y
Host AP driver for Prism2/2.5/3 in PLX9052 PCI adaptors (HOSTAP_PLX) [M/n/?] m
Host AP driver for Prism2.5 PCI adaptors (HOSTAP_PCI) [M/n/?] m
Host AP driver for Prism2/2.5/3 PC Cards (HOSTAP_CS) [M/n/?] m
Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection (IPW2100) [M/n/?] m
Enable promiscuous mode (IPW2100_MONITOR) [Y/n/?] y
Enable full debugging output in IPW2100 module. (IPW2100_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG and 2915ABG Network Connection (IPW2200) [M/n/?] m
Enable promiscuous mode (IPW2200_MONITOR) [Y/n/?] y
Enable radiotap format 802.11 raw packet support (IPW2200_RADIOTAP) [Y] y
Enable creation of a RF radiotap promiscuous interface (IPW2200_PROMISCUOUS) [Y/n/?] y
Enable QoS support (IPW2200_QOS) [Y/n] y
Enable full debugging output in IPW2200 module. (IPW2200_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Full debugging output for the LIBIPW component (LIBIPW_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Intel Wireless WiFi Next Gen AGN - Wireless-N/Advanced-N/Ultimate-N (iwlagn) (IWLAGN) [M/n/?] m
* Debugging Options
Enable full debugging output in the iwlagn driver (IWLWIFI_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
iwlwifi device access tracing (IWLWIFI_DEVICE_TRACING) [N/y/?] (NEW)
iwlwifi experimental P2P support (IWL_P2P) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Debugging Options
Enable full debugging output in 4965 and 3945 drivers (IWLWIFI_LEGACY_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
iwlwifilegacy legacy device access tracing (IWLWIFI_LEGACY_DEVICE_TRACING) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Intel Wireless WiFi 4965AGN (iwl4965) (IWL4965) [M/n/?] m
Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG/BG Network Connection (iwl3945) (IWL3945) [M/n/?] m
Intel Wireless Multicomm 3200 WiFi driver (IWM) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Marvell 8xxx Libertas WLAN driver support (LIBERTAS) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Hermes chipset 802.11b support (Orinoco/Prism2/Symbol) (HERMES) [M/n/?] m
Support Prism 2/2.5 chipset (HERMES_PRISM) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Cache Hermes firmware on driver initialisation (HERMES_CACHE_FW_ON_INIT) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Hermes in PLX9052 based PCI adaptor support (Netgear MA301 etc.) (PLX_HERMES) [M/n/?] m
Hermes in TMD7160 based PCI adaptor support (TMD_HERMES) [M/n/?] m
Nortel emobility PCI adaptor support (NORTEL_HERMES) [M/n/?] m
Hermes PCMCIA card support (PCMCIA_HERMES) [M/n/?] m
Symbol Spectrum24 Trilogy PCMCIA card support (PCMCIA_SPECTRUM) [M/n/?] m
Agere Orinoco USB support (ORINOCO_USB) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Softmac Prism54 support (P54_COMMON) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Ralink driver support
Ralink driver support (RT2X00) [M/n/?] m
Ralink rt2400 (PCI/PCMCIA) support (RT2400PCI) [M/n/?] m
Ralink rt2500 (PCI/PCMCIA) support (RT2500PCI) [M/n/?] m
Ralink rt2501/rt61 (PCI/PCMCIA) support (RT61PCI) [M/n/?] m
Ralink rt27xx/rt28xx/rt30xx (PCI/PCIe/PCMCIA) support (RT2800PCI) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Ralink rt2500 (USB) support (RT2500USB) [M/n/?] m
Ralink rt2501/rt73 (USB) support (RT73USB) [M/n/?] m
Ralink rt27xx/rt28xx/rt30xx (USB) support (RT2800USB) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Ralink debug output (RT2X00_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Realtek RTL8192CE/RTL8188CE Wireless Network Adapter (RTL8192CE) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Realtek RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU USB Wireless Network Adapter (RTL8192CU) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* TI wl1251 driver support
TI wl1251 driver support (WL1251) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* TI wl12xx driver support
TI wl12xx driver support (WL12XX_MENU) [N/m/?] (NEW)
ZyDAS ZD1211/ZD1211B USB-wireless support (ZD1211RW) [M/n/?] m
ZyDAS ZD1211 debugging (ZD1211RW_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
* Enable WiMAX (Networking options) to see the WiMAX drivers
* USB Network Adapters
USB CATC NetMate-based Ethernet device support (EXPERIMENTAL) (USB_CATC) [M/n/y/?] m
USB KLSI KL5USB101-based ethernet device support (USB_KAWETH) [M/n/y/?] m
USB Pegasus/Pegasus-II based ethernet device support (USB_PEGASUS) [M/n/y/?] m
USB RTL8150 based ethernet device support (EXPERIMENTAL) (USB_RTL8150) [M/n/y/?] m
Multi-purpose USB Networking Framework (USB_USBNET) [M/n/y/?] m
ASIX AX88xxx Based USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapters (USB_NET_AX8817X) [M/n/?] m
CDC Ethernet support (smart devices such as cable modems) (USB_NET_CDCETHER) [M/?] m
CDC EEM support (USB_NET_CDC_EEM) [N/m/?] (NEW)
CDC NCM support (USB_NET_CDC_NCM) [M/n/?] (NEW)
Davicom DM9601 based USB 1.1 10/100 ethernet devices (USB_NET_DM9601) [M/n/?] m
SMSC LAN75XX based USB 2.0 gigabit ethernet devices (USB_NET_SMSC75XX) [N/m/?] (NEW)
SMSC LAN95XX based USB 2.0 10/100 ethernet devices (USB_NET_SMSC95XX) [N/m/?] (NEW)
GeneSys GL620USB-A based cables (USB_NET_GL620A) [M/n/?] m
NetChip 1080 based cables (Laplink, ...) (USB_NET_NET1080) [M/n/?] m
Prolific PL-2301/2302 based cables (USB_NET_PLUSB) [M/n/?] m
MosChip MCS7830 based Ethernet adapters (USB_NET_MCS7830) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Host for RNDIS and ActiveSync devices (EXPERIMENTAL) (USB_NET_RNDIS_HOST) [M/n/?] m
Simple USB Network Links (CDC Ethernet subset) (USB_NET_CDC_SUBSET) [M/n/?] m
ALi M5632 based 'USB 2.0 Data Link' cables (USB_ALI_M5632) [Y/n/?] y
AnchorChips 2720 based cables (Xircom PGUNET, ...) (USB_AN2720) [Y/n/?] y
eTEK based host-to-host cables (Advance, Belkin, ...) (USB_BELKIN) [Y/n/?] y
Embedded ARM Linux links (iPaq, ...) (USB_ARMLINUX) [Y/n/?] y
Epson 2888 based firmware (DEVELOPMENT) (USB_EPSON2888) [Y/n/?] y
KT Technology KC2190 based cables (InstaNet) (USB_KC2190) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Sharp Zaurus (stock ROMs) and compatible (USB_NET_ZAURUS) [M/n/?] m
Conexant CX82310 USB ethernet port (USB_NET_CX82310_ETH) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Intellon PLC based usb adapter (USB_NET_INT51X1) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Apple iPhone USB Ethernet driver (USB_IPHETH) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
USB-to-WWAN Driver for Sierra Wireless modems (USB_SIERRA_NET) [N/m/?] (NEW)
LG VL600 modem dongle (USB_VL600) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* PCMCIA network device support
PCMCIA network device support (NET_PCMCIA) [Y/n/?] y
3Com 3c589 PCMCIA support (PCMCIA_3C589) [M/n/y/?] m
3Com 3c574 PCMCIA support (PCMCIA_3C574) [M/n/y/?] m
Fujitsu FMV-J18x PCMCIA support (PCMCIA_FMVJ18X) [M/n/y/?] m
NE2000 compatible PCMCIA support (PCMCIA_PCNET) [M/n/y/?] m
New Media PCMCIA support (PCMCIA_NMCLAN) [M/n/y/?] m
SMC 91Cxx PCMCIA support (PCMCIA_SMC91C92) [M/n/y/?] m
Xircom 16-bit PCMCIA support (PCMCIA_XIRC2PS) [M/n/y/?] m
Asix AX88190 PCMCIA support (PCMCIA_AXNET) [M/n/y/?] m
IBM PCMCIA tokenring adapter support (PCMCIA_IBMTR) [M/n/y/?] m
* Wan interfaces support
Wan interfaces support (WAN) [N/y/?] n
* ATM drivers
ATM drivers (ATM_DRIVERS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Dummy ATM driver (ATM_DUMMY) [N/m/?] n
ATM over TCP (ATM_TCP) [M/n/?] m
Efficient Networks Speedstream 3010 (ATM_LANAI) [M/n/?] m
Efficient Networks ENI155P (ATM_ENI) [M/n/?] m
Enable extended debugging (ATM_ENI_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Fine-tune burst settings (ATM_ENI_TUNE_BURST) [N/y/?] n
Fujitsu FireStream (FS50/FS155) (ATM_FIRESTREAM) [M/n/?] m
ZeitNet ZN1221/ZN1225 (ATM_ZATM) [N/m/?] n
IDT 77201 (NICStAR) (ForeRunnerLE) (ATM_NICSTAR) [M/n/?] m
Use suni PHY driver (155Mbps) (ATM_NICSTAR_USE_SUNI) [N/y/?] n
Use IDT77015 PHY driver (25Mbps) (ATM_NICSTAR_USE_IDT77105) [N/y/?] n
IDT 77252 (NICStAR II) (ATM_IDT77252) [M/n/?] m
Enable debugging messages (ATM_IDT77252_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Receive ALL cells in raw queue (ATM_IDT77252_RCV_ALL) [N/y/?] n
Madge Ambassador (Collage PCI 155 Server) (ATM_AMBASSADOR) [M/n/?] m
Enable debugging messages (ATM_AMBASSADOR_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Madge Horizon [Ultra] (Collage PCI 25 and Collage PCI 155 Client) (ATM_HORIZON) [M/n/?] m
Enable debugging messages (ATM_HORIZON_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Interphase ATM PCI x575/x525/x531 (ATM_IA) [N/m/?] n
FORE Systems 200E-series (ATM_FORE200E) [N/m/?] (NEW)
ForeRunner HE Series (ATM_HE) [M/n/?] m
Use S/UNI PHY driver (ATM_HE_USE_SUNI) [N/y/?] n
Solos ADSL2+ PCI Multiport card driver (ATM_SOLOS) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* CAIF transport drivers
FDDI driver support (FDDI) [Y/n/m/?] y
Digital DEFTA/DEFEA/DEFPA adapter support (DEFXX) [N/m/y/?] n
SysKonnect FDDI PCI support (SKFP) [N/m/y/?] n
HIPPI driver support (EXPERIMENTAL) (HIPPI) [N/y/?] n
PLIP (parallel port) support (PLIP) [N/m/?] n
PPP (point-to-point protocol) support (PPP) [M/n/y/?] m
PPP multilink support (EXPERIMENTAL) (PPP_MULTILINK) [Y/n/?] y
PPP filtering (PPP_FILTER) [Y/n/?] y
PPP support for async serial ports (PPP_ASYNC) [M/n/?] m
PPP support for sync tty ports (PPP_SYNC_TTY) [M/n/?] m
PPP Deflate compression (PPP_DEFLATE) [M/n/?] m
PPP BSD-Compress compression (PPP_BSDCOMP) [N/m/?] n
PPP MPPE compression (encryption) (EXPERIMENTAL) (PPP_MPPE) [M/n/?] m
PPP over Ethernet (EXPERIMENTAL) (PPPOE) [M/n/?] m
PPP over ATM (PPPOATM) [M/n/?] m
SLIP (serial line) support (SLIP) [M/n/y/?] m
CSLIP compressed headers (SLIP_COMPRESSED) [Y/n/?] y
Keepalive and linefill (SLIP_SMART) [Y/n/?] y
Six bit SLIP encapsulation (SLIP_MODE_SLIP6) [N/y/?] n
Fibre Channel driver support (NET_FC) [Y/n/?] y
Network console logging support (NETCONSOLE) [M/n/y/?] m
Dynamic reconfiguration of logging targets (NETCONSOLE_DYNAMIC) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Netpoll traffic trapping (NETPOLL_TRAP) [Y/n] y
Virtio network driver (EXPERIMENTAL) (VIRTIO_NET) [M/n/?] m
VMware VMXNET3 ethernet driver (VMXNET3) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* ISDN support
ISDN support (ISDN) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Input device support
Generic input layer (needed for keyboard, mouse, ...) (INPUT) [Y/?] y
Support for memoryless force-feedback devices (INPUT_FF_MEMLESS) [Y/?] (NEW) y
Polled input device skeleton (INPUT_POLLDEV) [M/y/?] (NEW)
Sparse keymap support library (INPUT_SPARSEKMAP) [M/y/?] (NEW)
* Userland interfaces
Mouse interface (INPUT_MOUSEDEV) [Y/?] y
Provide legacy /dev/psaux device (INPUT_MOUSEDEV_PSAUX) [N/y/?] n
Horizontal screen resolution (INPUT_MOUSEDEV_SCREEN_X) [1024] 1024
Vertical screen resolution (INPUT_MOUSEDEV_SCREEN_Y) [768] 768
Joystick interface (INPUT_JOYDEV) [M/n/y/?] m
Event interface (INPUT_EVDEV) [Y/n/m/?] y
Event debugging (INPUT_EVBUG) [N/m/y/?] n
* Input Device Drivers
* Keyboards
Keyboards (INPUT_KEYBOARD) [Y/?] y
ADP5588/87 I2C QWERTY Keypad and IO Expander (KEYBOARD_ADP5588) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Atmel AT42QT1070 Touch Sensor Chip (KEYBOARD_QT1070) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Atmel AT42QT2160 Touch Sensor Chip (KEYBOARD_QT2160) [N/m/?] (NEW)
DECstation/VAXstation LK201/LK401 keyboard (KEYBOARD_LKKBD) [N/m/y/?] n
TCA6416/TCA6408A Keypad Support (KEYBOARD_TCA6416) [N/m/?] (NEW)
LM8323 keypad chip (KEYBOARD_LM8323) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Maxim MAX7359 Key Switch Controller (KEYBOARD_MAX7359) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Newton keyboard (KEYBOARD_NEWTON) [N/m/y/?] n
OpenCores Keyboard Controller (KEYBOARD_OPENCORES) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Stowaway keyboard (KEYBOARD_STOWAWAY) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Sun Type 4 and Type 5 keyboard (KEYBOARD_SUNKBD) [N/m/y/?] n
XT keyboard (KEYBOARD_XTKBD) [N/m/y/?] n
* Mice
Mice (INPUT_MOUSE) [Y/n/?] y
PS/2 mouse (MOUSE_PS2) [Y/n/m/?] y
Elantech PS/2 protocol extension (MOUSE_PS2_ELANTECH) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad PS/2 protocol extension (MOUSE_PS2_SENTELIC) [N/y/?] (NEW)
eGalax TouchKit PS/2 protocol extension (MOUSE_PS2_TOUCHKIT) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Serial mouse (MOUSE_SERIAL) [M/n/y/?] m
Apple USB Touchpad support (MOUSE_APPLETOUCH) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Apple USB BCM5974 Multitouch trackpad support (MOUSE_BCM5974) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
DEC VSXXX-AA/GA mouse and VSXXX-AB tablet (MOUSE_VSXXXAA) [M/n/y/?] m
Synaptics I2C Touchpad support (MOUSE_SYNAPTICS_I2C) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Joysticks/Gamepads
Joysticks/Gamepads (INPUT_JOYSTICK) [Y/n/?] y
Classic PC analog joysticks and gamepads (JOYSTICK_ANALOG) [N/m/y/?] n
Assassin 3D and MadCatz Panther devices (JOYSTICK_A3D) [N/m/y/?] n
Logitech ADI digital joysticks and gamepads (JOYSTICK_ADI) [N/m/y/?] n
Creative Labs Blaster Cobra gamepad (JOYSTICK_COBRA) [N/m/y/?] n
Genius Flight2000 Digital joysticks and gamepads (JOYSTICK_GF2K) [N/m/y/?] n
Gravis GrIP joysticks and gamepads (JOYSTICK_GRIP) [N/m/y/?] n
Gravis GrIP MultiPort (JOYSTICK_GRIP_MP) [N/m/y/?] n
Guillemot joysticks and gamepads (JOYSTICK_GUILLEMOT) [N/m/y/?] n
InterAct digital joysticks and gamepads (JOYSTICK_INTERACT) [N/m/y/?] n
Microsoft SideWinder digital joysticks and gamepads (JOYSTICK_SIDEWINDER) [N/m/y/?] n
ThrustMaster DirectConnect joysticks and gamepads (JOYSTICK_TMDC) [N/m/y/?] n
I-Force devices (JOYSTICK_IFORCE) [N/m/y/?] n
Logitech WingMan Warrior joystick (JOYSTICK_WARRIOR) [N/m/y/?] n
LogiCad3d Magellan/SpaceMouse 6dof controllers (JOYSTICK_MAGELLAN) [N/m/y/?] n
SpaceTec SpaceOrb/Avenger 6dof controllers (JOYSTICK_SPACEORB) [N/m/y/?] n
SpaceTec SpaceBall 6dof controllers (JOYSTICK_SPACEBALL) [N/m/y/?] n
Gravis Stinger gamepad (JOYSTICK_STINGER) [N/m/y/?] n
Twiddler as a joystick (JOYSTICK_TWIDJOY) [M/n/y/?] m
5-byte Zhenhua RC transmitter (JOYSTICK_ZHENHUA) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Multisystem, Sega Genesis, Saturn joysticks and gamepads (JOYSTICK_DB9) [N/m/?] n
Multisystem, NES, SNES, N64, PSX joysticks and gamepads (JOYSTICK_GAMECON) [N/m/?] n
Multisystem joysticks via TurboGraFX device (JOYSTICK_TURBOGRAFX) [N/m/?] n
Austria Microsystem AS5011 joystick (JOYSTICK_AS5011) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Gameport data dumper (JOYSTICK_JOYDUMP) [M/n/y/?] m
X-Box gamepad support (JOYSTICK_XPAD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Tablets
Tablets (INPUT_TABLET) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Touchscreens
Touchscreens (INPUT_TOUCHSCREEN) [Y/n/?] y
Analog Devices AD7879-1/AD7889-1 touchscreen interface (TOUCHSCREEN_AD7879) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Atmel mXT I2C Touchscreen (TOUCHSCREEN_ATMEL_MXT) [N/m/?] (NEW)
BU21013 based touch panel controllers (TOUCHSCREEN_BU21013) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Dynapro serial touchscreen (TOUCHSCREEN_DYNAPRO) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Hampshire serial touchscreen (TOUCHSCREEN_HAMPSHIRE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
EETI touchscreen panel support (TOUCHSCREEN_EETI) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Fujitsu serial touchscreen (TOUCHSCREEN_FUJITSU) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Gunze AHL-51S touchscreen (TOUCHSCREEN_GUNZE) [M/n/y/?] m
Elo serial touchscreens (TOUCHSCREEN_ELO) [M/n/y/?] m
Wacom W8001 penabled serial touchscreen (TOUCHSCREEN_WACOM_W8001) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
MELFAS MCS-5000 touchscreen (TOUCHSCREEN_MCS5000) [N/m/?] (NEW)
MicroTouch serial touchscreens (TOUCHSCREEN_MTOUCH) [M/n/y/?] m
iNexio serial touchscreens (TOUCHSCREEN_INEXIO) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
ICS MicroClock MK712 touchscreen (TOUCHSCREEN_MK712) [M/n/y/?] m
Penmount serial touchscreen (TOUCHSCREEN_PENMOUNT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Touchright serial touchscreen (TOUCHSCREEN_TOUCHRIGHT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Touchwin serial touchscreen (TOUCHSCREEN_TOUCHWIN) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Support for WM97xx AC97 touchscreen controllers (TOUCHSCREEN_WM97XX) [N/m/?] (NEW)
USB Touchscreen Driver (TOUCHSCREEN_USB_COMPOSITE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Sahara TouchIT-213 touchscreen (TOUCHSCREEN_TOUCHIT213) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
TSC2007 based touchscreens (TOUCHSCREEN_TSC2007) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Sitronix ST1232 touchscreen controllers (TOUCHSCREEN_ST1232) [N/m/?] (NEW)
TPS6507x based touchscreens (TOUCHSCREEN_TPS6507X) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Miscellaneous devices
Miscellaneous devices (INPUT_MISC) [Y/n/?] y
Analog Devices AD714x Capacitance Touch Sensor (INPUT_AD714X) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
PC Speaker support (INPUT_PCSPKR) [M/n/y/?] m
Fujitsu Lifebook Application Panel buttons (INPUT_APANEL) [N/m/?] (NEW)
x86 Wistron laptop button interface (INPUT_WISTRON_BTNS) [M/n/y/?] m
x86 Atlas button interface (INPUT_ATLAS_BTNS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
ATI / X10 USB RF remote control (INPUT_ATI_REMOTE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
ATI / Philips USB RF remote control (INPUT_ATI_REMOTE2) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Keyspan DMR USB remote control (EXPERIMENTAL) (INPUT_KEYSPAN_REMOTE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Griffin PowerMate and Contour Jog support (INPUT_POWERMATE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Yealink usb-p1k voip phone (INPUT_YEALINK) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
C-Media CM109 USB I/O Controller (INPUT_CM109) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
User level driver support (INPUT_UINPUT) [M/n/y/?] m
PCF8574 Keypad input device (INPUT_PCF8574) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Analog Devices ADXL34x Three-Axis Digital Accelerometer (INPUT_ADXL34X) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
VTI CMA3000 Tri-axis accelerometer (INPUT_CMA3000) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Hardware I/O ports
Serial I/O support (SERIO) [Y/?] y
Serial port line discipline (SERIO_SERPORT) [Y/n/m/?] y
ct82c710 Aux port controller (SERIO_CT82C710) [N/m/y/?] n
Parallel port keyboard adapter (SERIO_PARKBD) [N/m/?] n
PCI PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse controller (SERIO_PCIPS2) [N/m/y/?] n
Raw access to serio ports (SERIO_RAW) [M/n/y/?] m
Altera UP PS/2 controller (SERIO_ALTERA_PS2) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

TQC PS/2 multiplexer (SERIO_PS2MULT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Gameport support (GAMEPORT) [M/y/?] m
Classic ISA and PnP gameport support (GAMEPORT_NS558) [M/n/?] m
PDPI Lightning 4 gamecard support (GAMEPORT_L4) [M/n/?] m
SB Live and Audigy gameport support (GAMEPORT_EMU10K1) [M/n/?] m
ForteMedia FM801 gameport support (GAMEPORT_FM801) [M/n/?] m
* Character devices
Virtual terminal (VT) [Y/?] y
Support for binding and unbinding console drivers (VT_HW_CONSOLE_BINDING) [Y/n/?] y
Unix98 PTY support (UNIX98_PTYS) [Y/?] y
Support multiple instances of devpts (DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES) [N/y/?] (NEW) Legacy (BSD) PTY support (LEGACY_PTYS) [N/y/?] n
Non-standard serial port support (SERIAL_NONSTANDARD) [Y/n/?] y
Comtrol RocketPort support (ROCKETPORT) [N/m/y/?] n
Cyclades async mux support (CYCLADES) [M/n/y/?] m
Cyclades-Z interrupt mode operation (EXPERIMENTAL) (CYZ_INTR) [N/y/?] n
Moxa Intellio support (MOXA_INTELLIO) [N/m/y/?] n
Moxa SmartIO support v. 2.0 (MOXA_SMARTIO) [N/m/y/?] n
Microgate SyncLink card support (SYNCLINK) [M/n/y/?] m
SyncLink Multiport support (SYNCLINKMP) [M/n/y/?] m
SyncLink GT/AC support (SYNCLINK_GT) [M/n/y/?] m
HSDPA Broadband Wireless Data Card - Globe Trotter (NOZOMI) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Multi-Tech multiport card support (EXPERIMENTAL) (ISI) [N/m/y/?] n
HDLC line discipline support (N_HDLC) [M/n/y/?] m
GSM MUX line discipline support (EXPERIMENTAL) (N_GSM) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
/dev/kmem virtual device support (DEVKMEM) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Stallion multiport serial support (STALDRV) [N/y/?] n
* Serial drivers
8250/16550 and compatible serial support (SERIAL_8250) [Y/n/m/?] y
Console on 8250/16550 and compatible serial port (SERIAL_8250_CONSOLE) [Y/n/?] y
8250/16550 PCMCIA device support (SERIAL_8250_CS) [M/n/y/?] m
Maximum number of 8250/16550 serial ports (SERIAL_8250_NR_UARTS) [32] 32
Number of 8250/16550 serial ports to register at runtime (SERIAL_8250_RUNTIME_UARTS) [4] 4
Extended 8250/16550 serial driver options (SERIAL_8250_EXTENDED) [Y/n/?] y
Support more than 4 legacy serial ports (SERIAL_8250_MANY_PORTS) [Y/n/?] y
Support for sharing serial interrupts (SERIAL_8250_SHARE_IRQ) [Y/n/?] y
Autodetect IRQ on standard ports (unsafe) (SERIAL_8250_DETECT_IRQ) [Y/n/?] y
Support RSA serial ports (SERIAL_8250_RSA) [Y/n/?] y
* Non-8250 serial port support
Medfield High Speed UART support (SERIAL_MFD_HSU) [N/m/y] (NEW)
Digi International NEO PCI Support (SERIAL_JSM) [M/n/y/?] m
Support for timberdale UART (SERIAL_TIMBERDALE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Altera UART support (SERIAL_ALTERA_UART) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Parallel printer support (PRINTER) [M/n/?] m
Support for console on line printer (LP_CONSOLE) [Y/n/?] y
Support for user-space parallel port device drivers (PPDEV) [M/n/?] m
Virtio console (VIRTIO_CONSOLE) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* IPMI top-level message handler
IPMI top-level message handler (IPMI_HANDLER) [M/n/y/?] m
Generate a panic event to all BMCs on a panic (IPMI_PANIC_EVENT) [Y/n/?] y
Generate OEM events containing the panic string (IPMI_PANIC_STRING) [Y/n/?] y
Device interface for IPMI (IPMI_DEVICE_INTERFACE) [M/n/?] m
IPMI System Interface handler (IPMI_SI) [M/n/?] m
IPMI Watchdog Timer (IPMI_WATCHDOG) [M/n/?] m
IPMI Poweroff (IPMI_POWEROFF) [M/n/?] m
Hardware Random Number Generator Core support (HW_RANDOM) [Y/n/m/?] y
Timer IOMEM HW Random Number Generator support (HW_RANDOM_TIMERIOMEM) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Intel HW Random Number Generator support (HW_RANDOM_INTEL) [M/n/y/?] m
AMD HW Random Number Generator support (HW_RANDOM_AMD) [M/n/y/?] m
AMD Geode HW Random Number Generator support (HW_RANDOM_GEODE) [M/n/y/?] m
VIA HW Random Number Generator support (HW_RANDOM_VIA) [M/n/y/?] m
VirtIO Random Number Generator support (HW_RANDOM_VIRTIO) [N/m/?] (NEW)
/dev/nvram support (NVRAM) [Y/m/?] y
Siemens R3964 line discipline (R3964) [N/m/y/?] n
Applicom intelligent fieldbus card support (APPLICOM) [N/m/y/?] n
Sony Vaio Programmable I/O Control Device support (EXPERIMENTAL) (SONYPI) [M/n/y/?] m
* PCMCIA character devices
SyncLink PC Card support (SYNCLINK_CS) [N/m/y/?] n
Omnikey Cardman 4000 support (CARDMAN_4000) [M/n/y/?] m
Omnikey CardMan 4040 support (CARDMAN_4040) [M/n/y/?] m
IPWireless 3G UMTS PCMCIA card support (IPWIRELESS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
ACP Modem (Mwave) support (MWAVE) [N/m/y/?] n
NatSemi PC8736x GPIO Support (PC8736x_GPIO) [M/n/y/?] m
NatSemi Base GPIO Support (NSC_GPIO) [M/y/?] m
RAW driver (/dev/raw/rawN) (RAW_DRIVER) [Y/n/m/?] y
Maximum number of RAW devices to support (1-8192) (MAX_RAW_DEVS) [8192] 8192
HPET - High Precision Event Timer (HPET) [Y/n/?] y
Allow mmap of HPET (HPET_MMAP) [N/y/?] n
Hangcheck timer (HANGCHECK_TIMER) [M/n/y/?] m
* TPM Hardware Support
TPM Hardware Support (TCG_TPM) [M/n/y/?] m
TPM Interface Specification 1.2 Interface (TCG_TIS) [M/n/?] m
National Semiconductor TPM Interface (TCG_NSC) [M/n/?] m
Atmel TPM Interface (TCG_ATMEL) [M/n/?] m
Infineon Technologies TPM Interface (TCG_INFINEON) [M/n/?] m
Telecom clock driver for ATCA SBC (TELCLOCK) [M/n/y/?] m
Log panic/oops to a RAM buffer (RAMOOPS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* I2C support
I2C support (I2C) [M/y/?] m
Enable compatibility bits for old user-space (I2C_COMPAT) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
I2C device interface (I2C_CHARDEV) [M/n/?] m
I2C bus multiplexing support (I2C_MUX) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Autoselect pertinent helper modules (I2C_HELPER_AUTO) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
* I2C Hardware Bus support
* PC SMBus host controller drivers
ALI 1535 (I2C_ALI1535) [M/n/?] m
ALI 1563 (I2C_ALI1563) [M/n/?] m
ALI 15x3 (I2C_ALI15X3) [M/n/?] m
AMD 756/766/768/8111 and nVidia nForce (I2C_AMD756) [M/n/?] m
SMBus multiplexing on the Tyan S4882 (I2C_AMD756_S4882) [M/n/?] m
AMD 8111 (I2C_AMD8111) [M/n/?] m
Intel 82801 (ICH/PCH) (I2C_I801) [M/n/?] m
Intel SCH SMBus 1.0 (I2C_ISCH) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Intel PIIX4 and compatible (ATI/AMD/Serverworks/Broadcom/SMSC) (I2C_PIIX4) [M/n/?] m
Nvidia nForce2, nForce3 and nForce4 (I2C_NFORCE2) [M/n/?] m
SMBus multiplexing on the Tyan S4985 (I2C_NFORCE2_S4985) [N/m/?] (NEW)
SiS 5595 (I2C_SIS5595) [M/n/?] m
SiS 630/730 (I2C_SIS630) [M/n/?] m
SiS 96x (I2C_SIS96X) [M/n/?] m
VIA VT82C586B (I2C_VIA) [M/n/?] m
VIA VT82C596/82C686/82xx and CX700/VX8xx (I2C_VIAPRO) [M/n/?] m
* ACPI drivers
SMBus Control Method Interface (I2C_SCMI) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* I2C system bus drivers (mostly embedded / system-on-chip)
Intel Moorestown/Medfield Platform I2C controller (I2C_INTEL_MID) [N/m/?] (NEW)
OpenCores I2C Controller (I2C_OCORES) [N/m/?] n
PCA9564/PCA9665 as platform device (I2C_PCA_PLATFORM) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Simtec Generic I2C interface (I2C_SIMTEC) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Xilinx I2C Controller (I2C_XILINX) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* External I2C/SMBus adapter drivers
Diolan U2C-12 USB adapter (I2C_DIOLAN_U2C) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Parallel port adapter (I2C_PARPORT) [M/n/?] m
Parallel port adapter (light) (I2C_PARPORT_LIGHT) [M/n/?] m
TAOS evaluation module (I2C_TAOS_EVM) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Tiny-USB adapter (I2C_TINY_USB) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Other I2C/SMBus bus drivers
I2C/SMBus Test Stub (I2C_STUB) [M/n/?] m
Geode ACCESS.bus support (SCx200_ACB) [N/m/?] n
I2C Core debugging messages (I2C_DEBUG_CORE) [N/y/?] n
I2C Algorithm debugging messages (I2C_DEBUG_ALGO) [N/y/?] n
I2C Bus debugging messages (I2C_DEBUG_BUS) [N/y/?] n
* PPS support
PPS support (PPS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* PPS generators support
* GPIO Support
GPIO Support (GPIOLIB) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Power supply class support
Power supply class support (POWER_SUPPLY) [M/y/?] (NEW)
Power supply debug (POWER_SUPPLY_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Generic PDA/phone power driver (PDA_POWER) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Test power driver (TEST_POWER) [N/m/?] (NEW)
DS2782/DS2786 standalone gas-gauge (BATTERY_DS2782) [N/m/?] (NEW)
TI BQ20z75 gas gauge (BATTERY_BQ20Z75) [N/m/?] (NEW)
BQ27x00 battery driver (BATTERY_BQ27x00) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Maxim MAX17040 Fuel Gauge (BATTERY_MAX17040) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Maxim MAX17042/8997/8966 Fuel Gauge (BATTERY_MAX17042) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Hardware Monitoring support
Hardware Monitoring support (HWMON) [M/y/?] m
Hardware Monitoring Chip debugging messages (HWMON_DEBUG_CHIP) [N/y/?] n
* Native drivers
Abit uGuru (rev 1 & 2) (SENSORS_ABITUGURU) [M/n/?] m
Abit uGuru (rev 3) (SENSORS_ABITUGURU3) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Analog Devices AD7414 (SENSORS_AD7414) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Analog Devices AD7416, AD7417 and AD7418 (SENSORS_AD7418) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Analog Devices ADM1021 and compatibles (SENSORS_ADM1021) [M/n/?] m
Analog Devices ADM1025 and compatibles (SENSORS_ADM1025) [M/n/?] m
Analog Devices ADM1026 and compatibles (SENSORS_ADM1026) [M/n/?] m
Analog Devices ADM1029 (SENSORS_ADM1029) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Analog Devices ADM1031 and compatibles (SENSORS_ADM1031) [M/n/?] m
Analog Devices ADM9240 and compatibles (SENSORS_ADM9240) [M/n/?] m
Analog Devices ADT7411 (SENSORS_ADT7411) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Analog Devices ADT7462 (SENSORS_ADT7462) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Analog Devices ADT7470 (SENSORS_ADT7470) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Analog Devices ADT7473, ADT7475, ADT7476 and ADT7490 (SENSORS_ADT7475) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Andigilog aSC7621 (SENSORS_ASC7621) [N/m/?] (NEW)
AMD Athlon64/FX or Opteron temperature sensor (SENSORS_K8TEMP) [M/n/?] m
AMD Family 10h/11h/12h/14h temperature sensor (SENSORS_K10TEMP) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Asus ASB100 Bach (SENSORS_ASB100) [M/n/?] m
Attansic ATXP1 VID controller (SENSORS_ATXP1) [M/n/?] m
Dallas Semiconductor DS620 (SENSORS_DS620) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Dallas Semiconductor DS1621 and DS1625 (SENSORS_DS1621) [M/n/?] m
FB-DIMM AMB temperature sensor on Intel 5000 series chipsets (SENSORS_I5K_AMB) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Fintek F71805F/FG, F71806F/FG and F71872F/FG (SENSORS_F71805F) [M/n/?] m
Fintek F71882FG and compatibles (SENSORS_F71882FG) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Fintek F75375S/SP and F75373 (SENSORS_F75375S) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Fujitsu Siemens Computers sensor chips (SENSORS_FSCHMD) [N/m/?] (NEW)
GMT G760A (SENSORS_G760A) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Genesys Logic GL518SM (SENSORS_GL518SM) [M/n/?] m
Genesys Logic GL520SM (SENSORS_GL520SM) [M/n/?] m
Intel Core/Core2/Atom temperature sensor (SENSORS_CORETEMP) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Intel processor package temperature sensor (SENSORS_PKGTEMP) [N/m/?] (NEW)
IBM Active Energy Manager temperature/power sensors and control (SENSORS_IBMAEM) [N/m/?] (NEW)
IBM PowerExecutive temperature/power sensors (SENSORS_IBMPEX) [N/m/?] (NEW)
ITE IT87xx and compatibles (SENSORS_IT87) [M/n/?] m
JEDEC JC42.4 compliant memory module temperature sensors (SENSORS_JC42) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Lineage Compact Power Line Power Entry Module (SENSORS_LINEAGE) [N/m/?] (NEW)
National Semiconductor LM63 and LM64 (SENSORS_LM63) [M/n/?] m
National Semiconductor LM73 (SENSORS_LM73) [N/m/?] (NEW)
National Semiconductor LM75 and compatibles (SENSORS_LM75) [M/n/?] m
National Semiconductor LM77 (SENSORS_LM77) [M/n/?] m
National Semiconductor LM78 and compatibles (SENSORS_LM78) [M/n/?] m
National Semiconductor LM80 (SENSORS_LM80) [M/n/?] m
National Semiconductor LM83 and compatibles (SENSORS_LM83) [M/n/?] m
National Semiconductor LM85 and compatibles (SENSORS_LM85) [M/n/?] m
National Semiconductor LM87 and compatibles (SENSORS_LM87) [M/n/?] m
National Semiconductor LM90 and compatibles (SENSORS_LM90) [M/n/?] m
National Semiconductor LM92 and compatibles (SENSORS_LM92) [M/n/?] m
National Semiconductor LM93 and compatibles (SENSORS_LM93) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Linear Technology LTC4151 (SENSORS_LTC4151) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Linear Technology LTC4215 (SENSORS_LTC4215) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Linear Technology LTC4245 (SENSORS_LTC4245) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Linear Technology LTC4261 (SENSORS_LTC4261) [N/m/?] (NEW)
National Semiconductor LM95241 sensor chip (SENSORS_LM95241) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Maxim MAX1619 sensor chip (SENSORS_MAX1619) [M/n/?] m
Maxim MAX6639 sensor chip (SENSORS_MAX6639) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Maxim MAX6650 sensor chip (SENSORS_MAX6650) [N/m/?] (NEW)
National Semiconductor PC87360 family (SENSORS_PC87360) [M/n/?] m
National Semiconductor PC87427 (SENSORS_PC87427) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Philips PCF8591 ADC/DAC (SENSORS_PCF8591) [M/n/?] m
PMBus support (PMBUS) [N/m/?] (NEW)

Sensiron humidity and temperature sensors. SHT21 and compat. (SENSORS_SHT21) [N/m/?] (NEW) Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. SiS5595 (SENSORS_SIS5595) [M/n/?] m
Summit Microelectronics SMM665 (SENSORS_SMM665) [N/m/?] (NEW) SMSC DME1737, SCH311x and compatibles (SENSORS_DME1737) [N/m/?] (NEW) SMSC EMC1403/23 thermal sensor (SENSORS_EMC1403) [N/m/?] (NEW)
SMSC EMC2103 (SENSORS_EMC2103) [N/m/?] (NEW)
SMSC LPC47M10x and compatibles (SENSORS_SMSC47M1) [M/n/?] m
SMSC LPC47M192 and compatibles (SENSORS_SMSC47M192) [M/n/?] m
SMSC LPC47B397-NC (SENSORS_SMSC47B397) [M/n/?] m
SMSC SCH5627 (SENSORS_SCH5627) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Texas Instruments ADS1015 (SENSORS_ADS1015) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Texas Instruments ADS7828 (SENSORS_ADS7828) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Texas Instruments AMC6821 (SENSORS_AMC6821) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Texas Instruments THMC50 / Analog Devices ADM1022 (SENSORS_THMC50) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Texas Instruments TMP102 (SENSORS_TMP102) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Texas Instruments TMP401 and compatibles (SENSORS_TMP401) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Texas Instruments TMP421 and compatible (SENSORS_TMP421) [N/m/?] (NEW)
VIA CPU temperature sensor (SENSORS_VIA_CPUTEMP) [N/m/?] (NEW)
VIA686A (SENSORS_VIA686A) [M/n/?] m
VIA VT1211 (SENSORS_VT1211) [N/m/?] (NEW)
VIA VT8231 (SENSORS_VT8231) [M/n/?] m
Winbond W83781D, W83782D, W83783S, Asus AS99127F (SENSORS_W83781D) [M/n/?] m
Winbond W83791D (SENSORS_W83791D) [M/n/?] m
Winbond W83792D (SENSORS_W83792D) [M/n/?] m
Winbond W83793 (SENSORS_W83793) [N/m/?] (NEW)

Winbond/Nuvoton W83795G/ADG (SENSORS_W83795) [N/m/?] (NEW) Winbond W83L785TS-S (SENSORS_W83L785TS) [M/n/?] m
Winbond W83L786NG, W83L786NR (SENSORS_W83L786NG) [N/m/?] (NEW) Winbond W83627HF, W83627THF, W83637HF, W83687THF, W83697HF (SENSORS_W83627HF) [M/n/?] m
Winbond W83627EHF/EHG/DHG, W83667HG, NCT6775F, NCT6776F (SENSORS_W83627EHF) [M/n/?] m
Apple SMC (Motion sensor, light sensor, keyboard backlight) (SENSORS_APPLESMC) [N/m/?] (NEW) *
* ACPI drivers
ASUS ATK0110 (SENSORS_ATK0110) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Watchdog Timer Support
Watchdog Timer Support (WATCHDOG) [Y/n/?] y
Disable watchdog shutdown on close (WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT) [N/y/?] n
* Watchdog Device Drivers
Software watchdog (SOFT_WATCHDOG) [M/n/y/?] m
Acquire SBC Watchdog Timer (ACQUIRE_WDT) [N/m/y/?] n
Advantech SBC Watchdog Timer (ADVANTECH_WDT) [N/m/y/?] n
ALi M1535 PMU Watchdog Timer (ALIM1535_WDT) [M/n/y/?] m
ALi M7101 PMU Computer Watchdog (ALIM7101_WDT) [M/n/y/?] m
Fintek F71808E, F71862FG, F71869, F71882FG and F71889FG Watchdog (F71808E_WDT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
AMD/ATI SP5100 TCO Timer/Watchdog (SP5100_TCO) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

AMD Elan SC520 processor Watchdog (SC520_WDT) [N/m/y/?] n
Compulab SBC-FITPC2 watchdog (SBC_FITPC2_WATCHDOG) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Eurotech CPU-1220/1410 Watchdog Timer (EUROTECH_WDT) [N/m/y/?] n
IB700 SBC Watchdog Timer (IB700_WDT) [N/m/y/?] n
IBM Automatic Server Restart (IBMASR) [M/n/y/?] m
ICP Single Board Computer Watchdog Timer (WAFER_WDT) [N/m/y/?] n
Intel 6300ESB Timer/Watchdog (I6300ESB_WDT) [M/n/y/?] m
Intel TCO Timer/Watchdog (ITCO_WDT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
IT8712F (Smart Guardian) Watchdog Timer (IT8712F_WDT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
IT87 Watchdog Timer (IT87_WDT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
HP ProLiant iLO2+ Hardware Watchdog Timer (HP_WATCHDOG) [N/m/y/?] n
National Semiconductor PC87307/PC97307 (ala SC1200) Watchdog (SC1200_WDT) [N/m/y/?] n
NS PC87413 watchdog (PC87413_WDT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
nVidia TCO Timer/Watchdog (NV_TCO) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
SBC-60XX Watchdog Timer (60XX_WDT) [N/m/y/?] n
SBC8360 Watchdog Timer (SBC8360_WDT) [N/m/y/?] n
SBC Nano 7240 Watchdog Timer (SBC7240_WDT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
SMA CPU5 Watchdog (CPU5_WDT) [N/m/y/?] n
SMSC SCH311X Watchdog Timer (SMSC_SCH311X_WDT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Winbond SMsC37B787 Watchdog Timer (SMSC37B787_WDT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
W83627HF/W83627DHG Watchdog Timer (W83627HF_WDT) [M/n/y/?] m
W83697HF/W83697HG Watchdog Timer (W83697HF_WDT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
W83697UG/W83697UF Watchdog Timer (W83697UG_WDT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
W83877F (EMACS) Watchdog Timer (W83877F_WDT) [M/n/y/?] m
W83977F (PCM-5335) Watchdog Timer (W83977F_WDT) [M/n/y/?] m
ZF MachZ Watchdog (MACHZ_WDT) [M/n/y/?] m
Winsystems SBC EPX-C3 watchdog (SBC_EPX_C3_WATCHDOG) [N/m/y/?] n
* PCI-based Watchdog Cards
Berkshire Products PCI-PC Watchdog (PCIPCWATCHDOG) [M/n/y/?] m
PCI-WDT500/501 Watchdog timer (WDTPCI) [M/n/y/?] m
* USB-based Watchdog Cards
Berkshire Products USB-PC Watchdog (USBPCWATCHDOG) [M/n/y/?] m
* Sonics Silicon Backplane
Sonics Silicon Backplane support (SSB) [M/y/?] (NEW)

Support for SSB on PCI-bus host (SSB_PCIHOST) [Y/?] (NEW) y
Support for SSB on PCMCIA-bus host (SSB_PCMCIAHOST) [N/y/?] (NEW) Support for SSB on SDIO-bus host (SSB_SDIOHOST) [N/y/?] (NEW) SSB debugging (SSB_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
SSB PCI core driver (SSB_DRIVER_PCICORE) [Y/?] (NEW) y
* Multifunction device drivers
Multifunction device drivers (MFD_SUPPORT) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Support for Silicon Motion SM501 (MFD_SM501) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
HTC PASIC3 LED/DS1WM chip support (HTC_PASIC3) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
TPS61050/61052 Boost Converters (TPS6105X) [N/m/?] (NEW)
TPS6507x Power Management / Touch Screen chips (TPS6507X) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Support Wolfson Microelectronics WM8400 (MFD_WM8400) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Support for NXP PCF50633 (MFD_PCF50633) [N/m/?] (NEW)
ST-Ericsson ABX500 Mixed Signal Circuit register functions (ABX500_CORE) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Support for CS5535 and CS5536 southbridge core functions (MFD_CS5535) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Intel SCH LPC (LPC_SCH) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Support for RDC-R321x southbridge (MFD_RDC321X) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Support for Janz CMOD-IO PCI MODULbus Carrier Board (MFD_JANZ_CMODIO) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Support for VIA VX855/VX875 integrated south bridge (MFD_VX855) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

Support for TI WL1273 FM radio. (MFD_WL1273_CORE) [N/m/?] (NEW) *
* Voltage and Current Regulator Support
Voltage and Current Regulator Support (REGULATOR) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Multimedia support
Multimedia support (MEDIA_SUPPORT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Graphics support
* /dev/agpgart (AGP Support)
/dev/agpgart (AGP Support) (AGP) [Y/n/m/?] y
ALI chipset support (AGP_ALI) [Y/n/m/?] y
ATI chipset support (AGP_ATI) [Y/n/m/?] y
AMD Irongate, 761, and 762 chipset support (AGP_AMD) [Y/n/m/?] y
AMD Opteron/Athlon64 on-CPU GART support (AGP_AMD64) [Y/n/m/?] y
Intel 440LX/BX/GX, I8xx and E7x05 chipset support (AGP_INTEL) [Y/n/m/?] y
NVIDIA nForce/nForce2 chipset support (AGP_NVIDIA) [Y/n/m/?] y
SiS chipset support (AGP_SIS) [Y/n/m/?] y
Serverworks LE/HE chipset support (AGP_SWORKS) [Y/n/m/?] y
VIA chipset support (AGP_VIA) [Y/n/m/?] y
Transmeta Efficeon support (AGP_EFFICEON) [Y/n/m/?] y
VGA Arbitration (VGA_ARB) [Y/?] y
Maximum number of GPUs (VGA_ARB_MAX_GPUS) [16] (NEW)
Laptop Hybrid Graphics - GPU switching support (VGA_SWITCHEROO) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Direct Rendering Manager (XFree86 4.1.0 and higher DRI support)
Direct Rendering Manager (XFree86 4.1.0 and higher DRI support) (DRM) [M/n/y/?] m
3dfx Banshee/Voodoo3+ (DRM_TDFX) [N/m/?] n
ATI Rage 128 (DRM_R128) [M/n/?] m
ATI Radeon (DRM_RADEON) [M/n/?] m
Enable modesetting on radeon by default - NEW DRIVER (DRM_RADEON_KMS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Intel I810 (DRM_I810) [M/n/?] m
Intel 8xx/9xx/G3x/G4x/HD Graphics (DRM_I915) [M/n/?] m
Enable modesetting on intel by default (DRM_I915_KMS) [N/y/?] (NEW)

Matrox g200/g400 (DRM_MGA) [M/n/?] m
SiS video cards (DRM_SIS) [N/m/?] n
Via unichrome video cards (DRM_VIA) [M/n/?] m
Savage video cards (DRM_SAVAGE) [M/n/?] m
Intel GMA500 Stub Driver (STUB_POULSBO) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Lowlevel video output switch controls (VIDEO_OUTPUT_CONTROL) [M/y/?] (NEW)
* Support for frame buffer devices
Support for frame buffer devices (FB) [Y/m/?] y
Enable firmware EDID (FIRMWARE_EDID) [N/y/?] n
* Framebuffer foreign endianness support
Framebuffer foreign endianness support (FB_FOREIGN_ENDIAN) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Enable Video Mode Handling Helpers (FB_MODE_HELPERS) [Y/?] y
Enable Tile Blitting Support (FB_TILEBLITTING) [Y/n/?] y
* Frame buffer hardware drivers
Cirrus Logic support (FB_CIRRUS) [M/n/y/?] m
Permedia2 support (FB_PM2) [N/m/y/?] n
CyberPro 2000/2010/5000 support (FB_CYBER2000) [N/m/y/?] n
Arc Monochrome LCD board support (FB_ARC) [N/m/y/?] n
Asiliant (Chips) 69000 display support (FB_ASILIANT) [N/y/?] n
IMS Twin Turbo display support (FB_IMSTT) [N/y/?] n
VGA 16-color graphics support (FB_VGA16) [M/n/y/?] m
Userspace VESA VGA graphics support (FB_UVESA) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
VESA VGA graphics support (FB_VESA) [Y/n/?] y
EFI-based Framebuffer Support (FB_EFI) [Y/n/?] y
N411 Apollo/Hecuba devkit support (FB_N411) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Hercules mono graphics support (FB_HGA) [N/m/y/?] n
Epson S1D13XXX framebuffer support (FB_S1D13XXX) [N/m/y/?] n
nVidia Framebuffer Support (FB_NVIDIA) [M/n/y/?] m
Enable DDC Support (FB_NVIDIA_I2C) [Y/n/?] y
Lots of debug output (FB_NVIDIA_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Support for backlight control (FB_NVIDIA_BACKLIGHT) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
nVidia Riva support (FB_RIVA) [M/n/y/?] m
Enable DDC Support (FB_RIVA_I2C) [N/y/?] n
Lots of debug output (FB_RIVA_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Support for backlight control (FB_RIVA_BACKLIGHT) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Intel 810/815 support (EXPERIMENTAL) (FB_I810) [M/n/y/?] m
use VESA Generalized Timing Formula (FB_I810_GTF) [Y/n/?] y
Enable DDC Support (FB_I810_I2C) [Y/n/?] y
Intel LE80578 (Vermilion) support (FB_LE80578) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Matrox acceleration (FB_MATROX) [N/m/y/?] n
ATI Radeon display support (FB_RADEON) [N/m/y/?] n
ATI Rage128 display support (FB_ATY128) [N/m/y/?] n
ATI Mach64 display support (FB_ATY) [N/m/y/?] n
S3 Trio/Virge support (FB_S3) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
S3 Savage support (FB_SAVAGE) [M/n/y/?] m
Enable DDC2 Support (FB_SAVAGE_I2C) [Y/n/?] y
Enable Console Acceleration (FB_SAVAGE_ACCEL) [Y/n/?] y
SiS/XGI display support (FB_SIS) [N/m/y/?] n
VIA UniChrome (Pro) and Chrome9 display support (FB_VIA) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

NeoMagic display support (FB_NEOMAGIC) [N/m/y/?] n
IMG Kyro support (FB_KYRO) [M/n/y/?] m
3Dfx Banshee/Voodoo3/Voodoo5 display support (FB_3DFX) [N/m/y/?] n
3Dfx Voodoo Graphics (sst1) support (FB_VOODOO1) [N/m/y/?] n
VIA VT8623 support (FB_VT8623) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Trident/CyberXXX/CyberBlade support (FB_TRIDENT) [N/m/y/?] n
ARK 2000PV support (FB_ARK) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Permedia3 support (EXPERIMENTAL) (FB_PM3) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Fujitsu carmine frame buffer support (FB_CARMINE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

AMD Geode family framebuffer support (EXPERIMENTAL) (FB_GEODE) [N/y/?] n
Displaylink USB Framebuffer support (FB_UDL) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Virtual Frame Buffer support (ONLY FOR TESTING!) (FB_VIRTUAL) [N/m/y/?] n
E-Ink Metronome/8track controller support (FB_METRONOME) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Fujitsu MB862xx GDC support (FB_MB862XX) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
E-Ink Broadsheet/Epson S1D13521 controller support (FB_BROADSHEET) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Backlight & LCD device support
Backlight & LCD device support (BACKLIGHT_LCD_SUPPORT) [Y/?] y
Lowlevel LCD controls (LCD_CLASS_DEVICE) [M/n/y/?] m
Platform LCD controls (LCD_PLATFORM) [N/m/?] (NEW)

Lowlevel Backlight controls (BACKLIGHT_CLASS_DEVICE) [Y/?] y
Generic (aka Sharp Corgi) Backlight Driver (BACKLIGHT_GENERIC) [Y/n/m/?] (NEW) Frontpath ProGear Backlight Driver (BACKLIGHT_PROGEAR) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Apple Backlight Driver (BACKLIGHT_APPLE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Tabletkiosk Sahara Touch-iT Backlight Driver (BACKLIGHT_SAHARA) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Backlight Driver for ADP8860/ADP8861/ADP8863 using WLED (BACKLIGHT_ADP8860) [N/m/?] (NEW)

* Display device support
Display panel/monitor support (DISPLAY_SUPPORT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) *
* Console display driver support
VGA text console (VGA_CONSOLE) [Y/?] y
Enable Scrollback Buffer in System RAM (VGACON_SOFT_SCROLLBACK) [Y/n/?] y
Scrollback Buffer Size (in KB) (VGACON_SOFT_SCROLLBACK_SIZE) [64] 64
Framebuffer Console support (FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE) [Y/m/?] y
Map the console to the primary display device (FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE_DETECT_PRIMARY) [Y/?] (NEW) y
Framebuffer Console Rotation (FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE_ROTATION) [Y/n/?] y
Select compiled-in fonts (FONTS) [N/y/?] n
* Bootup logo
Bootup logo (LOGO) [Y/n/?] y
Standard black and white Linux logo (LOGO_LINUX_MONO) [N/y] n
Standard 16-color Linux logo (LOGO_LINUX_VGA16) [N/y] n
Standard 224-color Linux logo (LOGO_LINUX_CLUT224) [Y/n] y
* Sound card support
Sound card support (SOUND) [M/n/y/?] m
Preclaim OSS device numbers (SOUND_OSS_CORE_PRECLAIM) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
* Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (SND) [M/n/?] m
Sequencer support (SND_SEQUENCER) [M/n/?] m
Sequencer dummy client (SND_SEQ_DUMMY) [M/n/?] m
OSS Mixer API (SND_MIXER_OSS) [M/n/?] m
OSS PCM (digital audio) API (SND_PCM_OSS) [M/n/?] m
OSS PCM (digital audio) API - Include plugin system (SND_PCM_OSS_PLUGINS) [Y/n/?] y
OSS Sequencer API (SND_SEQUENCER_OSS) [Y/n/?] y
Dynamic device file minor numbers (SND_DYNAMIC_MINORS) [Y/?] y
Support old ALSA API (SND_SUPPORT_OLD_API) [N/y/?] n
Verbose procfs contents (SND_VERBOSE_PROCFS) [Y/n/?] y
Verbose printk (SND_VERBOSE_PRINTK) [N/y/?] n
Debug (SND_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
* Generic sound devices
Generic sound devices (SND_DRIVERS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)

Dummy (/dev/null) soundcard (SND_DUMMY) [M/n/?] m
Generic loopback driver (PCM) (SND_ALOOP) [N/m/?] (NEW) Virtual MIDI soundcard (SND_VIRMIDI) [M/n/?] m
MOTU MidiTimePiece AV multiport MIDI (SND_MTPAV) [M/n/?] m
ESI Miditerminal 4140 driver (SND_MTS64) [N/m/?] n
UART16550 serial MIDI driver (SND_SERIAL_U16550) [N/m/?] n
Generic MPU-401 UART driver (SND_MPU401) [M/n/?] m
Portman 2x4 driver (SND_PORTMAN2X4) [N/m/?] n
AC97 Power-Saving Mode (SND_AC97_POWER_SAVE) [N/y/?] n
* PCI sound devices
PCI sound devices (SND_PCI) [Y/n/?] (NEW) Analog Devices AD1889 (SND_AD1889) [M/n/?] m
Avance Logic ALS300/ALS300+ (SND_ALS300) [M/n/?] m
Avance Logic ALS4000 (SND_ALS4000) [M/n/?] m
ALi M5451 PCI Audio Controller (SND_ALI5451) [M/n/?] m
AudioScience ASIxxxx (SND_ASIHPI) [N/m/?] (NEW) ATI IXP AC97 Controller (SND_ATIIXP) [M/n/?] m
Aureal Advantage (SND_AU8810) [M/n/?] m
Aureal Vortex (SND_AU8820) [M/n/?] m
Aureal Vortex 2 (SND_AU8830) [M/n/?] m
Emagic Audiowerk 2 (SND_AW2) [N/m/?] (NEW)

Aztech AZF3328 / PCI168 (SND_AZT3328) [M/n/?] m
Bt87x Audio Capture (SND_BT87X) [M/n/?] m
Bt87x Audio overclocking (SND_BT87X_OVERCLOCK) [N/y/?] n
SB Audigy LS / Live 24bit (SND_CA0106) [M/n/?] m
C-Media 8338, 8738, 8768, 8770 (SND_CMIPCI) [M/n/?] m
C-Media 8786, 8787, 8788 (Oxygen) (SND_OXYGEN) [N/m/?] (NEW) Cirrus Logic (Sound Fusion) CS4281 (SND_CS4281) [M/n/?] m
Cirrus Logic (Sound Fusion) CS4280/CS461x/CS462x/CS463x (SND_CS46XX) [M/n/?] m
Cirrus Logic (Sound Fusion) New DSP support (SND_CS46XX_NEW_DSP) [Y/n/?] y
CS5530 Audio (SND_CS5530) [N/m/?] (NEW)

CS5535/CS5536 Audio (SND_CS5535AUDIO) [M/n/?] m
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi (SND_CTXFI) [N/m/?] (NEW) (Echoaudio) Darla20 (SND_DARLA20) [M/n/?] m
(Echoaudio) Gina20 (SND_GINA20) [M/n/?] m
(Echoaudio) Layla20 (SND_LAYLA20) [M/n/?] m
(Echoaudio) Darla24 (SND_DARLA24) [M/n/?] m
(Echoaudio) Gina24 (SND_GINA24) [M/n/?] m
(Echoaudio) Layla24 (SND_LAYLA24) [M/n/?] m
(Echoaudio) Mona (SND_MONA) [M/n/?] m
(Echoaudio) Mia (SND_MIA) [M/n/?] m
(Echoaudio) 3G cards (SND_ECHO3G) [M/n/?] m
(Echoaudio) Indigo (SND_INDIGO) [M/n/?] m
(Echoaudio) Indigo IO (SND_INDIGOIO) [M/n/?] m
(Echoaudio) Indigo DJ (SND_INDIGODJ) [M/n/?] m
(Echoaudio) Indigo IOx (SND_INDIGOIOX) [N/m/?] (NEW) (Echoaudio) Indigo DJx (SND_INDIGODJX) [N/m/?] (NEW)

Emu10k1 (SB Live!, Audigy, E-mu APS) (SND_EMU10K1) [M/n/?] m
Emu10k1X (Dell OEM Version) (SND_EMU10K1X) [M/n/?] m
(Creative) Ensoniq AudioPCI 1370 (SND_ENS1370) [M/n/?] m
(Creative) Ensoniq AudioPCI 1371/1373 (SND_ENS1371) [M/n/?] m
ESS ES1938/1946/1969 (Solo-1) (SND_ES1938) [M/n/?] m
ESS ES1968/1978 (Maestro-1/2/2E) (SND_ES1968) [M/n/?] m
Enable input device for es1968 volume buttons (SND_ES1968_INPUT) [N/y/?] (NEW) ForteMedia FM801 (SND_FM801) [M/n/?] m
* Intel HD Audio
Intel HD Audio (SND_HDA_INTEL) [M/n/?] m
Build hwdep interface for HD-audio driver (SND_HDA_HWDEP) [N/y/?] (NEW)

Support digital beep via input layer (SND_HDA_INPUT_BEEP) [N/y/?] (NEW) Support jack plugging notification via input layer (SND_HDA_INPUT_JACK) [N/y/?] (NEW)

Support initialization patch loading for HD-audio (SND_HDA_PATCH_LOADER) [N/y/?] (NEW) Build Realtek HD-audio codec support (SND_HDA_CODEC_REALTEK) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Build Analog Device HD-audio codec support (SND_HDA_CODEC_ANALOG) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Build IDT/Sigmatel HD-audio codec support (SND_HDA_CODEC_SIGMATEL) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Build VIA HD-audio codec support (SND_HDA_CODEC_VIA) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Build HDMI/DisplayPort HD-audio codec support (SND_HDA_CODEC_HDMI) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Build Cirrus Logic codec support (SND_HDA_CODEC_CIRRUS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Build Conexant HD-audio codec support (SND_HDA_CODEC_CONEXANT) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Build Creative CA0110-IBG codec support (SND_HDA_CODEC_CA0110) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Build C-Media HD-audio codec support (SND_HDA_CODEC_CMEDIA) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Build Silicon Labs 3054 HD-modem codec support (SND_HDA_CODEC_SI3054) [Y/n/?] (NEW)

Enable generic HD-audio codec parser (SND_HDA_GENERIC) [Y/n/?] (NEW) Aggressive power-saving on HD-audio (SND_HDA_POWER_SAVE) [Y/n/?] y
Default time-out for HD-audio power-save mode (SND_HDA_POWER_SAVE_DEFAULT) [0] 0
RME Hammerfall DSP Audio (SND_HDSP) [M/n/?] m
RME Hammerfall DSP MADI/RayDAT/AIO (SND_HDSPM) [M/n/?] m
ICEnsemble ICE1712 (Envy24) (SND_ICE1712) [M/n/?] m
ICE/VT1724/1720 (Envy24HT/PT) (SND_ICE1724) [M/n/?] m
Intel/SiS/nVidia/AMD/ALi AC97 Controller (SND_INTEL8X0) [M/n/?] m
Intel/SiS/nVidia/AMD MC97 Modem (SND_INTEL8X0M) [M/n/?] m
Korg 1212 IO (SND_KORG1212) [M/n/?] m
Digigram LX6464ES (SND_LX6464ES) [N/m/?] (NEW)

ESS Allegro/Maestro3 (SND_MAESTRO3) [M/n/?] m
Enable input device for maestro3 volume buttons (SND_MAESTRO3_INPUT) [N/y/?] (NEW) Digigram miXart (SND_MIXART) [M/n/?] m
NeoMagic NM256AV/ZX (SND_NM256) [M/n/?] m
Digigram PCXHR (SND_PCXHR) [M/n/?] m
Conexant Riptide (SND_RIPTIDE) [M/n/?] m
RME Digi32, 32/8, 32 PRO (SND_RME32) [M/n/?] m
RME Digi96, 96/8, 96/8 PRO (SND_RME96) [M/n/?] m
RME Digi9652 (Hammerfall) (SND_RME9652) [M/n/?] m
SiS 7019 Audio Accelerator (SND_SIS7019) [N/m/?] (NEW) S3 SonicVibes (SND_SONICVIBES) [M/n/?] m
Trident 4D-Wave DX/NX; SiS 7018 (SND_TRIDENT) [M/n/?] m
VIA 82C686A/B, 8233/8235 AC97 Controller (SND_VIA82XX) [M/n/?] m
VIA 82C686A/B, 8233 based Modems (SND_VIA82XX_MODEM) [M/n/?] m
Asus Virtuoso 66/100/200 (Xonar) (SND_VIRTUOSO) [N/m/?] (NEW) Digigram VX222 (SND_VX222) [M/n/?] m
Yamaha YMF724/740/744/754 (SND_YMFPCI) [M/n/?] m
* USB sound devices
USB sound devices (SND_USB) [Y/n/?] (NEW) USB Audio/MIDI driver (SND_USB_AUDIO) [M/n/?] m
Edirol UA-101/UA-1000 driver (SND_USB_UA101) [N/m/?] (NEW) Tascam US-122, US-224 and US-428 USB driver (SND_USB_USX2Y) [M/n/?] m
Native Instruments USB audio devices (SND_USB_CAIAQ) [N/m/?] (NEW) Tascam US-122L USB driver (SND_USB_US122L) [N/m/?] (NEW) TerraTec DMX 6Fire USB (SND_USB_6FIRE) [N/m/?] (NEW) *
* FireWire sound devices
FireWire sound devices (SND_FIREWIRE) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
FireWire speakers (SND_FIREWIRE_SPEAKERS) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* PCMCIA sound devices
PCMCIA sound devices (SND_PCMCIA) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Digigram VXpocket (SND_VXPOCKET) [N/m/?] n
Sound Core PDAudioCF (SND_PDAUDIOCF) [N/m/?] n
* ALSA for SoC audio support
ALSA for SoC audio support (SND_SOC) [N/m/?] n
* Open Sound System (DEPRECATED)
Open Sound System (DEPRECATED) (SOUND_PRIME) [N/m/?] n
* HID Devices
HID Devices (HID_SUPPORT) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Generic HID support (HID) [Y/?] (NEW) y
/dev/hidraw raw HID device support (HIDRAW) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* USB Input Devices
USB Human Interface Device (full HID) support (USB_HID) [Y/n/m/?] y
PID device support (HID_PID) [Y/n/?] y
/dev/hiddev raw HID device support (USB_HIDDEV) [Y/n/?] y
* Special HID drivers
3M PCT touchscreen (HID_3M_PCT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

ACRUX game controller support (HID_ACRUX) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Cando dual touch panel (HID_CANDO) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Prodikeys PC-MIDI Keyboard support (HID_PRODIKEYS) [N/m/?] (NEW)
DragonRise Inc. game controller (HID_DRAGONRISE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
EMS Production Inc. force feedback support (HID_EMS_FF) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

Keytouch HID devices (HID_KEYTOUCH) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) UC-Logic (HID_UCLOGIC) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Waltop (HID_WALTOP) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Gyration remote control (HID_GYRATION) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Twinhan IR remote control (HID_TWINHAN) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) LC-Power (HID_LCPOWER) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Logitech devices (HID_LOGITECH) [Y/?] y
Logitech force feedback support (LOGITECH_FF) [Y/n/?] y
Logitech RumblePad/Rumblepad 2 force feedback support (LOGIRUMBLEPAD2_FF) [N/y/?] (NEW) Logitech Flight System G940 force feedback support (LOGIG940_FF) [N/y/?] (NEW) Logitech Speed Force Wireless force feedback support (LOGIWII_FF) [N/y/?] (NEW)

MosArt dual-touch panels (HID_MOSART) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) HID Multitouch panels (HID_MULTITOUCH) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) N-Trig touch screen (HID_NTRIG) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Ortek PKB-1700/WKB-2000/Skycable wireless keyboard and mouse trackpad (HID_ORTEK) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Pantherlord/GreenAsia game controller (HID_PANTHERLORD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

Petalynx Maxter remote control (HID_PETALYNX) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) PicoLCD (graphic version) (HID_PICOLCD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Quanta Optical Touch panels (HID_QUANTA) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Roccat special event support (HID_ROCCAT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Roccat Arvo keyboard support (HID_ROCCAT_ARVO) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Roccat Kone Mouse support (HID_ROCCAT_KONE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Roccat Kone[+] mouse support (HID_ROCCAT_KONEPLUS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

Roccat Kova[+] mouse support (HID_ROCCAT_KOVAPLUS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Roccat Pyra mouse support (HID_ROCCAT_PYRA) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Samsung InfraRed remote control or keyboards (HID_SAMSUNG) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Sony PS3 controller (HID_SONY) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Stantum multitouch panel (HID_STANTUM) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

Sunplus wireless desktop (HID_SUNPLUS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) GreenAsia (Product ID 0x12) game controller support (HID_GREENASIA) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

SmartJoy PLUS PS2/USB adapter support (HID_SMARTJOYPLUS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) TopSeed Cyberlink, BTC Emprex, Conceptronic remote control support (HID_TOPSEED) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) ThrustMaster devices support (HID_THRUSTMASTER) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Zeroplus based game controller support (HID_ZEROPLUS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Zydacron remote control support (HID_ZYDACRON) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

* USB support
USB support (USB_SUPPORT) [Y/n/?] (NEW) Support for Host-side USB (USB) [Y/n/m/?] y
USB verbose debug messages (USB_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
USB announce new devices (USB_ANNOUNCE_NEW_DEVICES) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Miscellaneous USB options
USB device filesystem (DEPRECATED) (USB_DEVICEFS) [Y/n/?] y
USB device class-devices (DEPRECATED) (USB_DEVICE_CLASS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Dynamic USB minor allocation (USB_DYNAMIC_MINORS) [N/y/?] n
USB Monitor (USB_MON) [Y/n/m/?] y
Enable Wireless USB extensions (EXPERIMENTAL) (USB_WUSB) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

Support WUSB Cable Based Association (CBA) (USB_WUSB_CBAF) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) *
* USB Host Controller Drivers
Cypress C67x00 HCD support (USB_C67X00_HCD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) xHCI HCD (USB 3.0) support (EXPERIMENTAL) (USB_XHCI_HCD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

EHCI HCD (USB 2.0) support (USB_EHCI_HCD) [M/n/y/?] m
Root Hub Transaction Translators (USB_EHCI_ROOT_HUB_TT) [Y/n/?] y
Improved Transaction Translator scheduling (USB_EHCI_TT_NEWSCHED) [Y/n/?] y
OXU210HP HCD support (USB_OXU210HP_HCD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) ISP116X HCD support (USB_ISP116X_HCD) [M/n/y/?] m
ISP 1760 HCD support (USB_ISP1760_HCD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

ISP1362 HCD support (USB_ISP1362_HCD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) OHCI HCD support (USB_OHCI_HCD) [M/n/y/?] m
OHCI support for Broadcom SSB OHCI core (USB_OHCI_HCD_SSB) [N/y/?] (NEW) UHCI HCD (most Intel and VIA) support (USB_UHCI_HCD) [M/n/y/?] m
SL811HS HCD support (USB_SL811_HCD) [M/n/y/?] m
CF/PCMCIA support for SL811HS HCD (USB_SL811_CS) [M/n/?] m
R8A66597 HCD support (USB_R8A66597_HCD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Wireless USB Host Controller Interface (WHCI) driver (EXPERIMENTAL) (USB_WHCI_HCD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

Host Wire Adapter (HWA) driver (EXPERIMENTAL) (USB_HWA_HCD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) *
* USB Device Class drivers
USB Modem (CDC ACM) support (USB_ACM) [M/n/y/?] m
USB Printer support (USB_PRINTER) [M/n/y/?] m
USB Wireless Device Management support (USB_WDM) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) USB Test and Measurement Class support (USB_TMC) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* NOTE: USB_STORAGE depends on SCSI but BLK_DEV_SD may
* also be needed; see USB_STORAGE Help for more info
USB Mass Storage support (USB_STORAGE) [M/n/?] m
USB Mass Storage verbose debug (USB_STORAGE_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Realtek Card Reader support (USB_STORAGE_REALTEK) [N/m/?] (NEW)

Datafab Compact Flash Reader support (USB_STORAGE_DATAFAB) [M/n/?] m
Freecom USB/ATAPI Bridge support (USB_STORAGE_FREECOM) [M/n/?] m
ISD-200 USB/ATA Bridge support (USB_STORAGE_ISD200) [M/n/?] m
USBAT/USBAT02-based storage support (USB_STORAGE_USBAT) [M/n/?] m
SanDisk SDDR-09 (and other SmartMedia, including DPCM) support (USB_STORAGE_SDDR09) [M/n/?] m
SanDisk SDDR-55 SmartMedia support (USB_STORAGE_SDDR55) [M/n/?] m
Lexar Jumpshot Compact Flash Reader (USB_STORAGE_JUMPSHOT) [M/n/?] m
Olympus MAUSB-10/Fuji DPC-R1 support (USB_STORAGE_ALAUDA) [M/n/?] m
Support OneTouch Button on Maxtor Hard Drives (USB_STORAGE_ONETOUCH) [N/m/?] (NEW) Support for Rio Karma music player (USB_STORAGE_KARMA) [N/m/?] (NEW)

SAT emulation on Cypress USB/ATA Bridge with ATACB (USB_STORAGE_CYPRESS_ATACB) [N/m/?] (NEW) USB ENE card reader support (USB_STORAGE_ENE_UB6250) [N/m/?] (NEW) USB Attached SCSI (USB_UAS) [N/m/?] (NEW) The shared table of common (or usual) storage devices (USB_LIBUSUAL) [N/y/?] n
* USB Imaging devices
USB Mustek MDC800 Digital Camera support (USB_MDC800) [M/n/y/?] m
Microtek X6USB scanner support (USB_MICROTEK) [M/n/?] m
* USB port drivers
USS720 parport driver (USB_USS720) [M/n/?] m
* USB Serial Converter support
USB Serial Converter support (USB_SERIAL) [M/n/y/?] m
Functions for loading firmware on EZUSB chips (USB_EZUSB) [Y/?] y
USB Generic Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_GENERIC) [Y/n/?] y
USB AIRcable Bluetooth Dongle Driver (USB_SERIAL_AIRCABLE) [N/m/?] (NEW) USB ARK Micro 3116 USB Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_ARK3116) [M/n/?] m
USB Belkin and Peracom Single Port Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_BELKIN) [M/n/?] m
USB Winchiphead CH341 Single Port Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_CH341) [N/m/?] (NEW)

USB ConnectTech WhiteHEAT Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_WHITEHEAT) [M/n/?] m
USB Digi International AccelePort USB Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_DIGI_ACCELEPORT) [M/n/?] m
USB CP210x family of UART Bridge Controllers (USB_SERIAL_CP210X) [N/m/?] (NEW) USB Cypress M8 USB Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_CYPRESS_M8) [M/n/?] m
USB Empeg empeg-car Mark I/II Driver (USB_SERIAL_EMPEG) [M/n/?] m
USB FTDI Single Port Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_FTDI_SIO) [M/n/?] m
USB Fundamental Software Dongle Driver (USB_SERIAL_FUNSOFT) [M/n/?] m
USB Handspring Visor / Palm m50x / Sony Clie Driver (USB_SERIAL_VISOR) [M/n/?] m
USB PocketPC PDA Driver (USB_SERIAL_IPAQ) [M/n/?] m
USB IR Dongle Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_IR) [M/n/?] m
USB Inside Out Edgeport Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_EDGEPORT) [M/n/?] m
USB Inside Out Edgeport Serial Driver (TI devices) (USB_SERIAL_EDGEPORT_TI) [M/n/?] m
USB Garmin GPS driver (USB_SERIAL_GARMIN) [M/n/?] m
USB IPWireless (3G UMTS TDD) Driver (USB_SERIAL_IPW) [M/n/?] m
USB Infinity USB Unlimited Phoenix Driver (USB_SERIAL_IUU) [N/m/?] (NEW) USB Keyspan PDA Single Port Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_PDA) [M/n/?] m
USB Keyspan USA-xxx Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN) [M/n/?] m
USB Keyspan MPR Firmware (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_MPR) [Y/n/?] y
USB Keyspan USA-28 Firmware (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_USA28) [Y/n/?] y
USB Keyspan USA-28X Firmware (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_USA28X) [Y/n/?] y
USB Keyspan USA-28XA Firmware (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_USA28XA) [Y/n/?] y
USB Keyspan USA-28XB Firmware (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_USA28XB) [Y/n/?] y
USB Keyspan USA-19 Firmware (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_USA19) [Y/n/?] y
USB Keyspan USA-18X Firmware (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_USA18X) [Y/n/?] y
USB Keyspan USA-19W Firmware (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_USA19W) [Y/n/?] y
USB Keyspan USA-19QW Firmware (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_USA19QW) [Y/n/?] y
USB Keyspan USA-19QI Firmware (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_USA19QI) [Y/n/?] y
USB Keyspan USA-49W Firmware (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_USA49W) [Y/n/?] y
USB Keyspan USA-49WLC Firmware (USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_USA49WLC) [Y/n/?] y
USB KL5KUSB105 (Palmconnect) Driver (USB_SERIAL_KLSI) [M/n/?] m
USB KOBIL chipcard reader (USB_SERIAL_KOBIL_SCT) [M/n/?] m
USB MCT Single Port Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_MCT_U232) [M/n/?] m
USB Moschip 7720 Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_MOS7720) [N/m/?] (NEW)

USB Moschip 7840/7820 USB Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_MOS7840) [N/m/?] (NEW) USB Motorola Phone modem driver (USB_SERIAL_MOTOROLA) [N/m/?] (NEW) USB Navman GPS device (USB_SERIAL_NAVMAN) [M/n/?] m
USB Prolific 2303 Single Port Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_PL2303) [M/n/?] m
USB Ours Technology Inc. OTi-6858 USB To RS232 Bridge Controller (USB_SERIAL_OTI6858) [N/m/?] (NEW) USB Qualcomm Auxiliary Serial Port Driver (USB_SERIAL_QCAUX) [N/m/?] (NEW)

USB Qualcomm Serial modem (USB_SERIAL_QUALCOMM) [N/m/?] (NEW) USB SPCP8x5 USB To Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_SPCP8X5) [N/m/?] (NEW) USB HP4x Calculators support (USB_SERIAL_HP4X) [M/n/?] m
USB Safe Serial (Encapsulated) Driver (USB_SERIAL_SAFE) [M/n] m
USB Secure Encapsulated Driver - Padded (USB_SERIAL_SAFE_PADDED) [Y/n] y
USB Atmel SAM Boot Assistant (SAM-BA) driver (USB_SERIAL_SAMBA) [N/m/?] (NEW)
USB Siemens MPI driver (USB_SERIAL_SIEMENS_MPI) [N/m/?] (NEW)
USB Sierra Wireless Driver (USB_SERIAL_SIERRAWIRELESS) [M/n/?] m
USB Symbol Barcode driver (serial mode) (USB_SERIAL_SYMBOL) [N/m/?] (NEW)

USB TI 3410/5052 Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_TI) [M/n/?] m
USB REINER SCT cyberJack pinpad/e-com chipcard reader (USB_SERIAL_CYBERJACK) [M/n/?] m
USB Xircom / Entregra Single Port Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_XIRCOM) [M/n/?] m
USB driver for GSM and CDMA modems (USB_SERIAL_OPTION) [M/n/?] m
USB ZyXEL omni.net LCD Plus Driver (USB_SERIAL_OMNINET) [M/n/?] m
USB Opticon Barcode driver (serial mode) (USB_SERIAL_OPTICON) [N/m/?] (NEW) USB ViVOpay serial interface driver (USB_SERIAL_VIVOPAY_SERIAL) [N/m/?] (NEW)
ZIO Motherboard USB serial interface driver (USB_SERIAL_ZIO) [N/m/?] (NEW)
USB Quatech SSU-100 Single Port Serial Driver (USB_SERIAL_SSU100) [N/m/?] (NEW)

USB Debugging Device (USB_SERIAL_DEBUG) [N/m/?] (NEW) *
* USB Miscellaneous drivers
EMI 6|2m USB Audio interface support (USB_EMI62) [M/n/y/?] m
EMI 2|6 USB Audio interface support (USB_EMI26) [M/n/y/?] m
ADU devices from Ontrak Control Systems (USB_ADUTUX) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
USB 7-Segment LED Display (USB_SEVSEG) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
USB Diamond Rio500 support (USB_RIO500) [M/n/y/?] m
USB Lego Infrared Tower support (USB_LEGOTOWER) [M/n/y/?] m
USB LCD driver support (USB_LCD) [M/n/y/?] m
USB LED driver support (USB_LED) [M/n/y/?] m
Cypress CY7C63xxx USB driver support (USB_CYPRESS_CY7C63) [N/m/y/?] n
Cypress USB thermometer driver support (USB_CYTHERM) [N/m/y/?] n
Siemens ID USB Mouse Fingerprint sensor support (USB_IDMOUSE) [M/n/y/?] m
Elan PCMCIA CardBus Adapter USB Client (USB_FTDI_ELAN) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Apple Cinema Display support (USB_APPLEDISPLAY) [M/n/y/?] m
USB 2.0 SVGA dongle support (Net2280/SiS315) (USB_SISUSBVGA) [M/n/?] m
Text console and mode switching support (USB_SISUSBVGA_CON) [Y/n/?] y
USB LD driver (USB_LD) [M/n/y/?] m
PlayStation 2 Trance Vibrator driver support (USB_TRANCEVIBRATOR) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
IO Warrior driver support (USB_IOWARRIOR) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
USB testing driver (USB_TEST) [M/n/y/?] m
iSight firmware loading support (USB_ISIGHTFW) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
USB YUREX driver support (USB_YUREX) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* USB DSL modem support
USB DSL modem support (USB_ATM) [M/n/?] m
Speedtouch USB support (USB_SPEEDTOUCH) [M/n/?] m
Conexant AccessRunner USB support (USB_CXACRU) [M/n/?] m
ADI 930 and eagle USB DSL modem (USB_UEAGLEATM) [M/n/?] m
Other USB DSL modem support (USB_XUSBATM) [M/n/?] m
* USB Gadget Support
USB Gadget Support (USB_GADGET) [N/m/y/?] n
* OTG and related infrastructure
NOP USB Transceiver Driver (NOP_USB_XCEIV) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

* Ultra Wideband devices (EXPERIMENTAL)
Ultra Wideband devices (EXPERIMENTAL) (UWB) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) *
* MMC/SD/SDIO card support
MMC/SD/SDIO card support (MMC) [M/n/y/?] m
MMC debugging (MMC_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Assume MMC/SD cards are non-removable (DANGEROUS) (MMC_UNSAFE_RESUME) [N/y/?] (NEW) MMC host clock gating (EXPERIMENTAL) (MMC_CLKGATE) [N/y/?] (NEW) *
* MMC/SD/SDIO Card Drivers
MMC block device driver (MMC_BLOCK) [M/n/?] m
Number of minors per block device (MMC_BLOCK_MINORS) [8] (NEW)
Use bounce buffer for simple hosts (MMC_BLOCK_BOUNCE) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
SDIO UART/GPS class support (SDIO_UART) [N/m/?] (NEW)

MMC host test driver (MMC_TEST) [N/m/?] (NEW) *
* MMC/SD/SDIO Host Controller Drivers
Secure Digital Host Controller Interface support (MMC_SDHCI) [M/n/?] m
SDHCI support on PCI bus (MMC_SDHCI_PCI) [N/m/?] (NEW) SDHCI support on the platform specific bus (MMC_SDHCI_PLTFM) [N/m/?] (NEW) Winbond W83L51xD SD/MMC Card Interface support (MMC_WBSD) [M/n/?] m
TI Flash Media MMC/SD Interface support (EXPERIMENTAL) (MMC_TIFM_SD) [N/m/?] (NEW) MMC/SD driver for Ricoh Bay1Controllers (EXPERIMENTAL) (MMC_SDRICOH_CS) [N/m/?] (NEW) ENE CB710 MMC/SD Interface support (MMC_CB710) [N/m/?] (NEW)
VIA SD/MMC Card Reader Driver (MMC_VIA_SDMMC) [N/m/?] (NEW)
USB SD Host Controller (USHC) support (MMC_USHC) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Sony MemoryStick card support (EXPERIMENTAL)
Sony MemoryStick card support (EXPERIMENTAL) (MEMSTICK) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* LED Support
LED Support (NEW_LEDS) [Y/?] y
LED Class Support (LEDS_CLASS) [Y/?] y
* LED drivers
LCD Backlight driver for LM3530 (LEDS_LM3530) [N/m/?] (NEW)
LED Support for ALIX.2 and ALIX.3 series (LEDS_ALIX2) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
LED driver for PCA9532 dimmer (LEDS_PCA9532) [N/m/?] (NEW)
LED Support for N.S. LP3944 (Fun Light) I2C chip (LEDS_LP3944) [N/m/?] (NEW)

LED Support for N.S. LP5521 LED driver chip (LEDS_LP5521) [N/m/?] (NEW) LED Support for N.S. LP5523 LED driver chip (LEDS_LP5523) [N/m/?] (NEW)

Mail LED on Clevo notebook (LEDS_CLEVO_MAIL) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) LED Support for PCA955x I2C chips (LEDS_PCA955X) [N/m/?] (NEW)

LED driver for BD2802 RGB LED (LEDS_BD2802) [N/m/?] (NEW) LED driver for Intel NAS SS4200 series (LEDS_INTEL_SS4200) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) LED Trigger support (LEDS_TRIGGERS) [Y/?] y
* LED Triggers
LED Timer Trigger (LEDS_TRIGGER_TIMER) [M/n/y/?] m
LED IDE Disk Trigger (LEDS_TRIGGER_IDE_DISK) [Y/n/?] y
LED Heartbeat Trigger (LEDS_TRIGGER_HEARTBEAT) [M/n/y/?] m
LED backlight Trigger (LEDS_TRIGGER_BACKLIGHT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) LED Default ON Trigger (LEDS_TRIGGER_DEFAULT_ON) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) *
* iptables trigger is under Netfilter config (LED target)
* Near Field Communication (NFC) devices
Near Field Communication (NFC) devices (NFC_DEVICES) [N/y/?] (NEW) *
* Accessibility support
Accessibility support (ACCESSIBILITY) [N/y/?] (NEW) *
* EDAC (Error Detection And Correction) reporting
EDAC (Error Detection And Correction) reporting (EDAC) [Y/n/?] y
* Reporting subsystems
Debugging (EDAC_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Decode MCEs in human-readable form (only on AMD for now) (EDAC_DECODE_MCE) [Y/n/m/?] (NEW) Simple MCE injection interface over /sysfs (EDAC_MCE_INJ) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Main Memory EDAC (Error Detection And Correction) reporting (EDAC_MM_EDAC) [M/n/y/?] m
AMD 76x (760, 762, 768) (EDAC_AMD76X) [M/n/?] m
Intel e7xxx (e7205, e7500, e7501, e7505) (EDAC_E7XXX) [M/n/?] m
Intel e752x (e7520, e7525, e7320) and 3100 (EDAC_E752X) [M/n/?] m
Intel 82875p (D82875P, E7210) (EDAC_I82875P) [M/n/?] m
Intel 82975x (D82975x) (EDAC_I82975X) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Intel 3000/3010 (EDAC_I3000) [M/n/?] m
Intel 3200 (EDAC_I3200) [N/m/?] (NEW)

Intel X38 (EDAC_X38) [N/m/?] (NEW) Intel 5400 (Seaburg) chipsets (EDAC_I5400) [N/m/?] (NEW) Intel i7 Core (Nehalem) processors (EDAC_I7CORE) [N/m/?] (NEW) Intel 82860 (EDAC_I82860) [M/n/?] m
Radisys 82600 embedded chipset (EDAC_R82600) [M/n/?] m
Intel Greencreek/Blackford chipset (EDAC_I5000) [M/n/?] m
Intel San Clemente MCH (EDAC_I5100) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Intel Clarksboro MCH (EDAC_I7300) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Real Time Clock
Real Time Clock (RTC_CLASS) [M/n/y/?] m
* RTC interfaces
/sys/class/rtc/rtcN (sysfs) (RTC_INTF_SYSFS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
/proc/driver/rtc (procfs for rtc0) (RTC_INTF_PROC) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
/dev/rtcN (character devices) (RTC_INTF_DEV) [Y/n/?] (NEW)

RTC UIE emulation on dev interface (RTC_INTF_DEV_UIE_EMUL) [N/y/?] n
Test driver/device (RTC_DRV_TEST) [N/m/?] n
* I2C RTC drivers
Dallas/Maxim DS1307/37/38/39/40, ST M41T00, EPSON RX-8025 (RTC_DRV_DS1307) [M/n/?] m
Dallas/Maxim DS1374 (RTC_DRV_DS1374) [N/m/?] (NEW) Dallas/Maxim DS1672 (RTC_DRV_DS1672) [M/n/?] m
Dallas/Maxim DS3232 (RTC_DRV_DS3232) [N/m/?] (NEW)

Maxim MAX6900 (RTC_DRV_MAX6900) [N/m/?] (NEW) Ricoh R2025S/D, RS5C372A/B, RV5C386, RV5C387A (RTC_DRV_RS5C372) [M/n/?] m
Intersil ISL1208 (RTC_DRV_ISL1208) [M/n/?] m
Intersil ISL12022 (RTC_DRV_ISL12022) [N/m/?] (NEW) Xicor/Intersil X1205 (RTC_DRV_X1205) [M/n/?] m
Philips PCF8563/Epson RTC8564 (RTC_DRV_PCF8563) [M/n/?] m
Philips PCF8583 (RTC_DRV_PCF8583) [M/n/?] m
ST M41T62/65/M41T80/81/82/83/84/85/87 (RTC_DRV_M41T80) [N/m/?] (NEW) TI BQ32000 (RTC_DRV_BQ32K) [N/m/?] (NEW) Seiko Instruments S-35390A (RTC_DRV_S35390A) [N/m/?] (NEW)

Ramtron FM3130 (RTC_DRV_FM3130) [N/m/?] (NEW) Epson RX-8581 (RTC_DRV_RX8581) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Epson RX-8025SA/NB (RTC_DRV_RX8025) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* SPI RTC drivers
* Platform RTC drivers
PC-style 'CMOS' (RTC_DRV_CMOS) [M/n/?] (NEW)
Dallas DS1286 (RTC_DRV_DS1286) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Dallas DS1511 (RTC_DRV_DS1511) [N/m/?] (NEW)

Maxim/Dallas DS1553 (RTC_DRV_DS1553) [M/n/?] m
Maxim/Dallas DS1742/1743 (RTC_DRV_DS1742) [M/n/?] m
Simtek STK17TA8 (RTC_DRV_STK17TA8) [N/m/?] (NEW) ST M48T86/Dallas DS12887 (RTC_DRV_M48T86) [N/m/?] n
ST M48T35 (RTC_DRV_M48T35) [N/m/?] (NEW)
ST M48T59/M48T08/M48T02 (RTC_DRV_M48T59) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Oki MSM6242 (RTC_DRV_MSM6242) [N/m/?] (NEW)

TI BQ4802 (RTC_DRV_BQ4802) [N/m/?] (NEW) Ricoh RP5C01 (RTC_DRV_RP5C01) [N/m/?] (NEW) EM Microelectronic V3020 (RTC_DRV_V3020) [M/n/?] m
* on-CPU RTC drivers
* DMA Engine support
DMA Engine support (DMADEVICES) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Auxiliary Display support
Auxiliary Display support (AUXDISPLAY) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Userspace I/O drivers
Userspace I/O drivers (UIO) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

* Staging drivers
Staging drivers (STAGING) [N/y/?] (NEW) *
* X86 Platform Specific Device Drivers
X86 Platform Specific Device Drivers (X86_PLATFORM_DEVICES) [Y/n/?] (NEW) Asus Laptop Extras (ASUS_LAPTOP) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Dell Laptop Extras (EXPERIMENTAL) (DELL_LAPTOP) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Fujitsu Laptop Extras (FUJITSU_LAPTOP) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
HP laptop accelerometer (HP_ACCEL) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Panasonic Laptop Extras (PANASONIC_LAPTOP) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
ThinkPad ACPI Laptop Extras (THINKPAD_ACPI) [M/n/y/?] m
Console audio control ALSA interface (THINKPAD_ACPI_ALSA_SUPPORT) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Maintainer debug facilities (THINKPAD_ACPI_DEBUGFACILITIES) [N/y/?] (NEW)

Verbose debug mode (THINKPAD_ACPI_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Allow control of important LEDs (unsafe) (THINKPAD_ACPI_UNSAFE_LEDS) [N/y/?] (NEW) Video output control support (THINKPAD_ACPI_VIDEO) [Y/n/?] y
Support NVRAM polling for hot keys (THINKPAD_ACPI_HOTKEY_POLL) [Y/n/?] y
Thinkpad Hard Drive Active Protection System (hdaps) (SENSORS_HDAPS) [M/n/y/?] m
Thermal Management driver for Intel menlow platform (INTEL_MENLOW) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

Eee PC Hotkey Driver (EXPERIMENTAL) (EEEPC_LAPTOP) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) WMI (ACPI_WMI) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
ASUS/Medion Laptop Extras (DEPRECATED) (ACPI_ASUS) [M/n/y/?] m
Topstar Laptop Extras (TOPSTAR_LAPTOP) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Toshiba Laptop Extras (ACPI_TOSHIBA) [M/n/y/?] m
Toshiba Bluetooth RFKill switch support (TOSHIBA_BT_RFKILL) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
CMPC Laptop Extras (ACPI_CMPC) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)

Intel Intelligent Power Sharing (INTEL_IPS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Device driver to enable PRTL support (IBM_RTL) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
OLPC XO-1.5 ebook switch (XO15_EBOOK) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Firmware Drivers
BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive calls determine boot disk (EDD) [M/n/y/?] m
Sets default behavior for EDD detection to off (EDD_OFF) [N/y/?] (NEW)
EFI Variable Support via sysfs (EFI_VARS) [Y/n/m/?] y
BIOS update support for DELL systems via sysfs (DELL_RBU) [M/n/y/?] m
Dell Systems Management Base Driver (DCDBAS) [M/n/y/?] m
Export DMI identification via sysfs to userspace (DMIID) [Y/n/?] (NEW)

DMI table support in sysfs (DMI_SYSFS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) iSCSI Boot Firmware Table Attributes (ISCSI_IBFT_FIND) [Y/n/?] y
iSCSI Boot Firmware Table Attributes module (ISCSI_IBFT) [M/n/?] m
SigmaStudio firmware loader (SIGMA) [N/m/?] (NEW) *
* File systems
Second extended fs support (EXT2_FS) [Y/n/m/?] y
Ext2 extended attributes (EXT2_FS_XATTR) [Y/n/?] y
Ext2 POSIX Access Control Lists (EXT2_FS_POSIX_ACL) [Y/n/?] y
Ext2 Security Labels (EXT2_FS_SECURITY) [Y/n/?] y
Ext2 execute in place support (EXT2_FS_XIP) [Y/n/?] y
Ext3 journalling file system support (EXT3_FS) [M/n/y/?] m
Default to 'data=ordered' in ext3 (EXT3_DEFAULTS_TO_ORDERED) [Y/n/?] (NEW) Ext3 extended attributes (EXT3_FS_XATTR) [Y/n/?] y
Ext3 POSIX Access Control Lists (EXT3_FS_POSIX_ACL) [Y/n/?] y
Ext3 Security Labels (EXT3_FS_SECURITY) [Y/n/?] y
The Extended 4 (ext4) filesystem (EXT4_FS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) JBD (ext3) debugging support (JBD_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
Reiserfs support (REISERFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
JFS filesystem support (JFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
XFS filesystem support (XFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
GFS2 file system support (GFS2_FS) [M/n/y/?] m
GFS2 DLM locking (GFS2_FS_LOCKING_DLM) [N/y/?] (NEW)

OCFS2 file system support (OCFS2_FS) [N/m/?] n
Btrfs filesystem (EXPERIMENTAL) Unstable disk format (BTRFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) NILFS2 file system support (EXPERIMENTAL) (NILFS2_FS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Dnotify support (DNOTIFY) [Y/n/?] y
Inotify support for userspace (INOTIFY_USER) [Y/n/?] y
Filesystem wide access notification (FANOTIFY) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Quota support (QUOTA) [Y/n/?] y
Report quota messages through netlink interface (QUOTA_NETLINK_INTERFACE) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Print quota warnings to console (OBSOLETE) (PRINT_QUOTA_WARNING) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Additional quota sanity checks (QUOTA_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Old quota format support (QFMT_V1) [N/m/y/?] n
Quota format vfsv0 and vfsv1 support (QFMT_V2) [Y/n/m/?] y
Kernel automounter version 4 support (also supports v3) (AUTOFS4_FS) [M/n/y/?] m
FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) support (FUSE_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
* Caches
General filesystem local caching manager (FSCACHE) [M/n/y/?] m
Gather statistical information on local caching (FSCACHE_STATS) [N/y/?] (NEW)

Gather latency information on local caching (FSCACHE_HISTOGRAM) [N/y/?] (NEW) Debug FS-Cache (FSCACHE_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW) Maintain global object list for debugging purposes (FSCACHE_OBJECT_LIST) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Filesystem caching on files (CACHEFILES) [M/n/?] m
Debug CacheFiles (CACHEFILES_DEBUG) [Y/n/?] y
Gather latency information on CacheFiles (CACHEFILES_HISTOGRAM) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* CD-ROM/DVD Filesystems
ISO 9660 CDROM file system support (ISO9660_FS) [Y/n/m/?] y
Microsoft Joliet CDROM extensions (JOLIET) [Y/n/?] y
Transparent decompression extension (ZISOFS) [Y/n/?] y
UDF file system support (UDF_FS) [M/n/y/?] m
* DOS/FAT/NT Filesystems
MSDOS fs support (MSDOS_FS) [M/n/y/?] m
VFAT (Windows-95) fs support (VFAT_FS) [M/n/y/?] m
Default codepage for FAT (FAT_DEFAULT_CODEPAGE) [437] 437
Default iocharset for FAT (FAT_DEFAULT_IOCHARSET) [ascii] ascii
NTFS file system support (NTFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
* Pseudo filesystems
/proc file system support (PROC_FS) [Y/?] y
/proc/kcore support (PROC_KCORE) [Y/n] y
/proc/vmcore support (PROC_VMCORE) [Y/n/?] y
Virtual memory file system support (former shm fs) (TMPFS) [Y/?] y
Tmpfs POSIX Access Control Lists (TMPFS_POSIX_ACL) [N/y/?] (NEW)

HugeTLB file system support (HUGETLBFS) [Y/n/?] y
Userspace-driven configuration filesystem (CONFIGFS_FS) [M/n/y/?] m
* Miscellaneous filesystems
Miscellaneous filesystems (MISC_FILESYSTEMS) [Y/n/?] (NEW) ADFS file system support (EXPERIMENTAL) (ADFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
Amiga FFS file system support (EXPERIMENTAL) (AFFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
eCrypt filesystem layer support (EXPERIMENTAL) (ECRYPT_FS) [M/n/y/?] m
Apple Macintosh file system support (EXPERIMENTAL) (HFS_FS) [M/n/y/?] m
Apple Extended HFS file system support (HFSPLUS_FS) [M/n/y/?] m
BeOS file system (BeFS) support (read only) (EXPERIMENTAL) (BEFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
BFS file system support (EXPERIMENTAL) (BFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
EFS file system support (read only) (EXPERIMENTAL) (EFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
Journalling Flash File System v2 (JFFS2) support (JFFS2_FS) [M/n/?] m
JFFS2 debugging verbosity (0 = quiet, 2 = noisy) (JFFS2_FS_DEBUG) [0] 0
JFFS2 write-buffering support (JFFS2_FS_WRITEBUFFER) [Y/n/?] y
Verify JFFS2 write-buffer reads (JFFS2_FS_WBUF_VERIFY) [N/y/?] (NEW) JFFS2 summary support (EXPERIMENTAL) (JFFS2_SUMMARY) [Y/n/?] y
Advanced compression options for JFFS2 (JFFS2_COMPRESSION_OPTIONS) [N/y/?] n
LogFS file system (EXPERIMENTAL) (LOGFS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) Compressed ROM file system support (cramfs) (CRAMFS) [M/n/y/?] m
SquashFS 4.0 - Squashed file system support (SQUASHFS) [M/n/y/?] m
Squashfs XATTR support (SQUASHFS_XATTR) [N/y/?] (NEW) Include support for LZO compressed file systems (SQUASHFS_LZO) [N/y/?] (NEW) Include support for XZ compressed file systems (SQUASHFS_XZ) [N/y/?] (NEW) Additional option for memory-constrained systems (SQUASHFS_EMBEDDED) [N/y/?] n
FreeVxFS file system support (VERITAS VxFS(TM) compatible) (VXFS_FS) [M/n/y/?] m
Minix file system support (MINIX_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
SonicBlue Optimized MPEG File System support (OMFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) OS/2 HPFS file system support (HPFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
QNX4 file system support (read only) (QNX4FS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
ROM file system support (ROMFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
Persistent store support (PSTORE) [N/y/?] (NEW) System V/Xenix/V7/Coherent file system support (SYSV_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
UFS file system support (read only) (UFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
* Network File Systems
Network File Systems (NETWORK_FILESYSTEMS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
NFS client support (NFS_FS) [M/n/y/?] m
NFS client support for NFS version 3 (NFS_V3) [Y/n/?] y
NFS client support for the NFSv3 ACL protocol extension (NFS_V3_ACL) [Y/n/?] y
NFS client support for NFS version 4 (NFS_V4) [Y/n/?] y
NFS client support for NFSv4.1 (EXPERIMENTAL) (NFS_V4_1) [N/y/?] (NEW)

Provide NFS client caching support (NFS_FSCACHE) [Y/n/?] y
Use the legacy NFS DNS resolver (NFS_USE_LEGACY_DNS) [N/y/?] (NEW) Use the new idmapper upcall routine (NFS_USE_NEW_IDMAPPER) [N/y/?] (NEW)

NFS server support (NFSD) [M/n/y/?] m
Include support for deprecated syscall interface to NFSD (NFSD_DEPRECATED) [Y/n/?] (NEW) NFS server support for NFS version 3 (NFSD_V3) [Y/?] y
NFS server support for the NFSv3 ACL protocol extension (NFSD_V3_ACL) [Y/n/?] y
NFS server support for NFS version 4 (EXPERIMENTAL) (NFSD_V4) [Y/n/?] y
Ceph distributed file system (EXPERIMENTAL) (CEPH_FS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) CIFS support (advanced network filesystem, SMBFS successor) (CIFS) [M/n/y/?] m
CIFS statistics (CIFS_STATS) [N/y/?] n
Support legacy servers which use weaker LANMAN security (CIFS_WEAK_PW_HASH) [Y/n/?] y
Kerberos/SPNEGO advanced session setup (CIFS_UPCALL) [Y/n/?] y
CIFS extended attributes (CIFS_XATTR) [Y/n/?] y
CIFS POSIX Extensions (CIFS_POSIX) [Y/n/?] y
Enable additional CIFS debugging routines (CIFS_DEBUG2) [N/y/?] n
DFS feature support (CIFS_DFS_UPCALL) [Y/n/?] y
Provide CIFS client caching support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CIFS_FSCACHE) [N/y/?] (NEW)

Provide CIFS ACL support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CIFS_ACL) [N/y/?] (NEW) CIFS Experimental Features (EXPERIMENTAL) (CIFS_EXPERIMENTAL) [Y/n/?] y
NCP file system support (to mount NetWare volumes) (NCP_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
Coda file system support (advanced network fs) (CODA_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
Andrew File System support (AFS) (EXPERIMENTAL) (AFS_FS) [N/m/y/?] n
* Partition Types
Advanced partition selection (PARTITION_ADVANCED) [Y/n/?] y
Acorn partition support (ACORN_PARTITION) [N/y/?] n
Alpha OSF partition support (OSF_PARTITION) [Y/n/?] y
Amiga partition table support (AMIGA_PARTITION) [Y/n/?] y
Atari partition table support (ATARI_PARTITION) [N/y/?] n
Macintosh partition map support (MAC_PARTITION) [Y/n/?] y
PC BIOS (MSDOS partition tables) support (MSDOS_PARTITION) [Y/n/?] y
BSD disklabel (FreeBSD partition tables) support (BSD_DISKLABEL) [Y/n/?] y
Minix subpartition support (MINIX_SUBPARTITION) [Y/n/?] y
Solaris (x86) partition table support (SOLARIS_X86_PARTITION) [Y/n/?] y
Unixware slices support (UNIXWARE_DISKLABEL) [Y/n/?] y
Windows Logical Disk Manager (Dynamic Disk) support (LDM_PARTITION) [N/y/?] n
SGI partition support (SGI_PARTITION) [Y/n/?] y
Ultrix partition table support (ULTRIX_PARTITION) [N/y/?] n
Sun partition tables support (SUN_PARTITION) [Y/n/?] y
Karma Partition support (KARMA_PARTITION) [Y/n/?] y
EFI GUID Partition support (EFI_PARTITION) [Y/n/?] y
SYSV68 partition table support (SYSV68_PARTITION) [N/y/?] (NEW) *
* Native language support
Native language support (NLS) [Y/?] y
Default NLS Option (NLS_DEFAULT) [utf8] utf8
Codepage 437 (United States, Canada) (NLS_CODEPAGE_437) [Y/n/m/?] y
Codepage 737 (Greek) (NLS_CODEPAGE_737) [M/n/y/?] m
Codepage 775 (Baltic Rim) (NLS_CODEPAGE_775) [M/n/y/?] m
Codepage 850 (Europe) (NLS_CODEPAGE_850) [M/n/y/?] m
Codepage 852 (Central/Eastern Europe) (NLS_CODEPAGE_852) [M/n/y/?] m
Codepage 855 (Cyrillic) (NLS_CODEPAGE_855) [M/n/y/?] m
Codepage 857 (Turkish) (NLS_CODEPAGE_857) [M/n/y/?] m
Codepage 860 (Portuguese) (NLS_CODEPAGE_860) [M/n/y/?] m
Codepage 861 (Icelandic) (NLS_CODEPAGE_861) [M/n/y/?] m
Codepage 862 (Hebrew) (NLS_CODEPAGE_862) [M/n/y/?] m
Codepage 863 (Canadian French) (NLS_CODEPAGE_863) [M/n/y/?] m
Codepage 864 (Arabic) (NLS_CODEPAGE_864) [M/n/y/?] m
Codepage 865 (Norwegian, Danish) (NLS_CODEPAGE_865) [M/n/y/?] m
Codepage 866 (Cyrillic/Russian) (NLS_CODEPAGE_866) [M/n/y/?] m
Codepage 869 (Greek) (NLS_CODEPAGE_869) [M/n/y/?] m
Simplified Chinese charset (CP936, GB2312) (NLS_CODEPAGE_936) [M/n/y/?] m
Traditional Chinese charset (Big5) (NLS_CODEPAGE_950) [M/n/y/?] m
Japanese charsets (Shift-JIS, EUC-JP) (NLS_CODEPAGE_932) [M/n/y/?] m
Korean charset (CP949, EUC-KR) (NLS_CODEPAGE_949) [M/n/y/?] m
Thai charset (CP874, TIS-620) (NLS_CODEPAGE_874) [M/n/y/?] m
Hebrew charsets (ISO-8859-8, CP1255) (NLS_ISO8859_8) [M/n/y/?] m
Windows CP1250 (Slavic/Central European Languages) (NLS_CODEPAGE_1250) [M/n/y/?] m
Windows CP1251 (Bulgarian, Belarusian) (NLS_CODEPAGE_1251) [M/n/y/?] m
ASCII (United States) (NLS_ASCII) [Y/n/m/?] y
NLS ISO 8859-1 (Latin 1; Western European Languages) (NLS_ISO8859_1) [M/n/y/?] m
NLS ISO 8859-2 (Latin 2; Slavic/Central European Languages) (NLS_ISO8859_2) [M/n/y/?] m
NLS ISO 8859-3 (Latin 3; Esperanto, Galician, Maltese, Turkish) (NLS_ISO8859_3) [M/n/y/?] m
NLS ISO 8859-4 (Latin 4; old Baltic charset) (NLS_ISO8859_4) [M/n/y/?] m
NLS ISO 8859-5 (Cyrillic) (NLS_ISO8859_5) [M/n/y/?] m
NLS ISO 8859-6 (Arabic) (NLS_ISO8859_6) [M/n/y/?] m
NLS ISO 8859-7 (Modern Greek) (NLS_ISO8859_7) [M/n/y/?] m
NLS ISO 8859-9 (Latin 5; Turkish) (NLS_ISO8859_9) [M/n/y/?] m
NLS ISO 8859-13 (Latin 7; Baltic) (NLS_ISO8859_13) [M/n/y/?] m
NLS ISO 8859-14 (Latin 8; Celtic) (NLS_ISO8859_14) [M/n/y/?] m
NLS ISO 8859-15 (Latin 9; Western European Languages with Euro) (NLS_ISO8859_15) [M/n/y/?] m
NLS KOI8-R (Russian) (NLS_KOI8_R) [M/n/y/?] m
NLS KOI8-U/RU (Ukrainian, Belarusian) (NLS_KOI8_U) [M/n/y/?] m
NLS UTF-8 (NLS_UTF8) [M/y/?] m
* Distributed Lock Manager (DLM)
Distributed Lock Manager (DLM) (DLM) [M/n/?] m
DLM debugging (DLM_DEBUG) [Y/n/?] y
* Kernel hacking
Show timing information on printks (PRINTK_TIME) [N/y/?] n
Default message log level (1-7) (DEFAULT_MESSAGE_LOGLEVEL) [4] (NEW) Enable __deprecated logic (ENABLE_WARN_DEPRECATED) [Y/n/?] (NEW) Enable __must_check logic (ENABLE_MUST_CHECK) [Y/n/?] (NEW) Warn for stack frames larger than (needs gcc 4.4) (FRAME_WARN) [1024] (NEW) Magic SysRq key (MAGIC_SYSRQ) [Y/n/?] y
Strip assembler-generated symbols during link (STRIP_ASM_SYMS) [N/y/?] (NEW) Enable unused/obsolete exported symbols (UNUSED_SYMBOLS) [N/y/?] n
Debug Filesystem (DEBUG_FS) [Y/?] y
Run 'make headers_check' when building vmlinux (HEADERS_CHECK) [N/y/?] (NEW) Enable full Section mismatch analysis (DEBUG_SECTION_MISMATCH) [N/y/?] (NEW) Kernel debugging (DEBUG_KERNEL) [Y/n/?] y
Debug shared IRQ handlers (DEBUG_SHIRQ) [N/y/?] (NEW) Detect Hard and Soft Lockups (LOCKUP_DETECTOR) [N/y/?] (NEW) Detect Hung Tasks (DETECT_HUNG_TASK) [N/y/?] (NEW)

Collect scheduler debugging info (SCHED_DEBUG) [Y/n/?] (NEW) Collect scheduler statistics (SCHEDSTATS) [Y/n/?] y
Collect kernel timers statistics (TIMER_STATS) [N/y/?] (NEW) Debug object operations (DEBUG_OBJECTS) [N/y/?] (NEW) Debug slab memory allocations (DEBUG_SLAB) [N/y/?] n
Kernel memory leak detector (DEBUG_KMEMLEAK) [N/y/?] (NEW)

RT Mutex debugging, deadlock detection (DEBUG_RT_MUTEXES) [N/y/?] n
Built-in scriptable tester for rt-mutexes (RT_MUTEX_TESTER) [N/y/?] n
Spinlock and rw-lock debugging: basic checks (DEBUG_SPINLOCK) [N/y/?] n
Mutex debugging: basic checks (DEBUG_MUTEXES) [N/y/?] n
Lock debugging: detect incorrect freeing of live locks (DEBUG_LOCK_ALLOC) [N/y/?] n
Lock debugging: prove locking correctness (PROVE_LOCKING) [N/y/?] n
RCU debugging: sparse-based checks for pointer usage (SPARSE_RCU_POINTER) [N/y/?] (NEW) Lock usage statistics (LOCK_STAT) [N/y/?] n
Spinlock debugging: sleep-inside-spinlock checking (DEBUG_SPINLOCK_SLEEP) [N/y/?] n
Locking API boot-time self-tests (DEBUG_LOCKING_API_SELFTESTS) [N/y/?] n
kobject debugging (DEBUG_KOBJECT) [N/y/?] n
Highmem debugging (DEBUG_HIGHMEM) [Y/n/?] y
Compile the kernel with debug info (DEBUG_INFO) [Y/n/?] y
Reduce debugging information (DEBUG_INFO_REDUCED) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Debug VM (DEBUG_VM) [N/y/?] n
Debug VM translations (DEBUG_VIRTUAL) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Debug filesystem writers count (DEBUG_WRITECOUNT) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Debug linked list manipulation (DEBUG_LIST) [Y/n/?] y
Linked list sorting test (TEST_LIST_SORT) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Debug SG table operations (DEBUG_SG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Debug notifier call chains (DEBUG_NOTIFIERS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Debug credential management (DEBUG_CREDENTIALS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Compile the kernel with frame pointers (FRAME_POINTER) [N/y/?] n
Delay each boot printk message by N milliseconds (BOOT_PRINTK_DELAY) [N/y/?] (NEW)
torture tests for RCU (RCU_TORTURE_TEST) [N/m/y/?] n
Check for stalled CPUs delaying RCU grace periods (RCU_CPU_STALL_DETECTOR) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
RCU CPU stall timeout in seconds (RCU_CPU_STALL_TIMEOUT) [60] (NEW)
RCU CPU stall checking starts automatically at boot (RCU_CPU_STALL_DETECTOR_RUNNABLE) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Kprobes sanity tests (KPROBES_SANITY_TEST) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Self test for the backtrace code (BACKTRACE_SELF_TEST) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Force extended block device numbers and spread them (DEBUG_BLOCK_EXT_DEVT) [N/y/?] (NEW)

Force weak per-cpu definitions (DEBUG_FORCE_WEAK_PER_CPU) [N/y/?] (NEW) Linux Kernel Dump Test Tool Module (LKDTM) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
CPU notifier error injection module (CPU_NOTIFIER_ERROR_INJECT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Fault-injection framework (FAULT_INJECTION) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Latency measuring infrastructure (LATENCYTOP) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Sysctl checks (SYSCTL_SYSCALL_CHECK) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Debug page memory allocations (DEBUG_PAGEALLOC) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Deprecated power event trace API, to be removed (EVENT_POWER_TRACING_DEPRECATED) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
* Tracers
Tracers (FTRACE) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Kernel Function Tracer (FUNCTION_TRACER) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Interrupts-off Latency Tracer (IRQSOFF_TRACER) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Scheduling Latency Tracer (SCHED_TRACER) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Trace syscalls (FTRACE_SYSCALLS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Branch Profiling
> 1. No branch profiling (BRANCH_PROFILE_NONE) (NEW)
2. Trace likely/unlikely profiler (PROFILE_ANNOTATED_BRANCHES) (NEW)
3. Profile all if conditionals (PROFILE_ALL_BRANCHES) (NEW)
Trace max stack (STACK_TRACER) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Support for tracing block IO actions (BLK_DEV_IO_TRACE) [Y/n/?] y
Enable kprobes-based dynamic events (KPROBE_EVENT) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Perform a startup test on ftrace (FTRACE_STARTUP_TEST) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Memory mapped IO tracing (MMIOTRACE) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Ring buffer benchmark stress tester (RING_BUFFER_BENCHMARK) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Remote debugging over FireWire early on boot (PROVIDE_OHCI1394_DMA_INIT) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Remote debugging over FireWire with firewire-ohci (FIREWIRE_OHCI_REMOTE_DMA) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Enable dynamic printk() support (DYNAMIC_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Enable debugging of DMA-API usage (DMA_API_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Perform an atomic64_t self-test at boot (ATOMIC64_SELFTEST) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Self test for hardware accelerated raid6 recovery (ASYNC_RAID6_TEST) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* Sample kernel code
Sample kernel code (SAMPLES) [Y/n/?] y
Build tracepoints examples -- loadable modules only (SAMPLE_TRACEPOINTS) [M/n/?] m
Build trace_events examples -- loadable modules only (SAMPLE_TRACE_EVENTS) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Build kobject examples -- loadable modules only (SAMPLE_KOBJECT) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Build kprobes examples -- loadable modules only (SAMPLE_KPROBES) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Build kernel hardware breakpoint examples -- loadable module only (SAMPLE_HW_BREAKPOINT) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Build kfifo examples -- loadable modules only (SAMPLE_KFIFO) [N/m/?] (NEW)
* KGDB: kernel debugger
KGDB: kernel debugger (KGDB) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Test kstrto*() family of functions at runtime (TEST_KSTRTOX) [N/m/y] (NEW)
Filter access to /dev/mem (STRICT_DEVMEM) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Enable verbose x86 bootup info messages (X86_VERBOSE_BOOTUP) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Early printk (EARLY_PRINTK) [Y/?] y
Early printk via EHCI debug port (EARLY_PRINTK_DBGP) [N/y/?] (NEW)

Check for stack overflows (DEBUG_STACKOVERFLOW) [Y/n/?] y
Stack utilization instrumentation (DEBUG_STACK_USAGE) [Y/n/?] y
Debug access to per_cpu maps (DEBUG_PER_CPU_MAPS) [N/y/?] (NEW) Export kernel pagetable layout to userspace via debugfs (X86_PTDUMP) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Write protect kernel read-only data structures (DEBUG_RODATA) [Y/n/?] y
Testcase for the DEBUG_RODATA feature (DEBUG_RODATA_TEST) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Set loadable kernel module data as NX and text as RO (DEBUG_SET_MODULE_RONX) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Testcase for the NX non-executable stack feature (DEBUG_NX_TEST) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Enable IOMMU stress-test mode (IOMMU_STRESS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
x86 instruction decoder selftest (X86_DECODER_SELFTEST) [N/y/?] (NEW)
IO delay type
> 1. port 0x80 based port-IO delay [recommended] (IO_DELAY_0X80) (NEW)
2. port 0xed based port-IO delay (IO_DELAY_0XED) (NEW)
3. udelay based port-IO delay (IO_DELAY_UDELAY) (NEW)
4. no port-IO delay (IO_DELAY_NONE) (NEW)
Debug boot parameters (DEBUG_BOOT_PARAMS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
CPA self-test code (CPA_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Allow gcc to uninline functions marked 'inline' (OPTIMIZE_INLINING) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Strict copy size checks (DEBUG_STRICT_USER_COPY_CHECKS) [N/y/?] (NEW)
* Security options
Enable access key retention support (KEYS) [Y/?] y
Enable the /proc/keys file by which keys may be viewed (KEYS_DEBUG_PROC_KEYS) [Y/n/?] y
Restrict unprivileged access to the kernel syslog (SECURITY_DMESG_RESTRICT) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Enable different security models (SECURITY) [Y/n/?] y
Enable the securityfs filesystem (SECURITYFS) [Y/?] (NEW) y
Socket and Networking Security Hooks (SECURITY_NETWORK) [Y/n/?] y
XFRM (IPSec) Networking Security Hooks (SECURITY_NETWORK_XFRM) [Y/n/?] y
Security hooks for pathname based access control (SECURITY_PATH) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Low address space for LSM to protect from user allocation (LSM_MMAP_MIN_ADDR) [65536] (NEW)
NSA SELinux Support (SECURITY_SELINUX) [Y/n/?] y
NSA SELinux boot parameter (SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM) [Y/n/?] y
NSA SELinux boot parameter default value (SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM_VALUE) [1] 1
NSA SELinux runtime disable (SECURITY_SELINUX_DISABLE) [Y/n/?] y
NSA SELinux Development Support (SECURITY_SELINUX_DEVELOP) [Y/n/?] y
NSA SELinux checkreqprot default value (SECURITY_SELINUX_CHECKREQPROT_VALUE) [1] 1
NSA SELinux maximum supported policy format version (SECURITY_SELINUX_POLICYDB_VERSION_MAX) [N/y/?] n
Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel Support (SECURITY_SMACK) [N/y/?] (NEW)
TOMOYO Linux Support (SECURITY_TOMOYO) [N/y/?] (NEW)
AppArmor support (SECURITY_APPARMOR) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Integrity Measurement Architecture(IMA) (IMA) [N/y/?] (NEW)
Default security module
2. Unix Discretionary Access Controls (DEFAULT_SECURITY_DAC) (NEW)
* Cryptographic API
Cryptographic API (CRYPTO) [Y/?] y
* Crypto core or helper
Cryptographic algorithm manager (CRYPTO_MANAGER) [Y/?] y
Disable run-time self tests (CRYPTO_MANAGER_DISABLE_TESTS) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
GF(2^128) multiplication functions (EXPERIMENTAL) (CRYPTO_GF128MUL) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Null algorithms (CRYPTO_NULL) [M/n/y/?] m
Parallel crypto engine (EXPERIMENTAL) (CRYPTO_PCRYPT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Software async crypto daemon (CRYPTO_CRYPTD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Authenc support (CRYPTO_AUTHENC) [M/y/?] m
Testing module (CRYPTO_TEST) [M/n/?] m
* Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data
CCM support (CRYPTO_CCM) [M/n/y/?] m
GCM/GMAC support (CRYPTO_GCM) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Sequence Number IV Generator (CRYPTO_SEQIV) [M/y/?] m
* Block modes
CBC support (CRYPTO_CBC) [M/y/?] m
CTR support (CRYPTO_CTR) [M/y/?] m
CTS support (CRYPTO_CTS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
ECB support (CRYPTO_ECB) [M/y/?] m
PCBC support (CRYPTO_PCBC) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Hash modes
HMAC support (CRYPTO_HMAC) [Y/m/?] y
XCBC support (CRYPTO_XCBC) [M/n/y/?] m
VMAC support (CRYPTO_VMAC) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Digest
CRC32c CRC algorithm (CRYPTO_CRC32C) [Y/?] y
CRC32c INTEL hardware acceleration (CRYPTO_CRC32C_INTEL) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
GHASH digest algorithm (CRYPTO_GHASH) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
MD4 digest algorithm (CRYPTO_MD4) [M/y/?] m
MD5 digest algorithm (CRYPTO_MD5) [M/y/?] m
Michael MIC keyed digest algorithm (CRYPTO_MICHAEL_MIC) [M/y/?] m
RIPEMD-128 digest algorithm (CRYPTO_RMD128) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
RIPEMD-160 digest algorithm (CRYPTO_RMD160) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
RIPEMD-256 digest algorithm (CRYPTO_RMD256) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
RIPEMD-320 digest algorithm (CRYPTO_RMD320) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
SHA1 digest algorithm (CRYPTO_SHA1) [Y/m/?] y
SHA224 and SHA256 digest algorithm (CRYPTO_SHA256) [M/n/y/?] m
SHA384 and SHA512 digest algorithms (CRYPTO_SHA512) [M/n/y/?] m
Tiger digest algorithms (CRYPTO_TGR192) [M/n/y/?] m
Whirlpool digest algorithms (CRYPTO_WP512) [M/n/y/?] m
* Ciphers
AES cipher algorithms (CRYPTO_AES) [M/y/?] m
AES cipher algorithms (i586) (CRYPTO_AES_586) [M/n/y/?] m
AES cipher algorithms (AES-NI) (CRYPTO_AES_NI_INTEL) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Anubis cipher algorithm (CRYPTO_ANUBIS) [M/n/y/?] m
ARC4 cipher algorithm (CRYPTO_ARC4) [M/y/?] m
Blowfish cipher algorithm (CRYPTO_BLOWFISH) [M/n/y/?] m
Camellia cipher algorithms (CRYPTO_CAMELLIA) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
CAST5 (CAST-128) cipher algorithm (CRYPTO_CAST5) [M/n/y/?] m
CAST6 (CAST-256) cipher algorithm (CRYPTO_CAST6) [M/n/y/?] m
DES and Triple DES EDE cipher algorithms (CRYPTO_DES) [M/y/?] m
FCrypt cipher algorithm (CRYPTO_FCRYPT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Khazad cipher algorithm (CRYPTO_KHAZAD) [M/n/y/?] m
Salsa20 stream cipher algorithm (EXPERIMENTAL) (CRYPTO_SALSA20) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Salsa20 stream cipher algorithm (i586) (EXPERIMENTAL) (CRYPTO_SALSA20_586) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
SEED cipher algorithm (CRYPTO_SEED) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Serpent cipher algorithm (CRYPTO_SERPENT) [M/n/y/?] m
TEA, XTEA and XETA cipher algorithms (CRYPTO_TEA) [M/n/y/?] m
Twofish cipher algorithm (CRYPTO_TWOFISH) [M/n/y/?] m
Twofish cipher algorithms (i586) (CRYPTO_TWOFISH_586) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Compression
Deflate compression algorithm (CRYPTO_DEFLATE) [M/y/?] m
Zlib compression algorithm (CRYPTO_ZLIB) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
LZO compression algorithm (CRYPTO_LZO) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Random Number Generation
Pseudo Random Number Generation for Cryptographic modules (CRYPTO_ANSI_CPRNG) [M/n/y/?] m
User-space interface for hash algorithms (CRYPTO_USER_API_HASH) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
User-space interface for symmetric key cipher algorithms (CRYPTO_USER_API_SKCIPHER) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Hardware crypto devices
Hardware crypto devices (CRYPTO_HW) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Support for VIA PadLock ACE (CRYPTO_DEV_PADLOCK) [M/n/y/?] m
PadLock driver for AES algorithm (CRYPTO_DEV_PADLOCK_AES) [M/n/?] m
PadLock driver for SHA1 and SHA256 algorithms (CRYPTO_DEV_PADLOCK_SHA) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Support for the Geode LX AES engine (CRYPTO_DEV_GEODE) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Driver HIFN 795x crypto accelerator chips (CRYPTO_DEV_HIFN_795X) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Virtualization
Virtualization (VIRTUALIZATION) [Y/n/?] (NEW)
Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) support (KVM) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Host kernel accelerator for virtio net (EXPERIMENTAL) (VHOST_NET) [N/m/?] (NEW)
Linux hypervisor example code (LGUEST) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
PCI driver for virtio devices (EXPERIMENTAL) (VIRTIO_PCI) [M/n/y/?] m
Virtio balloon driver (EXPERIMENTAL) (VIRTIO_BALLOON) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
* Library routines
CRC-CCITT functions (CRC_CCITT) [M/y/?] m
CRC16 functions (CRC16) [M/n/y/?] m
CRC calculation for the T10 Data Integrity Field (CRC_T10DIF) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
CRC ITU-T V.41 functions (CRC_ITU_T) [M/y/?] m
CRC32 functions (CRC32) [Y/?] y
CRC7 functions (CRC7) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
CRC32c (Castagnoli, et al) Cyclic Redundancy-Check (LIBCRC32C) [Y/m/?] y
XZ decompression support (XZ_DEC) [Y/?] (NEW) y
XZ decompressor tester (XZ_DEC_TEST) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Averaging functions (AVERAGE) [Y/?] (NEW) y
warning: (AX88796_93CX6 && RTL8180 && RTL8187 && ADM8211 && RT2400PCI && RT2500PCI && RT61PCI && RT2800PCI && R8187SE) selects EEPROM_93CX6 which has unmet direct dependencies (MISC_DEVICES)

# configuration written to .config

# wc -l .config .config.old
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